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What Does It Mean When A Ladybug Lands On You?

The ladybug is a small red flying insect with black dots, but also a symbol of good luck in the search for true love. This belief that has its origin in Sweden is shared by several places since it is considered a messenger, bearer of the best news, transformations, success in love and health.

According to beliefs, if the ladybug falls into the hand of a newly married woman, it means that she will have children as many as the number of points that this little animal has. However, other sources indicate that if this happens, it would mean that they are the happy months that the relationship has.

On the other hand, it is believed that if a ladybug lands on a person it announces that it will bring him good fortune and if the person were someone who suffers from an illness, it bodes well that means that he will soon heal. This explains why doctors in the 1800s used this insect to cure measles.

In the event that a ladybug is trapped inside the house, a wish must be made. Also, it is said that a sum of money similar to that of the insect spots will be obtained.

Other facts about the ladybug

Formerly in the Middle Ages, it was believed in the legend that harmful insects destroy crops causing food shortages. In search of a remedy, Christian farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary to beg for her help. A short time later, the ladybugs came and ate the pests that destroyed plants and vegetables, saving the crops.

Therefore, ladybugs are called¬†‚ÄúThe Virgin‚Äôs Beetles‚ÄĚ. Since then, the mantle of the Virgin has been compared to the red shell of these insects, while the¬†black dots¬†they have are called¬†‚ÄúSeven Joys of Our Lady‚Ä̬†or ‚ÄúThe Seven Sorrows of Our Lady‚ÄĚ.

It is worth mentioning that ladybugs, come from the common name of coccinellids (Coccinellidae), belong to the family of coleopteran insects.

Meaning of ladybugs

The ladybugs have seven bullets; seven is related to good fortune.

If you find a  ladybug,  stop and watch it and make a wish. Killing them brings sadness.


The ladybug symbology is, of course, associated with good luck.

What does it mean when you see a ladybug?. Therefore, if a ladybug falls on your finger (more precisely your index finger), make it fly away thinking a lot of one of your most desired wishes. If you fly far, there is a high probability that your request will be fulfilled in the coming weeks. Pay attention, listen to your instincts and awaken all your senses in search of signs that confirm or not that your desire will be granted.

In addition to being synonymous with luck, it is also compatible with long happiness.

This belief begins during the Middle Ages, where the little cow of San Antonio symbolized protection since the Virgin Mary sent farmers a solution to their desperate demands and concerns regarding fleas that were devastating their crops; thousands of ladybugs, which destroyed the parasites. From that moment she was called maiden of Mary, and if they showed seven black dots, they reflected the seven virtues of the Virgin.


In many cultures, the ladybug symbolizes security and stability, both emotional and mental, so it is quite common that you can glimpse a variety of clothing for babies and children with prints or illustrations of this insect.

Talismans, accessories and articles with the image of a ladybug are also often used, since their vitalism is a reflection of the energy and high well-being or representation of good health, since it is unusual to witness some, also for their short longevity, but if it is your case and a ladybug lands on you, it is thought that if you make a wish, it will be fulfilled in the number of months or years as many points the insect has.


The number of black dots located on their elytra (shell where they shelter their wings) can vary, not so much because of the size of the ladybug, but because it is totally random, and these can represent for many people, an amount of time for their dreams, desires or longings are fulfilled or begin to flourish, in addition, the depth of colour determines how more enormous the fortune will be.

There is a controversy or confusion regarding ladybugs that lack black spots. However, this does not mean anything out of the ordinary; it does not determine that you require such advantages or blessings, it also applies to yellow, orange and pink ladybugs, uncommon, but just as recognized.

Some people say that the more points they have, the better your luck will be. On the contrary, others say that the number of points is not necessarily related to the degree of success.

One thing is for sure in ladybug symbology, if you find a ladybug with an even number of dots, this is a good omen sign. So if you find one, don’t let it go!


Because they are insects recognized by the world as bearers of good fortune, they are also associated with the infatuation stage, since they bring the news of Buenaventura, significant, novel and positive changes for life, totally different or risky that, at being accepted results in total success.

They are said to have the power to unite soulmates, two people who love each other, but that life has not allowed them to meet. Legend has it that if the ladybug falls on you and your spouse successively, it is the sign of an impending marriage. So who knows, if this happens to you, maybe it means your partner is about to propose to you?

If you dream of a ladybug being in love or longing to find love, it is quite sure that you are about to meet that particular person.

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