Who Were You In A Previous Life

Who Were You In A Previous Life? Your Karma In Your Horoscope

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2022)

How to know about past life through astrology

Past life astrology. In today´s post we are going to try to help you to find out who you were in a past life. Anyone who believes in reincarnation may wonder: “Who was I in a previous life?” If you know the sign of your Ascendant in your birth chart, you can lift a tip of the veil yourself by studying your “house of karma.” It tells you what experiences you have brought from past lives, and whether you were, for example, of royal blood, a soldier, a midwife, shaman, rebel or writer.

Who were you in a previous life?

Just as with traditional astrology, karmic astrology has many different views on method and interpretation. The most commonly used karmic indicators of the natal chart are Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Saturn, lunar nodes, and retrograde planets. Free past life karmic astrology chart.

The difference between traditional and karmic astrology

While traditional astrology searches for the answer to “Who am I?” and “who were you in a previous life“, assumes karmic astrology that you already know that, and wants an answer to the question “Why am I this person?” According to karmic astrologers, past lives have a significant influence on your current personality, your expectations, and the experiences that happen to you.

Nothing that happens to you is accidental and is part of a larger plan that aims at the evolution and growth of your soul through many incarnations. Two important principles in this spiritual conception of astrology are karma and dharma: the result of your actions from past lives, and your current task on earth. To find out your karma and dharma, karmic astrology uses a number of methods. One is “the house of karma.”

The house of karma: find out who you were in a past life

The home of karma, which gives clues about a past life, is not the first house, but the twelfth house of your birth chart. “House” acquires a broad meaning here and refers to the sign preceding that of the Ascendant. So if you now have an Ascendant in Aries, then your house of karma is Pisces; if you have Ascendant Libra, then your soul brought from a previous life or life characteristics of Virgo.

It is generally about tendencies and unconscious responses that you often fall back on. Without thinking. When analyzing a natal chart from a karmic point of view, not only does the Ascendant play an important role but also your Sun, the lunar nodes, and retrograde planets are studied by the karmic astrologer. In what follows,

Reincarnation and karma


Belief in reincarnation (literally: “return to the flesh”) has been found in various religions and philosophies since ancient times. Reincarnation or rebirth assumes the immortality of the soul, which returns to another body after death. A concept that is closely linked to this is “karma”.


Karma (Sanskrit for “action,” “deed”) refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect whereby the intentions and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (impact). Good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and happier rebirths, while bad intentions and evil deeds contribute to bad karma and unfortunate rebirths.

Regression therapy to get in touch with past lives

Reincarnation in the traditional sense is not the only way to approach karmic astrology. For example, what people experience in regression therapy as past lives are hidden in the deepest layers of our unconscious. From that personal and collective unconscious, impulses, intuitions, disturbing images, emotions, and fantasies force themselves on us of which we do not know the origin.

This unconscious is at the basis of difficult, magical experiences for our rational mind. You can’t say for sure where those emotionally charged images come from, and whether you can take a look at past lives. The experiences and intuitions in dreams and visions, that much is certain, really feel.

The karmic interpretation of your horoscope

One of the methods used by karmic astrology to find out which experiences from past lives influence present life is “the house of karma.”

The prison of the soul

The twelfth house and the sign on the cusp (beginning) of the twelfth house, is sometimes called “the prison of the soul” in karmic astrology because past life habits can hinder the goal that the soul has set itself in the current incarnation. This goal and the way you should pursue it is symbolized in the birth chart by the Sun, your current Ascendant, and the Northern lunar node.

The nature of the opposition that you can expect from the house of karma works in the way symbolized by the sign of the twelfth house. It is advisable also to include the sign in which the Moon is located in the analysis, in particular as an influence that prevents you from developing you’re (Sun).

The reduced method with the Ascendant

As with any astrological analysis, other elements should also be considered in order to get a complete picture of current karma and what difficulties are to be expected in the pursuit of its fulfillment. What follows can be seen as a fairly rough sketch of what the various Ascendant signs of natal horoscopes can tell you about a recent past life.

Who were you in a previous life?

We assume that you have your birth chart at hand and that you know your Ascendant sign. If not, use one of the many free online services that calculate your horoscope drawing for you based on your birth data. We assume an equal house system where each house has a different sign on the cusp; however, you are free to test another house system such as Placidus or Regiomontanus.

Your Ascendant is Aries – your home of karma is Pisces

If you have Aries on the Ascendant in your current life, then your most important previous life was associated with Pisces. So you may have been a spiritual person who put his life fully at the service of others. In today’s life, it is your challenge to lead a free and independent living in which you show courage and initiative.

Make sure that you do not become addicted or end up in jail in this life, which are possible experiences from your previous life. In your past life, you were a poet, mystic, and dreamer, or possibly a priest, shaman or healer who figured himself out for the benefit of others.

Your Ascendant is Taurus – your house of karma is Aries

With Taurus on the cusp of your first home, your most influential past life is associated with Aries. This means that your previous life was colored by impulsiveness and aggressiveness. You may have been a fighter, soldier, or general, or someone who ran a business on your own. You should learn to control these impulses in this incarnation and work more patiently on your plans.

Your Ascendant is Gemini – your house of karma is Taurus

With Gemini as a rising sign in your birth chart, your most important past life is associated with Taurus. In that life, your earthly nature dominated, and materialistic and sensual desires drove you. You were probably an artist, musician, gardener, or a wealthy entrepreneur. In this incarnation, you are focused on a life full of exciting experiences that mainly stimulate you mentally.

Especially intellectual professions and activities such as writers, teachers, or communicators offer you a lot of future. In this life, you should strive for agility and adaptability instead of becoming rigid.

Your Ascendant is Cancer – your house of karma is Gemini

With Cancer as Ascendant, your most influential past life is associated with Gemini. In that life, you were intellectual and objective, but expressing your feelings was not easy for you. For example, you were a persuasive salesperson, orator, teacher, or writer, someone who fluttered from one activity to another and was not guided enough by his heart.

In your current incarnation, you need to pay more attention to your inner emotional nature. Focus, in particular, on a more responsible life and your family. It is your karma to balance your emotions with your intellect, something you couldn’t do well in a previous life.

Your Ascendant is Leo – your house of karma is Cancer

With Leo as Ascendant, karmic astrology associates your past life with Crayfish experiences. As a Cancer Personality, you were filled with deep emotions, fears, and insecurities about existence. Everything revolved around loving and being loved. In a previous life, you cared for others, perhaps as a midwife, mother superior, or in another caring role.

In this incarnation, you feel confidently romantic, and you long to share a passionate love with someone. Although you tend to be self-centered, you are generous and jovial. Your karmic task is to develop – without egocentrism – worthy Lion qualities and to overcome the fear of being abandoned in your past life.

Your Ascendant is Virgo – your house of karma is Leo

If Virgo is your rising sign in your current life, then your previous life has to do with Leo. In that previous incarnation, you were the center of attention, and you thought it was normal for everyone to be ready to meet all your needs.

Think of a king/queen, a rich or noble person with a prestigious office who was respected or feared by ‘the common people.’ In your current incarnation, you will have to take on more responsibility for others and put your life at the service of those who appeal to you. So your karma is leading a life of service to give something back for everything that you have richly received because others sacrificed for you.

Your Ascendant is Libra – your house of karma is Virgo

Rising with Libra, your most important past life was associated with Virgo. In that life, you worked tirelessly to serve others while ignoring your own needs. For example, you were a nurse, craftsman, or servant. In this life, you try to find a balance between your individual needs and what you want to give to others. Your sense of justice to provide everyone he is entitled to help you find that balance in this life.

Your Ascendant is Scorpio – your house of karma is Libra

Scorpio, as Ascendant, suggests a past life as Libra. That life was dominated by the striving always to find a balance between extremes, and a focus on compromise and maintaining peace. In a previous life, you were a diplomat, lawyer, judge, or artist. Compared to your current passion-focused life, you steered for more convenience and the satisfaction of your desires.

Now you are primarily interested in intense experiences and encounters. You want to penetrate to the core of life, and you will continue to dig and explore until you begin to understand some of the mystery of life. In addition to the more superficial relationships from your previous experience, you risk causing emotional conflicts.

Your Ascendant is Sagittarius – your house of karma is Scorpio

Your previous life was in the atmosphere associated with Scorpio. Because of your talent for deep thinking and research, you may have been a scientist, detective, mystery writer, or psychologist. Through the association of Scorpio with power, violence, and sexuality, you may have been a sexologist or criminologist.

The talents that you have developed during that lifetime now offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge, either by philosophizing or by teaching. With your current Sagittarius ambassador, you want to enjoy your freedom unbridled and experience adventures that broaden your horizons.

Your Ascendant is Capricorn – your house of karma is Sagittarius

With Capricorn on the cusp of your first home, your most influential past life was associated with Sagittarius. In a previous experience, you were a professor, lawyer, ship’s captain, world traveler, or actor. You led a life in which having fun, traveling, and adventure was paramount.

With your current Steenbok Ascendant, you are ready to take your life more seriously, take responsibility, and pursue more lofty goals. Discipline and hard work, you now realize, are needed to achieve your ambitions.

Your Ascendant is Aquarius – your house of karma is Capricorn

Aquarius, in your first home, suggests a previous life associated with Capricorn. In an earlier experience, you were a politician, policeman, doctor, or manager. You want to leave the discipline and hard work of Capricorn behind in your current incarnation. What you want now is to experience life without limiting yourself.

You want to lead your life unconventionally and individually, without having to pay too much attention to convention and social rules. In this life, it will be a challenge to learn to control your rebellious impulses and to channel your energy to more practical goals.

Your Ascendant is Pisces – your house of karma is Aquarius

With Pisces in your first home, your most significant past life was associated with Aquarius. You led a living as an individual who wanted to be completely free without others being allowed to restrict that freedom with rules or laws. You tried to make your morals and rules. In that previous life, you were an inventor, a technological genius, a politician, or a scientist with a quirky vision.

Your goal was to make discoveries that would benefit society and future generations. In your current life, you wish to live on a more spiritual level and to be more of a service to others. Because of your enormous empathetic capacity, you want to contribute to relieving suffering, and you may have healing powers. You feel that this is your destiny,

Planets in the twelfth house

If you have many worlds in the twelfth house (that is, your house of karma), then you have brought many unresolved issues from past lives that you should now tackle. An emphasis on this house can mean that you spend a lot of time on a spiritual search. Twelve-house planets work from the hidden, but according to karmic astrologers, they do influence everything that you do.

You can interpret planets in the twelfth house in much the same way as the sign of that house. Some examples

  • Mars in 12 or Aries on cusp 12 – With Mars in your karmic home, you were a soldier or sportsman in your past life, and you sought dangerous challenges to prove yourself. The difficulty with Mars in the twelfth house in your current life is that you have trouble expressing anger and aggression. You try to control yourself for a long time but then burst out like something is exploding in you. To manage that destructive energy, you can look for a physical outlet and spend a lot of time in nature.
  • Venus in 12 or Taurus or Libra on cusp 12 – in the previous life, you were admired for your beauty, or you were a famous lover, a great poet or artist. Your life revolved around art and love stories. In your current life, you still possess these talents, or you fantasize about becoming a great artist.
  • Jupiter in 12 or Sagittarius on cusp 12 – in your previous life, you put a lot of energy into exciting social experiences. You were born into a noble family and had a high education. You also want to play an active role in community life in your current incarnation. Because Jupiter encourages enlargement and exaggeration, you tend in today’s life to take a lot of hay and spend too much money.
  • Sun in 12 or Leo on cusp 12 – in the previous life (s), you were someone famous or important, who lived in public interest as a prince or other prominent leader. In this life, it will be reasonably easy to get a similar position and become someone with authority. However, your soul chose to stay behind the scenes in the current incarnation. That can be a painful lesson for someone whose wishes were immediately granted in a previous life.

Just a tip of the veil

The method with the house of karma only lifts a tip of the veil. To get as complete a picture of a person’s karma and past lives as possible, karmic astrology makes use of the position of the birth moon, Saturn, the lunar nodes, and retrograde planets, among other things.

The house of karma, however, is a simple way to quickly gain insight into the most significant previous life by considering the sign of the twelfth house. This method does not provide a correct name or period of an earlier incarnation. Still, according to karmic astrologers,, it does give an idea of ​​the experiences that the soul has gone through that continue to influence present life unconsciously.

We hope that this post has been useful for you to find out who you were in a past life. Share it with others who may be interested in past lives and karma.

I think that sometimes Astrology answer your questions, what do you think?

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