What does it mean when a guy wants you to have his baby

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants You To Have His Baby?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

when a man wants you to have his baby

There is no exact science to know if a man wants to be a father unless you ask him. Some times what happens is that a son unites a relationship. But if for some reason, you do not dare to ask him, you can observe sure signs in him that somehow indicate that he is ready to be a father. Pay close attention because they are 5 signals that do not fail!

# 1 He is interested in children’s things

Suddenly, your partner has attitudes that he did not have before, such as mentioning how beautiful children are, looking ‚Äúcasually‚ÄĚ at stores that sell baby items, and even has some attraction to children who They seek and even approach him.

Maybe they go shopping at the supermarket and tell you making an economist face¬†‚Äúhow expensive the price of diapers!‚ÄĚ. Could it be that he is taking accounts of future expenses?

# 2 Children get your attention

Notes that your boy begins to be more interested in a friend’s newborn son or his little nephews. He offers to pick them up after school, to take them to the park, and he even makes himself available to take care of them at night.

If you also see him play with the little ones and have fun in a big way, everything indicates that he¬†is ‚Äúpracticing‚ÄĚ without telling you.

# 3 From one moment to another it becomes thrifty

Without further explanation, it informs you that expenses will have to be adjusted to save to move to a larger house, expand what they have or buy a new car.

In addition to being a sign that you think of both of you as a couple with a long future ahead of you, you may be thinking about the comforts you should have to live with a child.

# 4 Send you photos of young babies

He sends you a picture of the baby his co-worker’s wife just had, telling you how beautiful he is, how happy they are to have been parents and how envious he feels in such a situation.

If you don‚Äôt answer¬†‚Äúare you thinking of being a father?‚ÄĚ, you will have missed an excellent opportunity to introduce the topic and know what you think.

# 5 It says it will be when you decide

If when someone asks your boy¬†when they will be parents, he responds with a simple ‚Äúask her‚ÄĚ, do not take it as an evasion. It is very likely that your boy already feels that it is time to be a father, but he wants to know what you say.

Friend, to make it more transparent, your boy wants to say, “If it’s for me, I’d be a father. “Take charge and stop going around to talk about it with him!

Naturally, every stable couple asks the question of whether they want to be parents or not; In fact, it is healthy for everyone to ask themselves what they want to do and that together they make a decision.

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