What Does It Mean When Your Wife Doesn't Want You To Touch Her

What does it mean when your wife doesn’t want you to touch her?

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What does it mean when your wife doesn’t want you to touch her?.

The language of the body is very expressive and communicative in the plane of a love of the relationship. Physical distance may be related to emotional distance. If you are going through such a situation, you may ask yourself: Why does my partner not touch me? We can help you find the answer to this and other related questions such as the lack of intimate desire in your partner or the rejection that shows you in privacy.

8 reasons why your partner does not touch you

  1. Stress. The pace of modern life, marked by constant commitments and the urgency of the rush that marks the pace of work and other obligations, can affect the mood of the affected. Stress can activate personal apathy. Stress influences desire since when a person goes through a situation of this nature, he has a reductionist view of reality. His thoughts are focused mainly on the reason for the concern that affects him or that issue he wants to resolve. Focus all your energy on that goal.
  2. Routine weight in the relationship. That is boredom. Monotony can produce a lot of suffering on a psychological level; the routine can kill the passion in the couple if the protagonists do not take the initiative to integrate the surprise factor into love.
  3. Low self esteem. For example, a person who has a physical complex that conditions his self-concept projects himself as unattractive to the other. That is, it projects its insecurity through body language.
  4. Infidelity. If your partner does not touch you and does not look for you sexually, it can also show a situation of these characteristics. However, for this to be the cause of the case, this clue must be accompanied by other components. For example, it is changing habits and prolonged absences without logical and credible justification. It may happen that the person has not materialized the infidelity, but is in love with a third person and has lost interest in their partner.
  5. Couple crisis and communication problems. A crisis causes suffering because the couple feels the uncertainty of not knowing how that love story will evolve. Body and mind regularly interact, also in love. In this way, the body can somatize the blockages, contradictory feelings and emotional knots of a situation that produces a psychological weight. Just as a couple naturally communicates their love through the power of a caress, on the contrary, those who have an emotional distance due to a disagreement can feel that between them there is a barrier that generates the range. And this lack of physical contact is a reflection of that distance.
  6. The side effect of medical treatment. Health also influences sexual desire and, in this case, lack of desire transcends one’s own will. For example, this can happen if a person suffers from severe depression. In this case, the expert himself can inform the patient about the side effects of his condition.
  7. Keep a secret. A secret that wants to tell you but doesn’t know how to do it. This produces a psychological tension and a constant contradiction. For example, you might consider that the relationship between the two is already over, but you dare not materialize the step of making the decision.
  8. Fear of privacy. Your partner may reject you intimate as a result of a previous negative experience that has caused frustration.

How to find a solution to lack of desire

The most important thing is that you try to identify the cause of why your partner does not touch you or look for you intimate, since, depending on the reason that produces this fact, the context is one or another different. For example, the situation is different when it is motivated by stress or anxiety when this circumstance is caused by infidelity since the cause also produces consequences that affect the couple in one way or another.

Try to talk with your partner, in a tone of confidence. If you think you both need help to redirect the situation, you can propose to seek professional advice. However, for this step to be useful, you both must agree to take the step since no one can help anyone who does not want to receive this help.

However, it is also advisable to try to encourage your introspection regarding the situation. You cannot know the answers that only your partner can definitively give you. However, you can reflect on the situation in the way you have lived it. For example, when did the change between you occur? And what do you think was what happened at that time to live this turning point? Try to travel mentally to that moment to assess different factors that could affect the relationship.

This article is purely informative; in Redargentina, we have no power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to discuss your particular case.

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  1. my wife she’s not same before in this past year, she doesn’t want touching at kissing at bed time , and put her pillow at middle of the bed, even are sex life … I don’t know what happened to her she doesn’t want to talk with are kids pls help me

    1. Good evening,
      We are so sorry you have been going through this situation.
      Have you been able to talk at all about this distancing with her? Have you consider seeking counseling? Have you asked her if she would like professional help, talk to a therapist?

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