What Do Moths Symbolize In The Bible?

What Do Moths Symbolize In The Bible?

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What do moths symbolize in the Bible?

What do butterflies symbolize in the Bible. Night butterfly, destructive (Job 13:28), (Mt 6:19), (Stg 5: 2), feeds on wool, grains, skins (Is 51: 8). The larva is wrapped in a wool lining, from which the head emerges to gnaw. In the Bible mention is made of the moth of the tissues (“tinea”); There are several species of it.

What a thing these little bugs called moths, who like to live among books, and if that were not enough, they also eat them!

It is widespread that in everyday life, terms such as “is slashing” are used, referring to these bugs, in relation to people who like to be inside their beds sleeping many hours.

What happens when we discover moths inside a book? More than anything, if it is ancient and made with a type of paper that you really want! A real fight is unleashed since only dead leave the book where they pile up and from which they feed.

You will surely ask me: What is the relationship between moths and the Bible? Unless you tell me about an ancient Bible attacked by moths!

No, no, and no! They have a lot to do with these two terms with each other!

Did you know that the first Methodist Bible Study Groups created by John Wesley, were referred to as mockingly, BIBLE Moths, because these Bible students, methodically, examined the Scriptures, and faithfully kept only what the Scriptures said, this Is it practiced daily?

They were holiness groups. His Gospel was the Gospel of the CROSS.

Let’s look at the meaning of the following terms:

Examine: Judge by testing the sufficiency or aptitude of someone in a given subject.

Search: Examine, inquire, carefully find out something and its circumstances. Search every corner.

Acts 17:11 tells about a group of Jews in Berea, who received the Word with every request and SCULPTED the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true and coincided with them.

What did this mean for Paul?

That these Jews EXAMINED him to determine his FITNESS in the subject he presented to them and if what he taught them was consistent with the Scriptures.

For three days of rest, Paul argued with them, declaring and exposing through the Scriptures, that IT WAS NECESSARY FOR THE CHRIST TO PRAISE AND RISE FROM THE DEAD, AND THAT JESUS, TO WHOM I ANNOUNCE YOU, said he, IS THE CHRIST.

So it was that some BELIEVED and joined Paul.

But but but.

Not everyone who received the Word with every request believed. And these, those who did not believe the Word of God, HAD CELOS. Acts 17: 5 tells us that they took some idlers, bad men, and gathering a mob, uproar the city accusing them of disturbing not only that city but the entire world and of contravening Caesar’s decrees, saying that THERE IS ANOTHER KING: JESUS … They took prisoners, the new believers in Jesus !, but after paying a bond, they released them.

That’s right, the Jews who exercised FAITH in JESUS ​​were persecuted by the Jews who DID NOT believe in Jesus, having, ALL previously, examined Paul and scrutinized the Scriptures. This persecution was based according to Acts, in CELOS by the latter.

In Galatians 2: 4, Paul had already referred to this subject, when he writes:

and this in spite of the false brothers introduced secretly, who came into SPIRIT the FREEDOM that we have in Christ Jesus, to reduce us to slavery …:

Wesley interrogated the young people he sent on trial to preach as follows:

– Has anyone become?

– Has anyone got angry?

When the Holy Spirit renews on sin, Wesley said, or people become or become ANGRY.

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