Unprocessed emotions in your mother’s belly

We are suffering en masse from the effects of unprocessed emotions. The emotions that are not felt with an open heart, but tucked away, not voiced, not discussed, laughed at or simply ignored.

If you are in your mother’s belly as a baby, you are completely one with her. You feel everything she feels, because you have an open connection with both your mother and the universe. If your mother got shocking things for her while she was pregnant with you, you will take over her way of emotion management. You already learn it when you are in the stomach.

Escape from the body

The way to avoid feeling heavy things is to dissociate, or let your soul or part of your soul get out of your body, and / or to focus your full attention on the outside world. People with narcissistic behavior do this and this way they don’t have to feel the hidden unprocessed emotions. Feeling is scary! Help, that black hole!

You feel with the body and not with the head. The head can, however, register physical sensations, see the dark and think of how to stay away from it or how to solve it. Usually that is by projecting the emotion on the outside world. He did it then. Nothing is wrong with you because ignoring rules your life and your body.

We suffer en masse from unprocessed and not felt or felt emotions.

Unprocessed emotions at work

When my 18-year-old girl did my training as an X-ray technician, I was soon thrown to the lions with fervor. An internship at first aid – a man was almost completely burned by a gas explosion, and we had to take a chest x-ray, so of heart and lungs. I will never forget the scent of burnt skin, as well as the face of the swollen man and the announcement of the first aid nurse that this man would not make it. It was simply waiting for death.

There was no time for emotions or for relief. In the first aid coffee room, the surgeon joked: “I hope I don’t get burnt meat from my wife tonight.” And everyone laughed. Except for me. I was shocked. Not just about the joke that was made, because I thought it was really not done and disrespectful to the man and his family, but I now also realize that there was no one who noticed my emotions. Oh yes, a nurse said, “don’t care, this is his way of dealing with it.”

So I had to find a way to deal with it. But there was no conversation with me, I was timid and quiet and after-care was not there either. It was also not part of the training, because it was entirely theoretically focused on technology, anatomy, pathology, adjustment technology and radiation hygiene. How to deal with the sick person? How to deal with acute setbacks? How to deal with death? It was not in the package and within two years I had soon seen ten people die on the examination table or in the Intensive Care bed.

Then you get used to it. You harden.

Running is no longer possible

When many years later, after a hospital career and business career, I became a coach and learned to open my heart again, I couldn’t take sick people anymore. In hospitals I felt everything they felt. I suffered. I could not close myself anymore. Tantra and unconditional love opens up hidden channels and increases awareness.

Compassion and traveling with the soul

Now this has become my super talent in my work, which I use as part of healing. I have become so good at sympathizing that I can sympathize with almost everyone. With “victims” and “perpetrators”. I do that by opening my heart and traveling with my soul in time. My body as an open channel that can tune in to the soul of those who cannot connect because there is trauma under it. Trauma that ensures that there is no need to feel. Staying away from emotions is staying away from the color of life. It then remains black or white, right or wrong with no more than shades of gray.

The power of empathy

Empathy is being able to sympathize with others. That does not mean that I can solve everything for others. Every person can learn to feel for themselves. But sometimes sadness or powerlessness is too great and then it is nice if you can do it together. Shared sorrow is half sorrow, and shame often prevents us from daring to ask for help, while precisely highlighting these emotions and the associated events is a breakthrough. Not only for the client but also for people involved.

Primeval mother

Today I was allowed to be the primeval mother again and connect with mother-suffering. It is so nice to be able to cry these soul tears with an open heart so that it becomes light again. Together with my client and with my soul team who always accompany me so beautifully.

The rest of the day I immerse myself in soft things. Because working with an open heart is not a production line work. I too can process what I can see and put in the light. I am grateful for where I am in my life and for what I can mean for people and souls.

Unprocessed emotions in your mother’s belly

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