Tarot Card Meanings: Queen Of Pentacles


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Queen of Pentacles stands for a sense of reality, steadfastness, reliability, fertility, simplicity, and sensual pleasure. The map indicates that you feel strongly connected to nature. The card can also suggest that you have an attitude that is strongly focused on the material values ‚Äč‚Äčof things.

Both can be seen as the fertile soil from which you can continue to build. Queen of Pentacles loves taking care of and sensual pleasure in life.

The Queen of Pentacles is depicted in a lush landscape that expresses abundance and fertility. The cupids, goats, and fruit emphasize this. The hare in the foreground indicates not only fertility but also the archetypal ‚Äėgood mother.‚Äô¬†

A hare has her army on the ground, and when the enemy comes, mother Haas lures him away from her offspring by moving away from her army. We conclude from this that she is loyal and sacrificial. Her desire for luxury is reflected in the abundance and richness that is evident from the image.

She is pointing to the left, which emphasizes her feminine and passive nature. She is the type that likes to sit at home or is busy. A garden and nature is significant to her.

She also likes comfort. She will pay a lot of attention to her house and the furnishings, and she will furnish her house as luxuriously as possible while remaining within her budget. The Queen of Pentacles certainly has no hole in her hand and does pay attention to bargains. However, she is very aware of the saying ‚Äėcheap is expensive.‚Äô Savings are also made for the old age.

Court card

This woman may be economically independent, interested in art, practical, materialistic, and social. She is a hard worker, independent and generous to people who interest her. It can also be uncertain, suspicious, and too much controlled by physical matters.

Keywords Upright:

prosperity, security, safety, freedom, homely coziness with abundance and luxury, generous person with a great sense of responsibility for her possessions and loved ones, noble soul, wisdom, good health, physical ease, love, fertility, prosperity, the body is well used, generous, loyal girlfriend mother and teacher.

Keywords Upside Down:

false prosperity, fear of failure, unsuccessful attempts to realize ideals, judge quickly and wrongly, illness or lack, spring fatigue, unreliable, dependent on others, greedy, physically tense, drowsiness.

A dark, beautiful well-off woman, intelligent and calm. A good wife and housewife, with grace and dignity. A good child, rearing girl.


In your work, Queen of Pentacles shows that you are creative and patient, that you use your skills and knowledge to realize things and that you are diligent in performing your work. The card indicates that your way of working is reliable and that you have great endurance.


In relationships, Queen of Pentacles represents a period of joy in life and sensual pleasure. The card indicates that you are faithful, steadfast and that you long for warmth, security, and intimacy. Queen of Pentacles can also indicate that you have now arrived at a point in your life that you open yourself to marriage and perhaps to start a family.

Queen of pentacles love

Pentacles Queen is a lady who attaches great importance to her family and her home. She cherishes and lovingly encourages her family. She is neat in nature and loves good, solid, beautiful things around her. Looking is also important for her. She can overlook a lot, as long as it does not affect her status. When a man draws this card, the above characteristics apply to him, but the status-sensitive is less present.


It is an excellent omen in financial matters. The level of prosperity is likely to be increasing. There is no doubt about spending time enjoying new wealth, though saving is a requirement.


It is an indicator of the need to create a space and time for you to focus on you first since otherwise, your health will not improve. Do not put everyone before you, because your health will suffer.


Trust you. It may not be so easy for your eyes and mind to interpret everything you have done or can do in the near future, but for others, you have already proven yourself to be a valuable person. Anyway, the advice is that you listen to others and that once you do, make your own decisions.

Inverted position

Is a visible sign that you are already or will be very busy for work, which will imply that all your time and resources are consumed in this activity. It is likely that due to the circumstances, she will be forced to distribute her time only in labor matters, but it is feasible that it is a mistake only to dedicate herself to work because there are other goals to pursue in life.

In cases where the work overwhelms you and is not a decision of your own, the letter represents that this situation is temporary, so you have to take it into account because it will soon be reversed.

Morgan Greer Tarot

This queen of Pentacles of the Morgan Greer Tarot, resting her arms on a pentacle. She likes to hold her property but is not forced into it. She is depicted in the fall, which may indicate that she can now reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work. Her crown chakra is covered with a golden crown. 

This can indicate her wisdom, intelligence, and her ability to pass on that knowledge. She is positive and supports others. The many points on her crown can indicate a wide interest. Her green headdress indicates healing powers and her ability to empathize with others. 

The orange interior indicates her preference for coziness and openness, but perhaps she is soon stepped on her toes, although she will not show this. Brown is the color of materialism. Her neck chakra is covered with this color. This can indicate her quality as a businesswoman, as a saleswoman. The color red-orange indicates that you want to impress others. Red indicates ambition and the energy to realize those ambitions.

Finally, the gold queen indicates that material concerns are the primary source of the doubts and uncertainties that you have with the future, and that is where you feel insecurity. In this regard, it must be recognized that everything cannot be done at once and that it is always valid is to rely on others.

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