Spiritually How Does The Number 33 Relates To God?

Spiritually How Does The Number 33 Relates To God?

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

Spiritually how does the number 33 relates to God?

The number 33 is a master number, which gives the potential to grow to higher consciousness. Your masterly energy is connected with healing, compassion, and with the growth into the Christ consciousness. The influence of master number 33 makes you loving, honest, brave, versatile, and resourceful. You are ready to help others, and you tend to subordinate your wishes to those of others.

This energy is also called the Christ vibration, the vibration of love at the highest level, the level of compassion. 33 indicates the power of love and compassion (the base number is 6) but then in an impersonal-universal sense, a passion for existence and everything that lives. The master number 33 indicates the working of the Christ consciousness in a person, and often in the form of universal service.

This can be on a small scale, in the family or in the family, but also on a larger size and can be of service to society or even more broadly to humanity, nature, or the animal kingdom. The number with the most challenging task is 33 is said. This number is connected with conscious, (spiritual) service, tolerance, understanding, healing, and sacrifice.


You can learn to recognize and express your emotions and let go of your (self) judgment. You must spread your light and be there for others or a higher purpose. However, be careful not to become a wipe for others, use your discernment to see what you give your energy to or for whom or what you sacrifice yourself. You can learn to love yourself as much as you love others and also take your own needs seriously and indicate them.


This master number gives you the potential to be a (spiritual) healer and to develop your high inner capacities for the benefit of others. Children and animals are attracted to you. You get a lot of responsibility, which you do not always bring an appreciation of others in your life. If you are in your power, you have a clear vision of the world, and you are willing to cooperate to make it a better and more peaceful place. Your talent can also lead you to move in the field of art because you like to create harmony and bring beauty to the world.

Want to know more about your numbers?

There is much more to say about this master number and all other numbers that affect your life. Specific numbers work at different stages of your life, all of which have particular meanings. If you gain insight into that, you can use it, grow in your power, increase your self-insight, and start living your destiny.

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