What Does Water Mean In A Dream Spiritually?

What Does Water Mean In A Dream Spiritually?

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

What does water mean in a dream spiritually?

Today we discuss what it means when the essential element of water appears in your dream.

Water is a powerful element and carries a lot of meaning. Water is often a symbol of clarity, purification, and movement, but can also have something overwhelming. In concrete terms, water often comes in dreams as an expression of the subconscious and all that that unconscious contains.

What the water in your dream means is highly dependent on the form that the water takes. For example, a sea will represent something other than rain, and the brown water of a ditch symbolizes something other than the water that flows from the tap. The water will sometimes not play a prominent role in your dream: sometimes, the presence of water in the background means a lot.

In this article, we try to give you some more clarification regarding the explanation of your dream about water. We do this on the basis of a few precise questions, the answers of which must be viewed together to explain the dream. Precisely what the dream means, only you can know for sure!

Is the water clear or cloudy?

Clearwater in a dream is a sign of clarity. You have a good overview of your current situation, your emotions, or the goal you have in mind.

Cloudy water, on the other hand, symbolizes ambiguity. You are confused, you no longer know what you want, or you do not know precisely what you feel or where your emotions come from.

Is the water deep or shallow?

Deepwater can indicate the unknown: you cannot see the bottom, so you do not know what to expect. Shallow water, in turn, shows confidence and familiarity: you know what to expect because you can clearly see and feel the soil.

Is the water flowing or standing still?

Water in motion often has a more cleansing meaning: the water clears a path and thus makes its way through the landscape. Rain in a dream, for example, often points to purification: the rain washes away what is not pure. See this water as a sign of progress or cleansing.

Still, water has more connotation to collect rubbish and dirt, but on the other hand, it is also the cradle of new life.

How does the water move?

When the water in your dream moves, the way it moves can also contribute to the meaning.

When the water makes its way through obstacles, you can assume that your subconscious mind has used this dream to process some things. The barriers that were washed away undoubtedly had emotional value.

When the water slowly seeps between things, this can mean different things. Perhaps it indicates patience, and the water drips away like an hourglass. You are patient in something during the day.

On the other hand, it can indicate impatience and frustration: you would like to see an individual effort in your life bear fruit faster, but things are going slower than you would like.

Is the water boiling furiously? Then this indicates inner turbulence. You probably also feel a bit confused during the day, and your mood may also change at the most irrational moments. Another possibility is that this dream indicates the presence of anger. Just like the water, you breeze and breeze.

Waves then indicate rhythm and repetition. This may mean peace and comfort but also boredom. Try to appreciate appreciation for what repeats itself: there are so many things that go according to a certain rhythm. Life itself is heavily subject to these rhythms, and when we accept this fact, we find a lot of inner peace.

Is there a lot or a little water?

Water makes life possible, so a large amount of water can indicate liveliness. Just think of an oasis full of life, or plant-rich banks.

On the other hand, too much water can also be a danger. For example, a dream about a tsunami, flood, or tidal wave indicates the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything rather than the presence of life.

Little water, in turn, expresses scarcity. There is low vitality where no water can be found. Drought in your dream may indicate a lack of mental nutrients in your daily life: you have too little stimulation, and you may even feel listless.

What is your relationship with the water?

Where you are in relation to the water is crucial in correctly interpreting your dream.

Are you in a boat on the water? Then this indicates a sense of control. This feeling is strengthened when you are in control. However, when the dream takes a dark turn, and the water regains control of your boat, there is a feeling of powerlessness. You are subject to the whims of the waves, and you sometimes feel that way during the day.

Are you surfing the waves? Then you feel completely in your element. Pay close attention to the other symbols in this dream: they may give you a hint of what you want (and can) achieve in life.

Do you float aimlessly at sea? Then you miss control in life. You also have the feeling that you don’t really know where you are going during the day, or worse, you have no control over where you are going.

Are you swimming in the water? This can indicate an urge to explore, adventure, and daring. You want to immerse yourself in the unknown and immerse yourself in what you are not yet familiar with. Are you not alone in the water? Then your subconscious realizes that that adventurous is sometimes not just fun. However, do not doubt yourself: every adventurer sometimes has fears. It is the way we deal with these fears that shape our character!

Are you flooded with water? Then you feel overwhelmed in life. You have the feeling that you have taken too much hay, or are surprised by responsibilities and obligations that are not part of your daily routine.

Are you ‘bigger’ than the water? When the water in your dream can be contained in a glass or bucket, it means that you have gained control over a certain feeling or an unconscious thought or pattern of thinking.

Example: you dream that you will sail over a swampy swamp in a broken boat. There are crocodiles around your ship, and the water swirls wildly.

Marshes are generally not the wildest waters, so the swirl of the water is very symbolic in this dream. There is something wrong with the dreamer, and that is starting to come to the surface. What initially appeared to be a calm water surface seems to contain a lot more. In addition, there are the crocodiles, hidden from view by the murky marsh water.

They symbolize a threat that you feel intuitively, but cannot yet place with certainty. Moreover, the boat is broken: the only thing that separates you from the water are some broken boards that can fail every minute. This points to uncertainty about its own resources: does the dreamer have what is needed to survive the current situation?

The dreamer is probably in a situation where he intuitively feels that something is wrong, but he does not yet know what. The subconscious realization that the location is not ideal, however, causes frustration, certainly because little can be done about it at the moment. He also notices that a solution needs to be found urgently because his boat can sink at any moment.

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