Prophetic And Spiritual Meaning Of A Cricket

Prophetic And Spiritual Meaning Of A Cricket

Prophetic and spiritual meaning of a cricket

The cricket enjoys a fairly rich and rooted symbolism among the different peoples and cultures of antiquity.

For the Chinese, it was an insect of clear symbolic content, which appeared diversified in three related aspects; It was a triple symbol of life, death and resurrection.

It is a very abundant insect in the land surrounded by clover and alfalfa in the southern part of the European continent, so its symbolism always appears related to what refers to everyday life, as it is considered a somewhat familiar insect and full of symbolic significance. It is also associated randomly.

Cricket Symbology

It is widespread among the different peoples of the Far East to associate the cricket with a symbolic meaning derived from the uninterrupted song of this insect; It was assumed that when the cricket ceased in its melody, it was indicating or warning of imminent danger.

Among some cultures of Central America, it is related to insects classified as symbolic and, in this sense, he was believed to possess an eschatological meaning and, therefore, related to the souls of the ancestors who visit the earth.

The symbolism of this insect is also associated with the various bodies that settle in space, especially with the stars and planets.

Cricket as a sign of good luck

Are crickets good luck?. Crickets have played a very important role in Asian cultures – especially in Japan and China – and in North American ones. They have been considered a symbol of good luck, fortune, prosperity and vitality.

There are many songs and stories related to cricket as a talisman of wisdom; their singing was revered, and many Asians placed them in small cages to be able to ‘appreciate’ their sounds.

It was also said that this insect was a better guardian for a house than a dog since when he detected something ‘bad’ he stopped singing immediately. For this reason, artisans carved in wood or amulet stones with the figure of the insect, with the aim of protecting those who carried it with them.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that he was looking forward to it before the rains, which would define a good harvest in the fields. Some farmers did not prepare their crops until they heard the famous song of this species whose scientific name is Gryllidae.

Do you know how this green animal does to ‘sing’ or make sounds? Rub their wings. When do they do it? When the male wants to get a partner or to indicate that this is his territory if an opponent approaches.

In turn, they are known as a symbol of prosperity because females lay thousands of eggs each season. Tradition indicates that a family – or a woman – that has several children is successful.

In Native American peoples, the cricket represents faith, joy and intuition. Because of the ability to jump very high (thanks to its long legs), it is also said that it is related to the ability to get out of a difficult situation.

A legend states that the gods sent crickets to earth to remind us that we must be happy despite everything. If we see cricket in our kitchen, it will bring fortune to the home; but be careful, because if we kill him, we ensure bad luck for a whole season. In case you don’t try it!

Cricket in house superstition

Discover the meaning of having crickets in your house , will it be
good omen? You will be surprised!

The crickets are insects very appreciated in countries of America of the North, and others from the continent old as China, Japan and England, and it is not surprising because these animals harmless to humans have been linked throughout their existence with good omens, fortune and prosperity; Do you have any in your house? Here we tell you what is the meaning of their presence, it is very interesting!.

If you see a cricket jumping from your garden to your house, be happy, because that jump that it will give will fill with vitality, fortune and prosperity, as it is considered in England whose inhabitants say that having a cricket in the home is good luck. On the other hand, the Celts considered this event as next family visits.

Cricket as a plague

Leave aside for a moment the traditions and legends to move to something a little more feasible: the fact that crickets can be a plague very dangerous for our garden, orchard or field.

Due to their great capacity to reproduce and feed, from one day to the next, they can become a nightmare, even inside the houses. It is good to know that they prefer warm and humid places, where they lay their eggs and can feed without problems.

Although they do not pose a risk to the health of people or pets, the truth is that crickets can be very destructive in crops and gardens, as well as in stores of flours, grains and paper products or fabrics.

You can prevent the appearance of crickets by sealing windows, doors or any other space through which they have access. In addition, it is recommended to mow the lawn around the house, clean the sewers or rain gutters, avoid woodpiles and check the drains.

Since crickets – like many insects – are attracted to lights, prefer a dimmer type of lighting, such as LED bulbs with ‘warm’ light,  do not forget to close the blinds and windows very well at the time of sleep.

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