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With the word aura, many people think of a kind of wreath around them. An aura would indicate how you feel and what your character is. Some people can see the aura of other people. Being able to see Auras is part of the paranormally gifted.

An aura may look like a wreath of light, but it is an energy field. This energy field shows how you feel. Some people are more visually inclined than others and can see these energy fields (auras). What does an aura consist of, and what do the colors say about your personality? 

What does an aura consist of?

An aura is very complex, but to keep it simple, we say that an aura has an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is called the etheric body. This etheric body is very close to your own “real” body. Aura readers can see how your physical health is at the inner layer of the aura. When someone is sick or in pain, this can be seen in the aura. Someone who can see auras then sees dark spots or pieces, faint colors, and cracks in the inner layer of the aura.

The outermost layer of the aura is called the astral body. Many things can be seen from this part of the aura. For example, an aura reader can see how you feel at that moment. The color of the aura indicates what your state of mind is at that moment. This part of the aura can also show what your character is. Different properties have different colors. Your aura tells a lot about what you are as a person.

The colors of the aura

An aura looks like a wreath of light. It is also sometimes said that an aura protects you against other energies. An aura is a light wreath with all different colors. A person has many qualities and feelings. The more a color occurs, the more someone has a certain characteristic or feelings.

Everyone has the most colors in their aura, but there are always different colors that dominate. These predominant colors say the most about how you feel and what your characteristics are. Below the different colors with their good properties.

Color properties

Every color has its own unique character and characteristic. Each color, therefore, has a different meaning. The following colors can be distinguished:

  • Ultraviolet – clairvoyance, visions, dreams, spiritual
  • Violet – Spiritual, intuition, spontaneous
  • Oranje – A right person, joy, friendly and fun
  • Pink – Love, harmony and being cordial
  • Light red – Sexuality and passion
  • Red – Desirable, passion and enormous willpower
  • Dark red – Enthusiastic and fond of attention
  • Indigo – Spiritual and magic
  • White – Balance between earth and spiritual, tranquility
  • Silver – Be confident, creative and fertility
  • Koper – Sober, down to earth and a lot of self-discipline
  • Turquoise – Certainty, definite and lots of energy
  • Geel – Enjoyer of life and joy
  • Yellow / brown – Looking for development and change, power and purpose
  • Aquamarijn – Sensitive, compassionate and tender
  • Dark green – Natural person, quiet and reliable
  • Dark blue – Understanding, honesty and reliable
  • Heavenly blue – Great imagination, creative
  • Lavender – Very spiritual, little interest in the earthly

Below is a list of colors of bad characteristics;

  • Olive green – Underhanded, jealousy
  • Gray – Fear, uncertainty, being sick
  • Dark yellow – Cowardly, suspicious
  • Black – Death, destruction,

And last but not least

The majority of people cannot see auras on their own. Yet people who are open to it can learn this! An experienced aura reader can help with this. There are also spiritual workshops in different places to learn how to read aura. An aura is not floating, so give it a try and let your aura read!

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