what does it mean when you see a praying mantis

What Does It Mean When You See A Praying Mantis?

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What is a Praying Mantis?

The praying mantis spirit animal is quick and nimble even for something so light and small, making it a formidable and worthy adversary.

When it dances, it can hypnotize you and draw you into what the praying-mantis symbolism is all about.

It has a unique and special way of seeking and receiving answers to life’s questions at just the right time.

When you come across the praying-mantis, the universe is telling you to learn well and take on its attributes.

Usually the mantis makes an appearance when we’ve flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us because of the external din we’ve created.

Praying mantis symbolism

The praying mantis is a sign of good luck. Therefore, its presence is an announcement that you may be about to experience luck in any of its forms.

The symbolism of the praying mantis is also related to concepts such as calm, stillness, focus, and concentration.

In stillness, the prey reaches the praying mantis, and this translates into your life that by remaining still and silent, you attract the right kind of energies. That is, you send a message to the universe and receive another one back.

This symbolism also instructs you on achievement and accomplishment, and as the virtue of patiently waiting for the right moment and placing yourself in the right place, it will allow you to achieve all your goals.

The praying mantis symbolizes the intuition and wisdom that is obtained thanks to patience and creativity. It means that meditation and contemplation pay off.

The praying mantis is a formidable adversary. He has defensive instincts and can stand his ground without hesitating or being overcome by fear.

The presence of the praying mantis helps you to strengthen your spirituality and help you find the answers to your questions.

Once you obtain them, you will achieve greater enlightenment and clairvoyance on your journey towards spirituality, and you will become closer to the person you are destined to become.

What does it mean when you see a praying mantis?

The praying-mantis is a sign of good luck. When it lands on you, expect to experience luck in big and small forms.

It symbolizes the earth and its colors, and blending in with them to achieve peace and harmony. The praying-mantis symbolism also includes calmness, stillness, focus, and concentration.

It is with a calm and still mind that you can truly focus on your intention and what you must do to make it happen.

By employing stillness and awareness, you can easily envision the perfect moment, and you can clearly hear the voice that speaks to you with acceptance and openness.

The meaning of the praying-mantis is stillness of the mind and it is similar to the ladybug animal spirit. This is a creature that spends a lot of time being still, visualizing what it wants to achieve, and planning its next move.

In stillness, the prey comes to it. It is better able to protect itself and fend off the attack, which can also be said when you ask questions and the answers come to you.

When you remain still and quiet, you attract the right kind of energies. You send out a message to the universe so in turn you receive.

The praying-mantis meaning also teaches you about attainment and fulfillment, just like the orca animal spirit.

After waiting patiently for the right moment and placing yourself at exactly the right place, all your goals will be attained.

Satisfaction is attained from a successful hunt or quest. After which you go into contemplation mode to find out how else your technique can be improved.

The praying-mantis spirit animal symbolizes your intuition and wisdom brought about by patience and creativity.

It signifies meditation and contemplation in a way that is the total opposite of the possum spirit animal.

It’s about being decisive and action-oriented, and having careful planning in your life. It’s about healing in mind, body, and spirit.

Is a Praying Mantis Good Luck?

Are praying mantis good luck?. The praying mantis has a large appetite for other insects that grows as it gets older; however, they always wait for the perfect moment to strike.

They are both patient and precise when on the hunt for food. In fact, they will wait to attack their prey only when they are 100% sure of achieving their goal.

They intellectually know that being too anxious or moving too fast will cause them to lose the object of their desire.

In turn, they teach us to be patient and to wait. As the old adage says, “Good things come to those who wait.” This is the very essence of good luck.

If you have spotted a praying mantis, encounter one in a dream, or are exposed to a picture of a praying mantis online or in a book, this may be a sign that good luck will come to you when you are able to observe an opportunity and are ready to take it.

Praying Mantis Meaning Within Cultures

In China and Japan, the praying mantis is revered for its graceful movements and contemplative ways. In fact, the praying mantis’ movements have actually inspired at least two known styles of ancient Chinese martial arts.

According to South African National Biodiversity Institute, if you find a praying mantis inside your house, it indicates the presence of ancestors. It’s also a symbol of good luck.

However, due to its cunning skills in hunting and its razor-like precision, (with legs that look like razors or saws), some cultures view him as a sign that the enemy is near. The praying mantis may also be a reminder to act more mindfully. This makes a praying mantis sighting a double-edged sword.

Praying mantis spiritual meaning

The word “mantis” comes from the Greek language, and its meaning is “prophet” or “seer.” It is also related to the word “menos” which means, “spirit” and “passion.” Therefore, the praying mantis is often seen as a symbol of someone with clairvoyant abilities as well as someone who is a master at meditation.

Even in the healing arts, it’s not unusual for the spirit of the praying mantis to be summoned and channeled. However, in order for this to happen, the healer must first enter a quiet, contemplative state where they can get in touch with their higher knowing.

Then like the mantis, they must pinpoint the precise area on which to concentrate their focus. Once that meditative connection occurs, it allows them to focus on the subject at hand and achieve the desired effect.

Like many insects and small animals, Spirit will often use the praying mantis to send a message to whoever it chooses. Should you be the recipient of such a message in the form of a praying mantis sighting, the likely meaning is to remind you to slow down and enjoy each moment of each day and the connections you make with other people.

Someone who can’t focus or who’s constantly running around mindlessly doing a million things at once is a likely recipient of such a message.

Do this if you see the Praying-Mantis Totem in Your Dreams…

The praying-mantis totem encourages you to discover your own divine message that will help you develop your foresight and build your future life plans.

The praying-mantis spirit animal will usually appear to you when there are internal and external changes taking place in your life.

The praying-mantis spirit animal wants you to know that you are the master of your life. It will only move towards the direction that will be best for you.

It will appear in your dreams when there’s a need for contemplation and calmness. When this happens, you need to pause and take a breather.

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  1. I had a very strange thing happen. I was in my kitchen and I saw what looked like a leaf on my windowsill… it was actually a Praying Mantis… but it was dead and just laying there. I actually left it there until I figured out the meaning. Then today, the second day after finding it. There was another one under my desk in front of the same window, also dead‍♀️
    I’m a bit concerned at this point because everything I’ve read so far doesn’t mention if it appears, yet not alive? Thoughts⁉️

  2. Praying Mantis …..
    I saw the praying mantis on a stick in my garden the other day or two. Today my husband saw the mantis at out front door on the ground. About an hour afterwards
    He got into his truck to run a few errands, then as he was driving he saw what he thought was a leaf on his hand, then he realized it was the mantis…. It shook him up and he flicked his hand to shake it off….while he was moving down the road… What is the meaning of this???

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