What does it mean when you dream about getting fired?

What does it mean when you dream about getting fired?

Dream of being fired from work interpretation & meaning

The way things are, getting kicked out of work is a relatively frequent real nightmare. So if the shadow of dismissal also appears in your dreams, you will likely wake up with restlessness and discomfort that will not disappear all day. But calm, because dreaming of dismissal does not have a definite meaning as it seems. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming of a release?

Farewell in dreams

Last night you dreamed that your boss kicked you out of work in evil ways and you saw yourself gathering your things and leaving the office distressed without knowing what to do. Dreaming of dismissal is one of the most frequent work dreams, but that does not mean that it does not leave us in constant discomfort.

The interpretation of work dreams is almost always more related to your personal attitude towards your job rather than towards a premonitory dream. Therefore, dreaming that you are kicked out of work speaks of your insecurity about your abilities and your fears of not doing your job well.

So if you dream of dismissal, do not worry about thinking that tomorrow you are going to be unemployed, try to reflect on the aspects that you would change to feel happier in your work and give more. Only in this way will you be able to separate the work environment from the staff and prevent action from creeping into your dreams.

What does it mean to dream of being fired?

“Dreams serve to free the unconscious, which generally uses a symbolism that must be interpreted, they are not as literal as we can sometimes suppose,” explains Elías, who adds that “generally, this type of dream occurs when we are going through a moment of instability or insecurity, not only in the economic sphere, since it can affect other areas, and indicates the need for a change of life “.

“Its most concrete meaning is that it is indicating the need to end a relationship in any area of ​​our life. It also means being concerned about losing the possibility of meeting the expenses we have incurred, such as a mortgage, loan, etc., and we fear that we will not be able to face it in the future. In these moments of economic instability, people who have loans granted, or debts of any kind, may have these dreams for fear of not being able to face them within the fixed term, “says Elías.

For this reason, “when you dream that your boss fires you, it can affect two other areas: your relationship, indicating that changes are coming or your work, indicating that you are afraid to carry out new ideas, for fear of dismissal”.

Is your job in danger?

“In principle, it does not have to affect only the workplace; it can be any other part of our life. In some cases, it can refer to work, and especially if we have a bad relationship with our colleagues or we dare not put in new ideas are marching in the workplace, for fear that they will be rejected or even fired, “adds Elías.

“When the dismissal is inadmissible, it indicates that you are concerned about your financial situation, even if at the moment you are not having a bad time. When a quarrel causes the dismissal with your boss, express your need to express ideas, even if others do not share them “, aim.

Is it a recurring dream?

“There are two types of dreams that are important in our life: those that are repeated many times (recurring) or those that generate a lot of impact on us. These two types are the ones that we have to pay attention to. It indicates that you are not comfortable with how it is going your life and you need to make changes in some part of your life, so it is necessary to analyze and be attentive, to know in what aspect of our experience it is essential to make those changes, “says the psychologist.

What can be done to stop dreaming about being fired?

“As long as we do not solve the situations to which they refer, we will not stop having them. We have to pay attention to our life, to detect the area where we have the conflict or insecurity to solve it and, once it is fully solved, they will stop these kinds of dreams appear. It refers to the need for change in some part of our life, which needs to be solved to free the unconscious from that pressure, “ concludes Elías.

Some meanings of dreaming about losing a somewhat different job

Dream about losing your job due to hobbies. If you are one of those who are stressed at your job and are tired of hearing the anger of your manager day and day, maybe you also have this dream. It is a liberating dream that your subconscious has originated so that you leave your job. You may even feel moving or bullying. I recommend that you think twice before carrying it out. Today you have to take care of the job.

You are dreaming of being fired without reason (inadmissible) and having no settlement. You are concerned about your financial situation. You are going through a stage of economic stress. You are down to earth, and you know the importance of bringing a salary to your family. You are realistic, and you see the difficulty of finding a new job.

To dream of losing by anger with the boss. You have different points of view that you like to share with others even if others do not like them. Although you do not want to carry the singing voice if you fight for your ideals, especially when you know that you are right. However, sometimes, this attitude has brought you headaches.

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