What do apocalypse dreams mean?

What Do Apocalypse Dreams Mean

What do apocalypse dreams mean?. Dreams of apocalypse meanings.

Apocalyptic images in dreams are usually relatively common, and often, symbolize changes and the completion of some processes or stages in our life. The emotions generated in the dream will account for the events that can occur.

The Apocalypse in dreams also symbolizes our desire to have greater knowledge regarding some subjects that concern us.

Dreaming of apocalyptic images that generate fear or anguish indicates that some of our projects or businesses do not go as we expected, and the fact that the end of them is imminent can lead us to make wrong decisions, which will not only affect us professionally but also at home.

In case the images of the end of the world in dreams generate tranquillity or resignation, it implies that we are satisfied with the way in which we have conducted our affairs.

Dreams, where we witness the Apocalypse, are more frequent in times of change and transformation, not only on a professional but also personal level. This dream is usually an invitation to analyze our life on a spiritual level and strengthen our convictions.

Dreaming that we have knowledge of some apocalyptic events may be a sign that we have some advantages to achieve success before others, but it also hints at the need to share our knowledge and avoid selfishness. The interpretation of this dream must be carried out depending on the situations that are being lived.

It is not uncommon to have disastrous or apocalyptic dreams in moments of vital unease. It is the case of dreaming of the end of the world, a dream that has a less harmful interpretation than we might expect. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of the end of the world.

Don’t be afraid to dream of the end of the world.

It will surely be a horrible dream that will fill you with anguish and worry, but that the Apocalypse or the end of the world is surprised one night in dreams does not have a precisely negative meaning. It is true that it indicates the end of an era, the end of a life cycle and, therefore, implies a new opportunity.

This type of dreams with the end of the world can present variations regarding the destruction of the world you know. It can be a war, a natural disaster or even an alien invasion and in all cases, a component of violence will appear that will bring out all your fears. But don’t panic, changes always come dramatically.

What you should keep in mind about this dream with the end of the world is that it is not a premonitory dream. The Apocalypse is not coming, but your life needs a radical change, an evident transformation that will make you start again. And starting from scratch is always scary, surrounded by doubts and fears, but also by the hope of a better start.

So, stay with the positive side of this dream and wake up thinking not of the end of the world, but of the beginning of your new world. A new world in which you will have to change many things in order to be happier, to live to be more authentic and to be the one who takes the reins of your life.


Specific meanings of dreaming of Apocalypse

Earthquakes, attacks, explosions, etc …

The dream that comes loaded with earthquakes, nuclear attacks, the sky falling on the head, the sun exploding, meteorites reaching the Earth, among other things that lead or may lead to the end of the world, indicates the internal catharsis of each one.

We cannot, however, run away from our balance, since the tendency is that our unconscious provides a fact that is ideal for promoting the homeostasis of life. Dreams usually are alerted so that the dreamer pays more attention to his transformations, both internal and external, or even to psychic disorganization and how this can affect the construction of the day.

Contextualization of the dream

Having an apocalyptic dream, it is essential to find meaning in each of the dream and chaotic elements to contextualize them in your daily experience.

It can be, for example, a way of indicating that it is necessary to put an endpoint in exhausting and unpleasant situations, or even in cycles that must, finally, be closed. It can also indicate adjustments that must be made in life so that the paths are more comfortable and more passable, or that life can be recreated and redesigned.

The end of a cycle

Dreaming of the end of something, such as Earth’s life cycle, for example, maybe a way for your unconscious to show that it has reached its previously outlined goal for life and is currently without new challenges. You need to acquire a new dream, an original purpose or a new problem and go for it, so as not to fall into the monotonous routine of a job without new challenges.

Dream about the storm

If in your dream, the end of the world begins with a storm, it comes as a way of warning that you will experience some struggle against something terrible in your life. It may be a big shock or loss, but you will have to face it with courage. Sleep can also indicate fears that you feel, but do not express in emotions. You need to open your heart and live lighter to really feel things.

Dream about a typhoon

If the end of the world, in a dream, comes through a storm that destroys the city, the dream may indicate an overwhelming passion that will arise in his life, causing him to fly away from the inertia and apathy that he was currently experiencing. It is necessary to pay attention to their transformations, both internal and external, or in the psychic disorganization.

Dreaming of the star in the Apocalypse

The dream in which you are running away from some apocalyptic phenomenon indicates that you will have a transformation in your life very soon. Everything will be, from that new beginning, different from what you have lived before. The dream symbolizes a new stage in which you can leave the past behind, building a better future for yourself and for those who are by your side.

Dream about seeing the Apocalypse happening

When, in dreams, he sees the Apocalypse happening, but is not affected by it, it indicates that he is experiencing a theatrical and sudden interior change, suggesting that he sees life in a different way than he saw it before.

Dreaming of the end of the world

When dreaming of the end of something, like the world, the dream comes as a way of indicating that the time has come to seek new objectives, since it has already reached the goals it had set. His problems have been solved, and he needs to get something new in his life from now on to live every moment intensely.


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