Prophetic And Spiritual Meaning Of Ducks

Prophetic And Spiritual Meaning Of Ducks

Prophetic and spiritual meaning of ducks

Trust, balance, warmth

The duck teaches you to transform the power of your heart and to use it for a higher ideal. His plumage is water-repellent, and warming and that stands for the sliding of emotions from others so that they cannot touch you inside and you can find peace in yourself. He learns to develop your understanding of others and to determine your limits lovingly.

The dark side: The duck refers to a dark fantasy and grim reality, illusions, irritations, envy, deliberate lying, gossip, overestimating one’s power, the tendency to make things more significant than they are, the feeling of being unobtrusive and not be taken seriously.

Duck totem

Pretty strange dream last night. And this cannot be anything I have seen, heard or experienced throughout the day.

I was walking in a forest looking for my brother’s house (as if he were going to live in a forest). A wild duck followed me all the time (see picture), the strange thing was that he was always in the tops of the trees, very unusual for a duck. Even stranger: he was as big as a mute swan!

When I sat down on a picnic bench for a moment, he fluttered down and landed on my lap! More than that, he even wanted hugs that I gladly gave him :). Then I woke up with an excellent feeling.

As a totem animal, it means that I have to stay in close contact with my own emotions. The following two sentences I found applicable to me: People with a duck as a totem do not feel very comfortable with most people in their lives. They probably only feel in their element amid their kindred spirits. The appearance of ducks may indicate that we will get a chance to do so. Ducks also remind us that we must return to parts of ourselves or activities that make us feel good and at ease.

Does that now refer to the chance of new work? (I’m going to apply – again on Saturday). Or as a behavioural therapist? Or what I intend to do with music?

We will see, at least I have received my emotions with open arms, that is also a big step.

Yet punishment how dreams and totem animals make everything clear, I look at it every time. 

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