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Waking Up At 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, and 5am Has A Spiritual Meaning

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Have you ever wondered why you keep waking up at the same time every night? You have tried everything you can to sleep better, and you still end up waking up at 1am, 2am, or between 3am and 5am every day! Then, this may be a sign that there is a spiritual message hidden for you.

Waking up at 1am, 3am, 5am or different hours in the middle of the night can have different meanings, physical, mental or spiritual; but the main one being is that you may be experiencing a “spiritual awakening“.

If you want to discover why waking up at 1am, 3am, 5am or the same time every night means a spiritual revelation, continue reading the complete post. We will explain each different meaning, and we will also tell you what a spiritual awakening is, it’s symptoms and the benefits it can bring to your life.

Why are you waking up at 1am, 3am, or 5am?

Understanding The Energy Meridians and Sleep Issues

There are 14 major meridians that run through the body, 12 of which align with the 24-hour clock. That means there are 2 hours each day in which one meridian – which is running through a certain part of your body – becomes the primary.

Meridians are linked to parts of the body and bodily processes, as well as through, emotions, and experiences. Basically, the hour that you keep waking up can tell you which meridian is experiencing a disruption.

The time of night greatly determines what is going on when you wake up. It is also important to consider how often you wake up during the night. If you keep waking up at 1am or between 3 AM and 5 AM every night, it could mean that you are going through a spiritual awakening.

This is especially true if you never wake up during the night otherwise, and there is not an obvious reason (like going to the bathroom) for why you woke up. Proverbs 6:22.

The Real Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 1 a.m.

Here you can discover why are you waking up at 1am every night.

  • Physical: You may be experiencing issues with circulation (specifically, your heart) or your gallbladder.
  • Mental: When somebody is waking up at 1am is because this person is struggling to process his or her place in life, or to feel safe. And if it is happening to you that mean that you are worrying about how to “step forward,” and might be struggling with issues regarding your appearance or weight.
  • Spiritual: You are in need of energy. You’re giving more than you’re getting, and it’s depleting you. It might be an issue of not being open to receiving (issues of circulation often relate to resisting “flow”) but it also could be because you don’t know how to make yourself happy, so you’re relying on the idea of goals or other people’s approval to do it for you.

Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 2 a.m.

Not only waking up at 1am has a spiritual meaning, also if you wake up at 2am.

  • Physical: You may be experiencing issues with digestion, relating to either your small intestine or your liver. You may be eating or drinking too much or too little.
  • Mental: If you are waking at this time, it is usually because of unresolved energy pockets that you picked up in early to mid-childhood. When you were young, your inability to process what they meant made you either avoidant or resistant to the circumstances in which they arose. To this day, it is impacting you.
  • Spiritual: You need to remove these old, limiting, inherited beliefs and ideas you have about yourself that you picked up before you were even conscious of what was happening. You need to re-learn how to literally digest, process and properly absorb the lessons that were offered. Isaiah 52:1.

Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 3 a.m.

Waking up at 3am is more important and significant than waking up at 1am. Keep reading and discover why.

Why is 3am more important in the spiritual world than waking up at 1am?

Waking up at 3am spirituality, the number 3 connects you with the company of angels, who send the signal that you are in fullness to transmit all the love and goodness that you have within your body; connect with your essence of being human and dealing with your fellow men.

When adding this figure (3 + 3 + 3) the value is 9, a number that indicates that something wonderful is yet to come and that it will not only benefit you, but those around you.

The appearance of 333 repeatedly in your life means that you are prepared to go beyond your limits and break down those barriers that prevent you from growing what you should. In addition, it is associated with good luck, so it is a good time to fulfill everything you have fought for.

  • Physical: You may be having issues with your lungs. It may simply be an inability to breathe deeply and relax.
  • Mental: You are in need of guidance and direction. Though you are beginning to have an awakening in your life, a lot is still very new to you, and so you are literally waking up at the spiritual “witching hour” (not necessarily a bad thing) to absorb more of the information that you need.
  • Spiritual: Given that 3 a.m. is the time during which the veil between dimensions is lowest, it’s possible that energies are trying to communicate with you (passed loved ones, guides, etc.). It is also possible that because you are becoming more sensitive to subtle energies, your body is waking itself up when there’s more happening in the physical world. Stay awake and write down any messages you receive or ideas that crop up in your head at this time.

Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 4 a.m.

Also waking up at 4am has a spiritual meaning, like waking up at 1am

  • Physical: You may be having issues with your bladder, or perspiration. This is the time at which your body temperature is lowest, so it is also possible that you are too hot or too cold.
  • Mental: You may be running too “hot or cold” in your personal life, feeling at once very fulfilled and then sidelined by self-doubt. Trust that this is part of the process and will help you understand balance and duality.
  • Spiritual: You are in a period of ascending, rising and making great change in your life. As you usher in the new, you have to work on being willing to let go of the old.

Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 5 a.m.

Waking up at 5am spiritual meaning like waking up at 1am

  • Physical: You may be having issues with your large intestine, or with nourishment and diet.
  • Mental: You may be unconvinced that you are deserving of other people’s love or your own wellness. You are likely too caught up in your self-critical frame of mind to really embrace all of the incredible things that you have built for yourself. You need to let your garden feed you, so to say.
  • Spiritual: You are reaching a peak point in your life, at which you will finally be self-sustaining, positive, and thriving. You have to work on allowing your inner joy to radiate out of you, letting food and relationships completely nourish you, and to be completely present in this spectacular moment in your life.

Waking up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. or waking up at 1am can be a sign of a spiritual awakening.

Though many people struggle with the aforementioned issues, not everyone experiences symptoms of awakening such as literally being woken from their sleep at odd hours.

Other symptoms of waking up at 1am or between 3am and 5am include:

  • 1. Going through a major life change.
  • 2. Having intense emotional experiences, often out of “nowhere.”
  • 3. Questioning reality and what you are really capable of in life.
  • 4. Having intense realizations about the nature of existence and yourself.
  • 5. Seeing old issues from childhood crop up again, similar situations repeat so you can respond differently this time.
  • 6. “Left brain fogginess,” or mild disorientation.
  • 7. Feeling the need to isolate yourself.
  • 8. Consciously realizing that you need to “get your life together,” and that you want to make serious change.
  • 9. Feeling uncomfortable and triggered by random situations that you can’t seem to “let go” of.
  • 10. Realizing that you are the only person responsible for creating the life you want to live.

Of course, other things may be at play in your waking life as well, such as disruptive relationships, overconsumption of substances like alcohol, napping too much during the day, feeling anxious or depressed, or other symptoms.

What’s most important is that you trust whatever feels most intuitively correct to you.

Just as you should take note of when you are waking up at odd hours, realize when you’ve stopped, too: it means some part of your life that was previously unresolved has been healed, or recovered.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening, in simple terms, is the second birth that a person receives by leaving behind prejudices, vices, insecurities, desires and greed. Although some authors claim that it can develop suddenly, for most it is a gradual process. So gradual, that even many are not sure when they have reached spiritual awakening.

You can have this type of awakening through different channels. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always through methods associated with spirituality (such as meditation, for example). You can have a spiritual awakening after an alcoholic detox or through motherhood. In the following lines we will show you 13 ways to identify it.

Discover 10 Amazing Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

  1. You want fewer things and seek more simplicity in your life.
  2. You are attracted to readings that expand your mind.
  3. You have a deep longing for meaning.
  4. You expose your true self to the world
  5. You spend more time alone and in silence.
  6. You feel more connected to nature and living things.
  7. You eat healthier and take better care of your body and mind.
  8. The past and the future do not control your life, you live in the present.
  9. You are grateful for everything that happens to you, good and bad.
  10. You usually wake up in the middle of the night at the same, like at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am or 5am time with some thought or remembering a dream.

What Should You Do During This Spiritual Awakening?

  • While it is always nice to know that you are going through a spiritual awakening, waking up every night can take its toll on your body. After a few days of this nightly wake up call, your eyes are heavy, and you can barely stay awake at work. If you want to start sleeping again, you need to answer the wake up call and start reaching your true spiritual potential.
  • The next time you wake up, remain on your back. Take a minimum of three long, deep breaths. Then, feel the energy flowing through your body. Embrace this new energy because you need it to make changes and to reach your highest potential.
  • Now, close your eyes and relax. Try to see the world through your mind’s eye and pay attention to what appears. You might notice a letter, number, word or symbol at first. Whatever you see, make sure that you remember it. If you need to, write down this vision in a dream journal so that you can easily remember it when you wake up the next morning.
  • Concentrate on the message that you have received. Make a mental decision to work on this message when you wake up tomorrow morning. Now, you are ready to go back to sleep. If you are able to fall asleep quickly, then it means that your mind has absorbed the message correctly.

If you are unable to fall asleep right away, it means that there was a problem with the message. Go through all of these steps again. When you wake up the next morning, look at the symbol you received and try to decipher the message. This may take time, so be patient. Sometimes, meditation helps you open your mind so that you can truly understand the message that is being sent to you. Romans 13:11.

Once you do this correctly, you should be able to sleep normally again. When you have reached the right path, there is no longer a reason for the spiritual realm to wake you up each night. If you keep waking up again and again, then it is a sign that more work needs to be done. Be patient because you will eventually discover the message that you are supposed to receive.

Biblical meaning of waking up at 3am is different than waking up at 1am!

Horror movies and paranormal television shows speak of “devil’s hour.” Depending on the source, they may be referring to the time between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. or the hours between midnight and 3 a.m. In any case, many claim that the devil is most powerful during this period.

The idea seems to have come from the knowledge that Satan loves to mock God.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us that Jesus died during “the ninth hour.” According to modern calculations, it would be 3 pm. According to this idea, Satan turns the symbolism around according to his conception and keeps 3 am to himself, in direct mockery of God.

Another reason this time is considered an unusually high source of demonic activity is the fact that it is in the middle of the night; the sun has long since set and won’t dawn for another few hours.

Scripture repeatedly refers to night and darkness as a time of sin. This concept is perfectly summed up in the Gospel of John:

Herein is judgment: light came into the world, and men preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. Anyone who does evil hates the light and does not approach it, for fear that his works will be discovered” (3,19-20).

Also, Jesus was betrayed by Judas during the night (sometimes thought to be midnight) and Peter denied Jesus before the “crowing of the rooster” (around 6 am). This would suppose that the “trial” of Jesus before the Sanhedrin happened during the “hour of the devil.”

There’s a bit of biology at work here as well, as 3 a.m. marks the deepest night’s sleep point in the normal adult sleep-wake cycle. Waking up or being woken up at that time can disrupt our circadian rhythms and make us feel bad or stressed.

Many have a personal practice of saying a few prayers if they wake up at 3 am. But remember that regardless of the time of day, God is always more powerful than Satan, and He remains the “light of the world” that will shatter any darkness.

This why waking up at 3am is different than waking up at 1am.

If you want to know more about spiritual awakening, you must read 10 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening! You will be surprised with what you will discover.

Remember, if you keep waking up at 1am, or 3am or 5am, try to take a deep breath for you to relax and be able to sleep again.


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