Prophetic and spiritual meaning of owls.

Discover the importance that different cultures of the world give to this sacred animal

The Owl is an animal considered a mediator between the world of knowledge and that of the spirit in different cultures of the world. For the Greek goddess Athena, for example, it is something sacred and is even portrayed in some Greco-Roman coins as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. 

In ancient Egypt, Celtic, Hindu and cultures, the symbolic meaning of the Owl revolved around the guardianship of the underworld and the protection of the dead. In this perspective, the Owl was the ruler of the night and seer of souls. The Owl as a totem is wisdom, mystery, transition, messages, intelligence, mysticism, protection and secrets.      

Native Americans associate the meaning of the Owl with wisdom, foresight, and also for them, it is the guardian of sacred knowledge. This can mostly be because the Owl is a forecaster of weather conditions. Also, his ability to see at night is a legend among Native Americans, and this attribute is invoked during magical ceremonies because the Owl is considered a wise oracle of secret knowledge. Similarly, in West Africa and the aboriginal cultures of Australia, they find the Owl as a messenger of secrets. 

The Owl Wisdom Symbol

Today the owl transmits sympathy and good vibes have become the symbol of wisdom and intuition, and it is believed that a casual encounter with one is always a sign of good omen. He predicts luck in almost every field, especially in the economic one.

Even in Northern Europe, it is still believed that by looking at it face to face, it conveys its mystical power and intelligence and intuition. The German philosopher Friedrich Hegel adopted the owl as a symbol of philosophy

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The order or organization of the enlightened of Bavaria adopts the owl or owl as a symbol since it represents wisdom and the Illuminati see themselves as the only wise enough to guide the world and today is the emblem of the Bohemian Grove Club.

What does the owl symbol mean?

Now we will discover what the owl symbol means.

The symbolism, in this case of the owl, responds to the vision and interpretation of each culture or brotherhood. Therefore we will then influence each one of them.

  • Owl in the Greek currency:  Symbol of wealth and connection with another world.
  • In the Christianity of the Middle Ages: It symbolizes the spirit of the forest, also the reincarnation of sorcerers and witches.
  • Owl of the Illuminati: Symbol used for certain rituals, probably also related to obtaining wisdom.
  • Owl for Amerindians: these birds have a mystical spirit that allows the shaman to go beyond what is possible to intervene the human world, becoming aware of any animal, it is possible, a trip to other planes of consciousness.
  • Winnie the Pooh Owl: The experience of the old sage through literature.
  • Owls of the Mayas: Messenger of omens of destruction, he warns.
  • Owls for the Druids: Protection since it prevents.
  • Owls in India: Healing.
  • Owl Amulet for students: Symbolizes intellect and study.
  • Owls in the Masonic symbology: Secret meetings, reincarnations.
  • Owls in Israel: Good omen, because they hunt the animals that spoil the fields.

What is the meaning of the owl and the owl?

Would you like to know what the owl and the owl mean? Well then we investigate a little more at this point:

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Owl and owl: mourning, desolation, living in the darkness of sin. This definition seems to be extracted from medieval thought. An owl and an owls are a sorcerer and a witch in the hidden encounter of their souls in the forest, who have left their human bodies.

The mythology of the knowledge of the magic of sorcerers and witches seems to be full of riches, and esoteric interpretations always accommodate the imagination.

Dreaming of an owl or an owl symbolizes that we must be more cautious and that we are discovering something new, in the event that the dream makes us feel something favourable, but if we think something negative it can be a warning of something unfavourable; health problems.

If in the dream the owl or owl observes us with kindness it represents a close person who protects us, on the contrary, if they look at us negatively. It is necessary to beat the owl to face situations when it is not docile or friendly.

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Having an owl or owl at home is a protective amulet.

What is the meaning of the owl?

If you want to know what is the meaning of the owl, you should know that it is a bird of the same species as the owls. Still, it does not have feathers that look like ears, but that it has an accentuated heart shape on its face, in its virtuous dimension they are related to love, since with the eyes of love it is possible to see in the dark and not feel fear.

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It attracts good luck in finances, the same with owls, they attract good luck also in love, according to shamanism.

What is the meaning of the owl for lawyers?

And finally we will talk about what the owl means to lawyers, and that is that the owl as a symbol is wisdom according to the analogy with the classical representation, which, according to studies of field intellectuals, is not an owl but an owl.

However, owl or owl according to the classical tradition, these birds are representative of the virtue of wisdom, and lawyers use it to represent the fair judge.

Hidden messages, symbols of wisdom, good or evil, owls and owls also represent good luck and love. Protection of primitive peoples remembered rites: true meanings, shamans, judges, classical thinking, illumination of the intellect.

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