Totem Animals | Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Totem Animals | Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

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Totem animals and animals that spontaneously cross your path.

Cormorant – Growth through introspection, knowledge of the ancestors.


Problem-solving, courage, cheerfulness, friendship, communicative, creative, brings insight into the dark side of people, intelligence, flexibility, playfulness, and antics. The Monkey is wise, but can often be tricked (naive). It is very lively and very mobile. The Monkey is a ridiculous and cheerful animal. He is brave and the mother takes good care of her young.

Earthworm: growth, regeneration, healing, reflecting, transformation, sensitive, always looking for good soil.


Strength, courage, clarity, overview, objectivity, patience, connected to the Great Spirit. You have been looking for appreciation for a long time and it is about to come. You will stand out above everything and everyone and be appreciated and recognized for your personal qualities and values. You will triumph, overcome and achieve results. Many wishes are fulfilled, as long as you remain ambitious enough. You will also achieve remarkable success. You will feel very superior for a moment, but be careful not to get too close to the sun, your wings could burn and you will fall to the ground defeated.


Transformation, Healing, life energy, transformation, represents our ability to die and be born again. The energy through which we can be born on earth is sexual in nature and also makes our death necessary. Friendship with the power of the serpent or viper allows you to glide through life full of grace and magic, easily shaking your old life away as needed – regardless of whether this old life is the physical body or a stage in it the current incarnation.


You are an idealist and it will always be that way. You also have exceptional motivation, which means that you will always find the strength to continue, to pick up the thread where you lost it for a moment. Again! You have high aspiration and a big plan and you put a lot of hope in something or someone. You are looking for insight and answers and you will find many of them.


Survival power, ancient wisdom, creative / destructive, hidden wisdom, power, sharpened, indestructible, efficient, instinctive, stealthily, sneaking.

Alpaca (lama)

brings love, endurance and ensures balanced actions, helps you to overcome hordes. A lama in your life or dream helps you find the right path and shows you how things can work for you instead of flying in things.


Speed, grace, innocence. Acting wisely is the message of the antelope. He knows the cycle of life and the mystery of life and death. That is why the antelope can act sincerely and fearlessly. The strength of the antelope is pursued by medicine men. The actions of an antelope always serve a higher purpose, which benefits the general well-being.

If he finds himself in a difficult situation, he uses his antelope power. Note the message that is being whispered to you, and act accordingly! The antelope points out that you must trust your inner inspiration and your own strength. Every time you feel the urge to take a step forward, you take courage and do it.


Power, enlightenment, overview, freedom, eye for detail, self-respect, creative, healing, wisdom, power, courage, insight, enlightenment, freedom, eye for detail, spiritual connectedness. a visionary insight and yet remain true. He teaches us to lay a solid foundation before we try to float high in the air. The eagle is a spiritual and earthly symbol for authority, power, power, independence, sharp eyes, speed, renewal, vision and freedom.

The divine power is embodied by the eagle. He can ascend high in heaven, higher than any other living entity, and thus comes close to Great Spirit. Because he comes to such great heights, he can oversee the entire life. The eagle teaches that it is important to get to know the whole pattern of life, with all its light and shadow sides. That means considering both negative and positive events as experiences that serve a higher purpose and help to develop one’s own self.

The eagle thus assumes confidence in the divine guidance. Only through the testing of the soul’s power can a person gain the strength of an eagle. Traditionally shamans use eagle feathers to cure the aura of sick people. Overcome your fear, look beyond your own horizon, connect with the element of air and start flying! That is the assignment of the eagle.

Traditionally, shamans use eagle feathers to cure the aura of sick people. Overcome your fear, look beyond your own horizon, connect with the element of air and start flying! That is the assignment of the eagle. Traditionally, shamans use eagle feathers to cure the aura of sick people. Overcome your fear, look beyond your own horizon, connect with the element of air and start flying! That is the assignment of the eagle.


Speed, innocence, one with the earth, instinct and self-knowledge.


Healing, self-knowledge, strength, introspection, reliability, protection, genuine interest in fellow human beings. Awareness of the forces of the unconscious. The contact with our inner. You like solid and trusted things around you. You are constructive and a good repairer. You are very practical and blessed with a sharp imagination. You express your tenderness in a practical, natural way.

You can easily dispel others’ tensions. The bear embodies self-perception because he retreats to a hole every winter to digest the events of the past year. He enters the great silence, the great emptiness, in which the answers to all questions can be found. Many people also choose the path of silence and loneliness to come closer to their own self.

That is a possible way to get answers, because they can all be found in ourselves. Self-perception is necessary to get to know wishes. This receiving, feminine energy lies in the bear power. The bear withdraws into the dream world in winter to look for answers and is born again in the spring. The bear teaches us how important it is to withdraw from the noisy world and our own stream of thoughts in time.

For in the silence the voice of the higher self can be heard, which knows the answers to all questions and the solution of all problems. Use this power of the bear to achieve your goals. female energy lies in the bear power. The bear withdraws into the dream world in winter to look for answers and is born again in the spring. The bear teaches us how important it is to withdraw from the noisy world and our own stream of thoughts in time.

For in the silence the voice of the higher self can be heard, which knows the answers to all questions and the solution of all problems. Use this power of the bear to achieve your goals. female energy lies in the bear power. The bear withdraws into the dream world in winter to look for answers and is born again in the spring. The bear teaches us how important it is to withdraw from the noisy world and our own stream of thoughts in time.

For in the silence the voice of the higher self can be heard, which knows the answers to all questions and the solution of all problems. Use this power of the bear to achieve your goals. that knows the answers to all questions and the solution to all problems. Use this power of the bear to achieve your goals. that knows the answers to all questions and the solution to all problems. Use this power of the bear to achieve your goals.

Bergleeuw – Leadership, justification, intention, physical strength, grace and balance.


Building, collaboration, hard worker, creation. The beaver provides diligence and a sense of community. He is the ideal builder. The beaver helps to turn his ideas and dreams into action and thereby collaborate with others, because the beaver has a distinct family feeling. It is a very resilient animal that is always able to fell trees with the help of its sharp teeth. This points to the need to protect the work he has created and to be constantly vigilant. The beaver can also be called upon to find solutions to a problem, because the beaver advises to remain open to many possibilities. He follows the basic rule: “If one door is closed, another is open.” No one has to impose himself limitations on the number of options he can use.


Cooperation, social institution, collection, organization, service.


Social life, wisdom, work and challenge, prayer, abundance. He helps you on your way to a strong and independent Spirit. The Bizon stands for following the simplest path to abundance, your birthright. Call on him to have your prayers answered. He also teaches you that there is always abundance and that with gratitude and respect for the cosmic power, you continue to retain the abundance in your life. The bison stands for abundance.

When a white bison, the holiest animal, appears, it is a sign that the prayers have been answered and a period of abundance has arrived. For the prairie Indians, the bison was the basis of life, because he gave them food, clothing and leather for the teepees. The bison teaches that everything is available in abundance if it is respected and accepted in gratitude. It is important to praise all the gifts a person receives and also to wish that all other beings share in the divine riches.

The bison also points out that everything can only be achieved with the power of the Great Spirit.


Strategy, self-protection, diversion, instinct. The opossum is the diversion specialist in the animal kingdom. If all his strategies lead to nothing, he keeps himself dead. Usually the confused hunter disappears, holding his hunt to an end. Although the possum can also defend itself with its claws and teeth, it rarely makes use of it. Moreover, he can also spread a weird scent that completes the confusion of his pursuers.

The opossum learns to use intelligence and intuition to find a way out of a difficult situation. An attacker soon loses pleasure in his bad game if his victim considers himself to be dead, that is, if the attacked person shows indifference and does not show whether he is injured. A warrior can also apply the power of an opossum by surprising and confusing his opponent when he sees an apparent force majeure.

The victory, incidentally, depends on the right strength. The opossum shows that it is also important to develop the sense for the theatrical and surprising.


Abundance, prosperity, calmness.


Sharp, thorough, opening up the senses and acting. How could it have gotten so far that you are sometimes so enormously negative? Is it just stubbornness or are you just blind to your abilities? You want everything to be so different but it just doesn’t work now. You may not see everything as it really is and view everything from a negative side. Yet you are willing to do everything to achieve your goals, but you do not realize the problems you will encounter. There are plenty of positive things to pick up if you are willing to look at the case differently. Now is the time to learn to look differently.

Guinea pig

Warmth, love and softness.


Self-knowledge and speed.


Purification, death and rebirth, new vision, freedom and power


Wisdom, balance, metamorphosis, cunning, the coyote is aggressive and predatory. This powerful animal makes it painfully clear to you how much you look down on others. The coyote is an underhanded rascal and it is sacred. He is constantly busy letting himself and others walk into it. Each time he falls into his own trap, from which he manages to free himself unharmed.

But because he never learns from his mistakes, he keeps getting caught in the most impossible situations. Only his ability to be a life artist protects him from serious damage. If you have coyote power, you are constantly playing the clown and seemingly end up out of your debt in the craziest and most difficult situations.

Then it is important to be able to laugh at yourself, because only then can you still win the game. The coyote holds up a mirror to us and points us to our own fools. No one else is as capable as he is to move frozen and serious companies with elegance and carelessness.

Fallow Deer

Primordial energies, honesty, source of self-knowledge.


Structure, retention, cleverness, independence. The badger learns how to use violence creatively and successfully. Most animals avoid meeting the badger. Despite his small body size, he is a dangerous opponent. His wildness and fighting spirit do not really make him loved by other animals. He is the totem animal of powerful healers and medicine women.

A person with a strong tie can use his toughness very effectively in healing. Even in the most difficult cases, he will never give up, but will continue until the disease is finally curbed. The badger’s message is that man can use his anger to change unpleasant living conditions. Leave your slowness behind and trade! Use the energy of the attack to catapult yourself forward, but do not trample on everyone else. Always keep an eye on your inner balance.

Tie people are often the “boss” for whom many are afraid, but who ultimately manage to keep everything going. If he is in a bad mood, he can display cool and mean unity. It is also his strength that he expresses his feelings without fear of the reaction of others. There is no room for panic in the behavior of a tie. He also keeps a cool head in dangerous situations.


Initiators, curious, playfulness, pleasure, communication, cheerfulness, life force, protector, contact with the divine. the dolphin is intelligent and compassionate. This power animal protects and advises you. The dolphin gives us the doctrine of breath, which connects our human life and life force. By changing the rhythm of our breath we can build bridges to other beings and worlds. Because the breath connects us with the Great Spirit and his total creation.

People with dolphin power, like their totem animal, can act as a mediator between the people and the inhabitants of the dream time or the divine power. The dolphin learns how to overcome obstacles in a casual and fun way by changing your rhythm and thus your energy pattern. Create a bond with the big star people.


Protection, spiritual magic, wealth, wisdom and power.


Love, peace, fertility, motherhood and prophecy, adaptability, astral travel, teleportation, The pigeon has healing powers and often appears when you carry old worries, pain or hatred with you. The pigeon encourages you to let go of your emotional ballast and to make room for the healing process. It is now time to forgive and let go, and to look ahead.

The pigeon brings you a message, probably one of love. Love relationships will now also be very harmonious, even the existing ones. This is also a period in which someone will declare or show you his or her love. There is even a romantic get-together, a romantic walk or a two-person trip awaiting you. You will suddenly be very resourceful and that can come in very handy right now.


Flexibility, know everything,


active, preparedness, awareness, awareness, social, activity, playfulness and preparation, a strong indication that you are currently on the right track, playfulness, energy, trust, you are on the right track, staying true to your goals, persevere = success The squirrel is a collector. He builds up stocks and is therefore armed against all eventualities.

Because he has several hiding places for his food reserves, he will certainly be able to survive the longest winter. Other features are its adaptability and speed. His diversionary maneuvers are unique. Squirrel people find it difficult to sit still or listen for a moment. If this animal shows itself in your dreams, it is an indication that you must prepare for the future, divide your forces and expect major changes.

This also includes that you must get rid of the ballast that will no longer bear fruit. Give away what you no longer need and prepare for change.


 It stands for trust, balance and warmth, contact with your emotions, fertility and prosperity, emotional strength and tranquility, protection, instinct, motherhood, grace and comfort. As a symbol of love and knowledge of secrets, you often come across the mallard in fairy tales. The duck helps you to open up to the world and promotes imagination. He helps you by holding up a mirror to you. As long as you are not clear where you stand, it is difficult to do something about it.

The duck can save himself in the air, on land and in the water and because of this he knows a lot of insights that he will want to give you. The duck will give you courage to trust, but also to make your own choices. With its wings it will protect you from the unknown and will keep you warm. Find peace in yourself and don’t let others’ feelings hurt you. Be there for others, but don’t let it touch your own inner self.

Because of her relationship with water, she is closely connected to the female energies, the astral level and the emotional life of human beings. Water is essential for all life on earth. Ducks remind us that we have to drink from the water of life and stay in close contact with our own emotional waters. They are not so good on land. For those with a duck as a totem, that may reflect that they may not feel very comfortable with most people in their lives.

They probably only feel in their element in the midst of kindred spirits. The appearance of ducks in our lives may indicate that we have a chance to do so. Wild ducks show their affection very strongly and are very focused on group activities. They like to have others around them. They also return to the place where they feel safe and at ease. Thus, ducks can sometimes remind us that we must return to those parts of ourselves or those activities where we feel safe and at ease.

All ducks float and swim effortlessly gracefully on the water. As a totem, they can help you to be more elegant with your own emotions and to feel comfortable with it. They can teach you to harmoniously float on the coming and going of the waters of life. Thus, ducks can sometimes remind us that we must return to those parts of ourselves or those activities where we feel safe and at ease. All ducks float and swim effortlessly gracefully on the water. As a totem, they can help you to be more elegant with your own emotions and to feel comfortable with it.

They can teach you to harmoniously float on the coming and going of the waters of life. Thus, ducks can sometimes remind us that we must return to those parts of ourselves or those activities where we feel safe and at ease. All ducks float and swim effortlessly gracefully on the water. As a totem, they can help you to be more elegant with your own emotions and to feel comfortable with it. They can teach you to harmoniously float on the coming and going of the waters of life.

The duck is always looking for a partner and this time he finds it too. In the coming period there will therefore be an issue, association, association, commitment or even a coming marriage. In short, a time of commitments that can turn out positively for you. In terms of love, everything looks good and healthy. Not much instability or dissatisfaction is to be expected in the coming period. The water remains calm for a while.


Light, purity, guide, power


Self-preservation, innocence, defensive, earthbound, conservative, tenacious, bon vivant.


Proper use of intelligence, guardian spirit, occult and metaphysical knowledge. Just as the magpie dives on shiny objects, you dive on things that attract you. In it you will display great generosity, moral power, loyalty and loyalty. It can be something completely new to which you can focus. That you may not have the right experience does not really matter at all because you will also have to deal with someone who has the necessary experience and who can also be trusted. With that help on your side, you will all succeed.


Proud, majestic, endurance, perseverance, survival. Self-esteem is the power of the moose. It is the recognition that a process of creation has been accomplished with wisdom. The pride and power of the moose are particularly impressive. The doctrine of the moose is that we must loudly express our joy about a successful act, just as the moose echoes its rut ​​in spring. It is not about getting support, but creating space for the feeling of overflowing happiness.

Joy about success drags others along. Often the elders have the power of the moose and can give the youth courage and show them how to use that courage wisely to achieve success. They know when kindness is appropriate and when a person can better show his anger. The moose shows how important it is to pat yourself on the back and to respect your own success. So you should also praise and encourage all other stakeholders, because stimulation is important for everyone!

Wild boar

Warrior, primal force, primal wisdom, investigative, healing.


Humility, intelligence, wisdom.


Fertility, Sexuality.


Death and rebirth, solar energy, magic.


Feel at ease with your emotions, relaxation and joy of life.


Elegance, melancholy, expression of deep feelings through dance.


Vigilance, love, loyalty, lifelong loyalty, travel, community, eloquence, bearer of good news, knowledge. the goose is a proud animal. He offers a shoulder to cry on, but doesn’t expect him anymore! The goose alerts you when there is danger, but it also announces news. In addition to receiving news, you will also receive advice and clear warnings. Even a recommendation. Take that advice to heart, otherwise you will not get along very well. You will have to take sensible precautions anyway. In many cultures, this water bird, which can ascend and descend if it so wishes, symbolizes the human soul.

With the Greeks, the goose was the messenger of the gods. In ancient Egypt she laid the cosmic egg. The wild goose was the means of transport by air of Asian shamans, of the Hindu god Brahma, with the Indians symbolizing the trek that leads to inner change. In ancient India she shows the soul’s desire to be freed from samsara, the wheel of birth and death, reincarnation and karma.


Flexibility, perseverance, strength.


Steadfastness, striving for new heights.


Purification, death and rebirth, new vision, wisdom and power. You have been quite economical in many areas and you will now benefit from it. You see new possibilities again and, full of new courage, you are going strong. You even clean up and are even better organized than before. You may even change your environment or change your current environment! You put a lot of energy into domestic affairs and the daily concerns of the household. Make the right investments and be generous when the time comes.


Higher intuition, overview, looking ahead


A great opportunity is waiting for you, which you will simply get thrown into your lap. In fact, everything seems to be looking very sunny for a while. Even a favorable result or immediate success is now within reach. Sometimes you will have to play the game for a while, but without too much effort you will play the game well and bring it to a successful conclusion in which you will benefit.


Protection, safety, setting limits. Thanks to its armor, the armadillo can optimally protect itself against enemy attacks. It teaches people to set their limits themselves and to determine what experiences they are willing to gain in their lives. The armadillo is the totem animal of the medicine shields. Such a shield shows everything that his wearer wants and what describes him.

Then all who meet him, consciously or unconsciously, know who they have before them and what the person concerned expects. With its armor, the armadillo force ensures that you do not do things that you do not really want, and that you shield yourself from the demands of others. It can help abolish the yes-marbles mentality and learn to observe whether the situation you are in is good for you or not.


The time for cozy moments has arrived and you won’t even have to travel half the world. You will have a very good relationship with a friend who is very pleasant, kind and friendly. This makes you feel good about yourself and you radiate that. Partly because of that you will be very kind and considerate towards others, and that will have its positive influence on yourself.


Elders, survivor, warrior.


New beginnings, resurrection, masculine power, hope, sexuality.


Fertility, regeneration, abundance, quick-footed, moon magic. He also shows that changing direction when there is a threat can sometimes be very rewarding or freezing yourself ie waiting silently until the cycle is over and a new cycle has begun can open new paths. The hare stands in the animal kingdom for fear. Because of his constant fear of being killed and devoured by a lynx, coyote, eagle or snake, the hare attracts these animals in a magical way and what he fears most happens.

Because what happens on earth always happens, it is the teachings of the hare that what is most feared will happen most often. Avoid any black-eyed viewing and any fear that illnesses or other forms of accident may affect you.


Release, avoidance, calmness, safety, subtlety, well-being, avoidance, health and resurrection, protection against bad influences. The lizard symbolizes the world of dreams, beyond space and time. He dreams of the future. the lizard learns how to create future reality with the help of dreams. Because he can look into the future, he always knows in advance what will happen.

This also includes self-fulfilling prophecies. A situation is dreamed and it is up to the dreamer to decide whether he supplies the situation with energy and thereby brings it to reality or not. The lizard invites you to watch your dreams carefully and to take a good look at your shadows. It’s your future, your hope or fear appeared? The doctrine is that you bear responsibility for all events in your life, consciously or unconsciously, because they arise from your wishes and fears.


Concentration, protection, attention, truth, overview, awareness, power.


Kindness, camouflage, innocence, feeling, love, grace and gentleness.


 Feminine tenderness, grace, subtlety, exploring spiritual dimensions.


Friendship, loyalty, loyalty, protection, cooperation. Around the world, the dog is associated with loyalty and reliability. It is the primal instinct of the dog to serve its boss. Although he is often treated badly, he responds to everything with love. Because the dog is keen to make sure that his boss respects him, it is of course also possible to spoil him with a wrong upbringing.

In essence he is the protector of his boss and he is willing to go to the extreme and even follow him in death under special circumstances. In tradition, he is also the guardian of secret territories and the protector of ancient knowledge. The heart of the dog is full of compassion and does not pay attention to human weaknesses. The dog can help to excite this quality in humans as well.


This bird brings a lot of knowledge and insight with its presence. That works out well for someone who is as practical as you. In the coming period you will learn something new and you will make a personal discovery. That can work out well and work to your advantage. You will pass on the knowledge and information you have acquired to others. Stay honest and sincere!


The ibis pops up to help you with illness and sadness. If you are sick, Ibis can help you recover. This certainly also applies to mental problems and prejudices. In the coming period you will be in control of yourself and be able to manage the situations well. You will experience a certain well-being. Don’t run too fast and keep working on yourself and your physical and mental health.

Kingfisher – Sunshine, prosperity, love.

Polar Bear – Strength, survival technique, self-wisdom.

Cheetah – Self-knowledge and speed.

Jaguar – Wisdom, concentration, strength, courage, speed.


Abundance, sharing, brave. The turkey stat for generous sharing and giving away. For others to live, the turkey sacrifices its life. The teachings of the turkey say that it is not worth pursuing to constantly stack goods in a selfish way, but that it is important to share with others. Life is to be considered sacred and that is why we must ensure that all people are well. People with turkey energy always act with an eye on others.

The basis for this attitude is not a wrong feeling of guilt, but stems from the insight that the Great Spirit dwells in all beings. In addition, the knowledge of cosmic law says that everything we give to others will return to us. The turkey teaches us to share. When he turns up in dreams, may that also be an indication that you will soon receive a gift or a benefit. The turkey is announcing a period of great prosperity. You will also become spiritually richer.

There is even the possibility that you will not only be able to profit spiritually, but also financially from a flourishing situation. A period in which you will be very fruitful, creative and productive. Be careful that others do not want to take advantage of your back. Before you know it they will kill you. So be on your guard at all times. Be careful that others do not want to take advantage of your back. Before you know it they will kill you. So be on your guard at all times.

Be careful that others do not want to take advantage of your back. Before you know it they will kill you. So be on your guard at all times.

Camel – Masters in survival, seeking solutions, clairvoyance, past lives, healing.

Chameleon – Clairvoyance, aura sensitivity, may change.

Kangaroo – Jumping power, freedom, body control, resilience

Caribou – Self-esteem.


Magic and mystery, self-determination, love of freedom, seventh sense, intuition, sensual, sensitive, balance between worlds, independence, energy balance, pride, self-assurance, love, happiness, curiosity, nine lives, intelligence, unpredictability and healing gifts. A cat is known for its flexibility. He is an excellent soul guide and will protect you with his “seventh sense”; the ability to see energies from the other worlds.

He is extremely sharp and perceptive and will rarely make a slider. You can trust him. A cat can trust himself and he will ask you to do the same. Know what is good for yourself and be aware of what you can and certainly want. The cat teaches you to let go of your fears and guilt, there is no guilt nor punishment. There is only growing and practicing. You learn to look at the world differently instead of mistakes, you see lessons.

The cat will guide you with wisdom, watch over you and give you loyalty. The cat is quirky but will flawlessly sense what you need. The cat’s traditional enemy is the dog, but this is not his only enemy. With the cat as a totem, you should also study the mouse and the dog. As a result, you understand his magic better and you can work more balanced with his energies. atten also have a ‘fingerprint’. The pattern on their nose is unique.

Following your own nose is an important message that the cat brings you. The cat is quirky but will flawlessly sense what you need. The cat’s traditional enemy is the dog, but this is not his only enemy. With the cat as a totem, you should also study the mouse and the dog. As a result, you understand his magic better and you can work more balanced with his energies. atten also have a ‘fingerprint’. The pattern on their nose is unique.

Following your own nose is an important message that the cat brings you. The cat is quirky but will flawlessly sense what you need. The cat’s traditional enemy is the dog, but this is not his only enemy. With the cat as a totem, you should also study the mouse and the dog. As a result, you understand his magic better and you can work more balanced with his energies. atten also have a ‘fingerprint’. The pattern on their nose is unique. Following your own nose is an important message that the cat brings you.

Kauw – Faithfulness, adaptability, survival.

Beetle – Resurrection, protection, change.


Peace, emotional healing, pleasure, transformation, evolution, connected to the healing ceremony of the water. The power of the frog is directly related to the element of water and the cleansing power of the rain. He has a bond with all initiation rites that have to do with water. Just as man first gets to know the element of water in the mother’s body, so does the frog spend the beginning of his life as a tadpole. The frog has the power to evoke rain by singing a certain song.

People with frog energy are often good mediums or healers. This power allows them to purify their environment from negativity and is used to free places of ghosts or to help the sick get rid of their suffering. The frog always announces the change to a new life. If the frog jumps into your dreams, It may be time to take a break, pay attention to yourself, and cleanse yourself.

This also includes the release of unpleasant and annoying living conditions. It is important to create space for the development of a new life

Kip – New beginning, resurrection, sexuality, hope.

Cow – Fertility, mother or paternity, ties with past lives, enjoy life. the cow is a maternal animal that takes good care of her young and her home base.


Speed, vigilance. For a while it seemed that something was being pushed back and forth, as if the other wanted everything to himself. Yet that is now changing. You will be comforted and helped and someone else will reconcile with you. However, do not applaud too early, because this will again create a difficult situation. Yet you will be able to close a good deal with others in many areas. Be careful not to push others away. Insert all of them a little and many more will fit in the same nest.


Beauty, vigilance, happiness, messenger, inexhaustible joy, life nectar. The hummingbird loves life and joy. He enjoys beautiful flowers and the harmony and nature. It is very sensitive to inharmonic vibrations and flees from it. The hummingbird is exclusively focused on beauty and aesthetics. His medicine is the spreading of love and joy, among the flowers as well as among animals and people. Many plants thrive and live for him, because he spreads them while collecting nectar.

The magic of the hummingbird is that it opens the heart. For that reason hummingbird feathers are used in many places for love magic. His flying technique is unique in the bird kingdom, because he can fly forwards and backwards and stand still in the air. According to the ancient teachings of the Maya, the hummingbird already belongs to the next cultural period, the fifth world. This small, delicate bird has no knowledge of worldly things.

His life is one big dizziness of happiness for him. People with hummingbird power have the same orientation. Because they are always looking for balance and joy, they help others to develop joy of life and get the best out of them. Just like the hummingbird, they hate ugliness and bad mood and always find places where beauty lives. they help others to develop joy of life and get the best out of them. Just like the hummingbird, they hate ugliness and bad mood and always find places where beauty lives. they help others to develop joy of life and get the best out of them.

Just like the hummingbird, they hate ugliness and bad mood and always find places where beauty lives.


Trust, maternal instinct, faith, care, happiness, fertility, growth. The rabbit helps you when you want to learn to let go of your fears as you grow and push your own limits. The Rabbit can also help you with productivity, listening, cunning, speed and innocence. The rabbit shows you that it’s time to let go of your fears instead of continuing to shape them.

He also shows that changing direction when there is a threat can sometimes be very rewarding or freezing yourself ie waiting silently until the cycle is over and a new cycle has begun can open new paths. little Rabbit … Don’t run like a bolt! Running does not stop the pain and does not lighten the black.

Black Grouse – Birth and Rebirth, personal strength, movement.


 Counsel, wisdom, magic, protector of the sacred laws. The crow is the guardian of the great secrets. He is the only one who has the ability to break the laws of this world by taking on the form of other beings. In addition, he is able to stay in two places at the same time. In the crow past, present and future merge, because he lives in the emptiness without experiencing time. Because light and shadow also connect in him, he knows both their outer and inner truth at the same time.

The crow protects the holy law, which came directly from the god, and once proclaims that all that exists is born of the woman. The Holy Law is the law of truth and cannot be confused with the commandments of the people or any religious system. Crows have to stand behind their own insights and constantly work to live by the truth. Make your own higher self your leader, change your shape and become your own future self! Accept the lifting of the laws of nature and fearlessly take a look into the future.

The crow appears to warn you and brings you bad news. He also tries to make it clear to you that you have to take a step back and spend time on yourself. You will need to become aware of something that is very important to you or others. If that fails, it will look even more gloomy. Also, be careful not to let others get your eyes out. It is now time to put your affairs in order and to pay attention to yourself before it is too late. You must keep a close eye on health!


Balance, grace, beauty. A graceful and beautiful period awaits you in which your feelings will be loyal, sincere and honest. You will behave in full faith and good will and someone else will behave the same way towards you. What will come out of this? One thing is certain, you both flaunt so much that the feathers almost fly off. Enjoy it!


The crab wants to make it clear to you that you have to show your emotions to the outside world … so people get a better impression of you and you can express yourself better. Straighten your back and show your true face .. Only then can you fully express yourself. Rebirth.

Cancer – Attraction, protection, sexuality, creative power, creativity, powers and talents, sensitivity.

Crocodile – Survival, strength, gluttony, the crocodile combines stealth with aggression. The animal makes you cunning.

Jellyfish – Higher intuition, wisdom in yourself, letting go, anchoring in the earth

quail – No matter how vulnerable you are sometimes, you rarely let others notice it. With this you think you can hide your true feelings. However, others understand you completely because you often radiate all your emotions and wishes without realizing it. Especially if your feeling really gets involved, you are more vulnerable, without wanting to do it often.

Why have you let yourself go again? Are you falling in love? Do you fall prey to intense, fiery feelings? It could just be that. The chance that you will get what you want is certainly present because a happy moment and profit await you. That can be spiritual gain, but material gain itself is not entirely unthinkable.

Wagtail – You are occasionally a little hypersensitive while at other times you seem to be jumping happily around. Your environment and the things around you often have a major impact on you. Again, your feelings and desires continue to play an important key role. That will express itself in many areas. You will also be happy or make someone happy in the coming period. You will feel very comfortable with someone and spend a pleasant time with the other person. However, do not let yourself go too much in your feeling, but enjoy it to the full.

Lamb – Innocence, purity


Strength, pride, patience, courage, willpower, leader, family spirit, the lion is caring and fierce at the same time, feminine power and power. This king of animals will teach you how to get a handle on situations. With the appearance of a lion as a totem, you can therefore expect lessons related to community and group issues. You may need to reflect on your own role in the group. The males perform little work. They can be passionate or jealous.

On the other hand, they protect the troop against predators. While hunting, they drive the prey to the waiting lioness through their roar. Evaluate your usefulness and contribution in the group or community to which you belong. Should you do more? Maybe you need to be more protective? Should you work together more? A lion does not fight for the sake of fighting. He avoids confrontations, is rather lazy and, if possible, relieves itself in the event of danger.

The same tactic, if the lion is your totem, could do great services to you. Lions are predominantly stealthy and stealthy and their most used method for killing prey is strangulation. Similarly, those with this totem should use this tactic when they embark on new ventures and goals in their lives. Coverage is their formula for success. The sun has not always been a masculine symbol, as evidenced by its linguistic gender. She gives birth to the new days, cherishes and heats everything that lives.

The lion’s power is connected to the feminine energies, which gives birth and new power. With the appearance of a lion, there is always a chance to raise a new sun. Trust in your feminine energies – creativity, intuition and imagination. They will shine a new sun into your life. Do not be afraid to roar when you feel threatened or attacked in your individuality.

Leo always tries a passive, calm approach first, before he has to resort to violence to protect what is dear to him. Leeuw knows that one should not underestimate the power of peace, and suggests that we let go of our stress and frustration before we make hasty decisions. Leeuw teaches us many lessons. He reminds us to study our actions and to discover both our flaws and weaknesses and our strength. He teaches us to control our mood. He also teaches us the power of silent, unseen observation, just like Fox. And, this is the most important lesson, he teaches us the importance of family and teamwork.

Spoonbill – Structure, goal pursuit, inner providence.


Has it all stood still for a while? No problem, because you are now in a situation that will develop in a valuable way. There is a lot of news waiting for you and you will feel very comfortable with it. That feeling will be so great that you will actually experience periods of great happiness. A pleasant surprise is also waiting for you.


Mobility, alertness. The dragonfly, the essence of the winds, stands for sense deception and change. Its glittering wings are reminiscent of the magical times, thus making people aware that this world is an apparent reality. The doctrine of the dragonfly is that nothing is as it seems, and that it is necessary to turn away from delusions. In addition, the dragonfly transmits messages from the elemental beings and the plant spirits. If you want to change something, you can call on the dragonfly energy.

Ladybug – Trust, pleasure, happiness.

Thrush – The thrush brings you news and sends you an invitation. What will you be invited to do? Whatever it will be, you will get to know many new and fun people. During this period you will also express a wish and make a request. If it is at the right time and against the right people then it can work to your advantage. Be careful not to be too vulnerable.

Leopard – Powerful, vigilant, sharp.


Invisible, seeing the truth, secrets. The lynx is the mystery carrier among the totem animals. He is the connoisseur and keeper of all old, long-forgotten secrets. He moves freely through time and space. Because he is usually silent, it is difficult to find out anything about his knowledge. If the lynx moves through your dreams, it may indicate that there is a secret in you or in others that you know nothing about.

If a person possesses a great lynx power, then he has a very specific type of clairvoyance. Through inner inspection he sees the true self in others and also their own identity. The daily self-deception is also not hidden from the lynx. The only possibility to experience something from the lynx people is to pay them for giving up their knowledge, as is common with fortune tellers and Indian medicine men.


Mantis – Power of silence, big leaps forward.

Marmot – Study and dreams.


acrobatics, cheerful, sunny and carefree, agile, happiness and truth, company, social and inventive. The tit helps you to gain a lot of understanding for certain people and things in the coming period. That should not be too difficult because you are quite tolerant and indulgent. However, do not give in too much, do not rate yourself at the expense of yourself.

In the coming period you will generate trust with someone and you will find that you can trust that person very well. Who knows what beautiful things will come out of it.

Coot – Protection of the territory, seclusion, loneliness.

Meeuw – Subtle communication, responsible behavior. The seagull lands in front of you for a moment, the storm has subsided. In the coming period you will live in harmony and in peace with the people and things around you. From a sexual point of view, you will also flourish completely and you will also experience blissful moments in that area. It gives you a safe and saving feeling that will make you feel at peace with yourself. Enjoy it because someday the storm will start again and the seagull will fly out again!

Merel – Understand energy from mother nature, singing. The blackbird that takes good care of her young and panics for days on end if she misses one of her children will help you find things you were looking for, but you will also find many solutions to tackle things. In the coming period you will be very inspired, resourceful, imaginative and talented. You will also have to deal with someone who is very intelligent and can observe very sharply. All of a sudden you get a brilliant idea!


Diligent, strength, team spirit, neat. The small ant combines many powers. He is persistent, strong, combative, generous and very careful. His most striking feature is his perseverance: an ant can bury itself in the sand and wait for hours for its prey or transport large prey over long distances without giving up. Characteristic is his focus on the group.

Everything he does is at the service of the ant state and for the good of the community. The doctrine of the ant says that you will always get everything you need, especially when your need is greatest. The ant is the symbol of primordial confidence. He knows that he will ultimately be rewarded for all his efforts and that all invested energy will return in multiples. If your plans serve the common good, you can be sure that you also get energy from that direction. But you may have to make an effort to adjust your wishes and use your creativity.

Mole – Holder and carrier of the subconscious mind.


the mosquito as a power animal gives lessons about confronting your fears and aversion and about the negative sides and negative energies in your life. Also about creating and controlling energy in yourself You are too busy and restless because you are in your victim role. How do you deal with your own irritations. Do you let them overwhelm you? De Mug uses water (emotions) to transform, creates energy in itself and controls energy in one direction


Innocent, trust, faith, eye for details, balance of small things. It is the characteristic of the mouse that he wants to look at all things as close as possible. He is the wisdom of the animals. The mouse encourages us to look more closely and to build up our knowledge systematically. He thus embodies the current era of specialization. He knows that things can always get deeper and deeper into things. The other side is that the simplest things and events are made complicated.

The view of the whole is easily lost if everything is analyzed in detail. If things are viewed too closely, small relationships are no longer visible. Another feature of the mouse is its pronounced sense of danger. Because he is food for many animals, He has a very sharp perception and he knows how to bring himself very well to safety. Mouse people are usually scared, careful and extremely careful. Everything they do is orderly and well organized.

It is important for them to take a leap into the unknown, take a look into the distant universe and practice tolerance. The mouse medication says it is important to look at something very carefully and to react at lightning speed.


You are sensitive and sometimes a real house sparrow. You are humble and straightforward and you don’t like people who lie to you. Despite the fact that your home and hearth are sacred to you, you are still quite independent of others. Your mind is also fairly independent and certainly not narrow-minded. Unfortunately, in the coming period you will have to deal with a fairly narrow-minded and immature person.

Don’t worry too much about it. You also prefer to retire to your home. Nothing wrong with that, because it will do you good.

nightingale – The nightingale sings the most beautiful song for you. You too will sing the most beautiful song inwardly because your feelings will start to resonate with the other. You will therefore experience great happiness and joy. If it was not all that nice for the past period, that is now changing abruptly. You will be completely in a state of grace.

Neushoor n – wisdom, power, critical, intuitive.

Hippopotamus – Standing in the center of the universe, not rushing, not taking risks, solar energy, sensitivity, vulnerability, patience, wisdom, generous.

Oyster – Nurturing feelings, secrecy, patience and wisdom.

Oeverloper – Speed, searching, digging and cleaning up.


Primal power, memory, cooperation, maternal, emotions, the elephant is wise and powerful. His good memory helps you to organize the past.


Beginning life, parenting, unspoken communication, connection to holy and magical dancing. The stork announces new situations and new life. Is a real birth or pregnancy coming, or is an idea born? Anyway something new is born and announced. This will make you feel completely happy. It is partly because of this that you will experience moments of great happiness in your private life. A time of harmony and carelessness. You have earned it!

Orca – Fantasy, primal power, patience, cooperation.

Otter – Cooperation, curiosity, pleasure. The otter fits with feminine energy. His elements, earth and water, are also those of women. This smoothed-out force makes him spin cheerfully all day long and play with his boy. An otter will never start a fight, because aggression and vehemence are strange to him. That is why he first kindly approaches every being. Only in the event of an attack is he willing to defend himself. The shape of an otter also fits in with the Indian ideal image of femininity. He is slim and full of graceful coquettish. The otter teaches that being a woman has nothing to do with jealousy and envy, but spreads joy and openness. It is the power of sharing goodness. People with otter energy experience free love, without control constraints and power games. They allow themselves to float in the water of life without being bound to material goods. That is the powerful, receiving energy of women.


Stability, freedom, meekness, strength, speed and grace. You acquire inner strength, dignity and beauty; The horse symbolizes both earthly power and unearthly power. It is highly regarded around the world and associated with the magical power of the shamans. With his speed, people were able to cover large distances in a relatively short time.

The transport of goods was also considerably simplified. That is why the horse is the first totem animal of civilization. Even the power of an engine is still measured in horsepower. Riding a horse gives a feeling of freedom. The teachings of the horse say that power cannot be enforced, but is assigned to those who are willing to take responsibility. Just as the horse carries a rider on its back, the rider bears responsibility for his environment.

The power of the horse is the wisdom to remember the steps of its life and to understand their lessons. This also includes experiences from past lives. Real power is power that is used with wisdom. The keys to this are love, compassion and the willingness to share achievements and knowledge with others. It is important not to let the own ego block the gate to power.

Path – Recognizing the beauty in domestic things.

Panda – Love, protection and warmth.

Panther – Courage, ruthlessness, muscles, strength.


Healing through the power of colors and light, imitation, sun, diplomacy. The parrot brings good news. You will be very social, friendly, eloquent and communicative in the coming period. Partly because of that you will have a number of pleasant, diverse relationships with different people. If you do not expect it for a moment, you will suddenly hear good news out of the blue. Your life will look a little more colorful again.

Bird of Paradise – The bird of paradise brings you great happiness and joy. The coming period will

unprecedented joy and happiness are your share. It is not just happiness, it is perfect happiness! You will enjoy it like never before. Many of your desires and ambitions will now be fulfilled quickly and you will get many that you wish for yourself. However, do not waste anything, take it easy.

Parakeet – High morals and be consistent.


The partridge announces a meeting with someone. Partly because of that you will experience a completely new and surprising feeling. You will also express a wish or desire. You see everything again from the cheerful and positive side and that means that you will be hopeful. With new energy you immediately make new plans.

Pauw – Self-confidence, pride, beauty, arrogance. The peacock brings you good news. A beautiful and valuable gift awaits you. However, that is not the only good news, there is also a victory and a good result in many areas. It is not entirely unthinkable that a promotion or favor is in the offing. You will radiate through all that goodness of inner beauty. Be careful that others do not show off your feathers!


Abundance, pleasure, generous. Who has saved what, you can now benefit from it. You were already friendly, but now in the eyes of others you become even friendlier, generous and generous. It is also a period in which you will give your family and acquaintances a lot of attention. You may have to mediate in a situation where you will be impartial and sincere. Your judgment will be good and honest.

Penguin – Efficient, confident, social skills, leadership, astral projection, dreams, balance.


Power, exclusivity. The cougar or mountain lion embodies the pure power energy. This can be used positively, as is the case with wise leaders, but also negatively when there is abuse of power. If you keep in mind the perfect movements of this big cat, you can learn how to bring body, mind and soul into harmony with each other.

The more energy a person has available, the harder it is to interact with him. The mountain lion invites us to stand behind our own beliefs and to stick to the truth. Such qualities are characteristic of the personality of a leader. The disadvantage of such a leadership position is that it is impossible to do everything well and to maintain general peace.

Moreover, care must be taken not to use oneself. A person with puma power may never show fear or vulnerability and must be prepared to bear great responsibility. He must also maintain a certain distance from other people.

Prairie Grouse

The prairie grouse symbolizes the sacred spiral of death and rebirth, the endless tunnel. This bird is honored by many tribes of prairie Indians with a dance that mimics the movement of the spiral. Someone who meditates can establish a direct connection with the creator with the energy of the prairie grouse. The prairie grouse invites people to dance with him the dance of the holy spiral in honor

of the divine creation. It can help you to see how you move through the mental and physical space, and what you have brought about with your movement. Compare that with the way you control the energies with your wishes.

Prairie Wolf – Strength, deception, humor, persuasion.


Inner journeys, dreams, magic, metamorphosis. The raven is very intelligent, can plan ahead and knows the benefits of barter. They flawlessly pick out the important small change and show discipline: they leave a lesser reward for what they are when they know that there might be a better one later. The raven is considered the bearer of magic.

He is the messenger of the great emptiness beyond time and space, the ether, from which everything originated and to which everything returns. When a ceremony is being held, the raven is always present to bring the energy of the message to where it is directed. With his help it is possible to heal the sick from a great distance. Those who have applied black magic have good reason to fear the raven, because he returns the negative energy to the perpetrator.

The raven can help you change your state of consciousness and give you the courage to enter the great mystery. Take a look at his shiny plumage, how it constantly changes shape and color. Look in the black void to get the answer to your questions.

Aries – Strength, determination, careless.


Shrewdness, success, restlessness, adaptability, survival. If a Rat crossed you you will be asked to reclaim yourself in new areas that you have not yet investigated. It is time for a new hobby or to set yourself a new challenge by learning / doing something new. Make your dreams come true, claim yourself completely. Rat lets you know it’s time for a new beginning and change. Look to recognize the mess around you. Time to let go of old luggage and feelings that no longer serve you. Sell ​​or give away those things that fill your space and make room for the new that you really want.

Is rat your totem: you are an easy and happy person. You are social, disarmingly honest, frank and easy to be with. You are a team player and your heart is on your tongue but you have good self-control. You have the gift of the foresight and know how to use it successfully for your own benefit. You are cunning and astute in business and not afraid to defend yourself in any situation. You like a good challenge. You are a wise adviser to your employees and you teach others to appreciate all the things around us.

Ree– The deer embodies unconditional love and kindness. His spotted rug indicates that he makes no distinction between light and dark, good and bad. The power of his love heals the wounds of others, even though they are so far on the dark side. When the deer appears in your dreams, he points out that it is important to love other people for their own sake and thereby accept their weaknesses. Every compulsive expectation must be lifted, because nobody can be re-educated by force.

Only the warmth of the heart can heal difficult relationships and old wounds. Another lesson from the deer is that a person must constantly focus his own mental attitude on the good without being distracted by negative people or situations. If you manage to remain reliable and friendly even under the toughest conditions, those circumstances will quickly disappear. Then the road to divine energy is free.

Heron – Intuition, organizing. He stands motionless and suddenly strikes when nobody expects it. That’s the heron. You are like that too! You are brave and brash and want to know how certain things go. You do nothing brash and deliberately continue. Yet others pass you by if you no longer make yourself visible. Bring yourself more outside, it will work to your advantage.

Rook – This bird’s presence makes it possible for you not to recklessly continue. However, this requires some struggle. In the coming period you will have to fight a lot, but always be aware of what you are doing and why. You will also have to take a firm stand to get what you want done and to defend your cause and assets in this way. Try to get more personally involved, if you do not and you become reckless, things will look bad for you.

Salamander – Purification, courage, reborn, primal power,

Sheep – Striving for a new beginning, reaching new heights.


Love, protection, health, knowledge, nature power. The turtle is the embodiment of mother earth. The armor is his protection. With its slow gait, the tortoise warns that a person should not do hasty things and should wait for the right moment. The female hatches her eggs in the sun; that points to the importance of allowing thoughts to mature in secret before they are officially made known.

The turtle also teaches us to always keep our feet on the ground, so it’s well grounded. In addition, he shows how a person can protect his feelings and withdraw into himself. If he is cornered, he can bite off.

Scorpio – Defense, self-protection, sharp, dangerous.

Snail – Cleaning, letting go, keeping your own pace


Rebirth and resurrection, metamorphosis, medicine, the flow of life, mystery and power, transformation. The snake symbolizes change in the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth because it is bored. He also possesses the power of creation, sexuality and the soul, change and immortality. Snake people are rare, because they come into contact with poison and if it enters their body, they must be able to turn it into something harmless.

The serpent is a being of the element of fire, which arouses desire and passion on a physical level, but establishes a relationship with the Great Spirit on a spiritual level and imparts all-embracing wisdom. Every time the snake twirls through your dreams, change is coming so that you are approaching perfection. The Snake lives intensely, is impulsive and mysterious and very ambitious. the Snake is determined, but sometimes also very stubborn, jealous and suspicious.

The Snake is also creative and has adaptability. When the snake has grown out of its own skin, it leaves it behind. What about you, are you willing to leave your old skin behind? Are you willing to let go of people, relationships and other things that no longer have a place in your life?

Snow Goose – teaches us beauty, tradition, send, receive and ceremony, consciously realize your dreams. What do you want to achieve in the long term, so get your dreams clear and shape them. Their minds may open new vistas, but they continue to honor traditions. They are also sociable, but rather reserved. The script that we write ourselves manifests itself in our lives.

Snowy Owl – The mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, night vision, foresight, power of shadow


Magic power, abundance, happiness, rhythm, perseverance, emotional and sensitive, vulnerable and protective, imaginative and tender, intuitive and forgiving. Sometimes subject to moods and self-pity. The woodpecker pecks and pecks and pecks, until someone responds to his knocking. He has the ability to expose hidden layers.

You are concerned about your safety and you cling to external certainties. Woodpecker shows you that you are perfectly capable of shaping your life and walking new paths. All you need is trust. He is a master in showing you how to lay a good foundation in your life. It is now time to wake up, to listen to the message that is being brought to you. You have already received an answer to that important question several times, and now it is time to act accordingly.

You are a good parent but it is very difficult to let go of your children. Let them fly out of the nest on time and give them their way. RELEASING is the most difficult lesson for woodpeckers and this is the test of unconditional true love.

Just as the woodpecker is always busy building nests in the tree, you are always busy to get certainty. In material terms, your position will be stable and solid, which will give you a great sense of security. Stay cautious, economical and economical for the time being. A period in which you will focus primarily on home and hearth, and on family life. Also the right time to make plans for the future.

The Green Woodpecker with red head picks up ants deep in the earth. The color Green stands for healing and living from the heart. She distinguishes herself from the other woodpeckers by her laughing sound. She says very quickly: “I am here”. It is less powerful than the others, but it is much more inventive. Her message is: “use what you have at home”. She also uses her voice to announce herself. She tells you to smile more and allow more joy. To live more from your heart and joy of life without wanting to prove anything. Enjoy what the earth has to offer you.

Sperwer – Cleaning from the inside out, transformation, freedom. You will be very ambitious in the coming period. You will begin to feel noble and generous. However, you should always remain on your guard and even extra strong in the coming period. You will be dealing with a person, probably a female person, with a strong character who knows what she wants. How that will turn out for you depends entirely on how you feel about it. However, the sparrow hawk will help you from a great distance by watching everything with its clear eyes and warning you in time of danger and benefits.


Creation, Connection, diligent, go-getter, talent, creativity. The shape of the spin and the number of legs both represent the number eight. This is the symbol of infinity. He stands for the unlimited number of possibilities of creation. The spider always tells people to take responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. We weave the web of our destiny ourselves.

The victims who get caught in the loops have not understood this lesson and have become trapped in an apparent and unchanging reality. The teachings of the spider say that every being is responsible for his own life plan. It is important not to lose yourself in the delusion.

It is advisable to record your own progress in writing so as not to forget how certain moves have led to success. The spider also stands for the development of writing. In addition, she insists on looking beyond her own horizon, to look into other dimensions.

Grandmother Spin was the weaver of the cosmic web that is the material of the universe. Spin has a big and important lesson for you. She teaches us that a delicate web connects everything in the universe; if we ourselves are weak, the entire web is just as weak, and the whole is therefore influenced by everything. If we can be stronger and more respectable, we make everything stronger and more respectable.

Spider represents two sides of the Goddess: the creator and the destroyer. A Spider person tends to lure people into her ‘web’. Those close to the Spider draw attention, are enchanted, imprisoned and wrapped in the beautiful riddles of Spider. People love Spin and find it hard to stay away from her, even if she wants them to go. Spin fascinates them so much that they willingly screw themselves into her web in the hope of understanding her better. But only the person who succeeds in winning the affection of Spin will be the one who can escape.

Starling – The starling tells you that joy and happiness await you in the coming period. However, this joy and happiness will be very fleeting. You will be pleasantly occupied in the coming period and you will be able to enjoy yourself. You therefore seem carefree and light-hearted. But beware because these periods are only of short duration. Be careful not to blindly walk into the abyss.


does not look around and jumps ahead into the future, instinctively, guide, patient, proud, graceful, perseverance, intuitive, aware of environment and circumstances, loneliness, courageous, protects emotions.


Innocence, protection. The innocent child who is kind and loving. The animal never aggresses. If it is really attacked by another animal, which incidentally rarely happens, it is protected by its spines. The porcupine teaches us to have good faith and trust. Because faith, as is known, can move mountains, it is a very great force. This animal learns to be open, to discover new miracles every day and to free itself from the serious world of adult habits. The porcupine has kept its childish astonishment and also its confidence in the divine plan, in which everything will end well. His kindness and openness towards others opens the hearts to share love and joy.

Taurus  is usually strong and still until the moment he wakes up, then you better count on you. When he gets angry he can be destructive, aggressive and threatening, so you can be surprised by a force and resilience that is normally present asleep.

This totem helps you to develop steadfastness, perseverance and strength. They also symbolize masculinity, can be very unpredictable and if you happen to cross their path you get the full load.

Stinkdie r – Secret, disguise, reputation. The skunk has a healthy self-confidence. His whole behavior radiates the calm certainty of his being, who is aware of his strength and power. Although it does not have a really dangerous weapon, it still commands respect from animals and people because it threatens the sense of smell. People with skunk power have charisma. Their appearance attracts like-minded people with similar energy, just as the smell of the skunk attracts peers. This little animal can teach us to belong to ourselves and to develop a healthy pride. Because our attitude is also reflected in our attitude, we automatically attract other people of the same nature and dispose of those who do not suit us or who simply want to use our power.

Ostrich – Most people hate it, people who are unfair and take down others and then agree or triumph. According to most people, it is often unfair. Yet we are all sometimes guilty of it. Well then, this time you will find that justice and truth will celebrate victory. Injustice will be settled. Do you dare to accept that truth? When he comes, look him in the face. Continue to show impartiality and honesty under all circumstances. Don’t put your head in the sand!


Power, courage, go-getter, beauty, loyalty, the tiger combines the free spirit of the cat with the aggression and control of the lion. He is a powerful ally.


Wisdom, shadow, foresight, knowledge. He helps you to face things and helps you make contact with the spiritual world. As a bird of the night, the owl can initiate you in all its secrets. Make sure you don’t hold anything stubbornly so that you can look in all directions. The owl is the symbol of magic and clairvoyance. In many places it is also called night eagle. He can see excellent even in the dark at night and also has an exceptionally good hearing.

His victims cannot hear him, because owl feathers make a silent flight possible. People with owl power are usually magician or witch. In any case, they have a clear interest in the occult. They are attracted to white magic or to black, which is not recommended. It is almost impossible to keep something secret for owl people, because they see through thoughts immediately. They always understand the whole truth and take that gift for granted.

That ability often makes them unloved and feared by others. The owl is the essence of wisdom, for he can see and hear things that others miss. He helps to know the truth and to indicate fingerings of destiny.

The wise owl gives you advice and you do well to follow the advice of someone who really knows better. You can do that because you always give others good advice. You will trust someone in the coming period and many from your area will support you and give you advice. With coming adversity you will not be alone, others will support you. Accept that support, but do not make yourself completely dependent on others. Follow the advice of the wise owl.

The barn owl, which hunts in the night, helps you to increase your intuition. As a result, you will get many good premonitions. Your consciousness is shed and that will make you spontaneously lucid during your night dreams. That has its interaction on the vigilance again so that your intuition will only get stronger. You will even be able to guess the thoughts of others. Partly because you can estimate everything just as much better, you give others very good advice. However, you will also receive good advice yourself.


Magic, care, curiosity, interest, enjoyment, understanding. The falcon is the messenger among the animals, roughly comparable to the messenger of gods in Greek mythology. The cry of a falcon always announces a special event that is accompanied by both joy and fear. It is important to carefully observe the current situation, to take courage and to act bravely.

The falcon also brings the message to reach out and accept the gifts of the Great Spirit, which, although they are ready, may not yet be seen. People with the power of a falcon are keen observers, who do not miss even the smallest detail, but without losing sight of the whole. They know the signs and receive instructions from the other worlds. Be alert every time you hear the shrill scream of the falcon! Find a better perspective to be able to interpret his message.

You get the power to protect you against negative influences and enemies. You already had a fairly strong character, but this will only make you stronger. you will learn from your personal experiences. You will show everyone that you are understanding and friendly, but also very clear and impartial. You will see things that others do not see and that will help you make the right judgment.


Deep connection with the earth, nurturing, eagerness.

Fish – Water, emotions, fertility, wealth, sensitive.

Tick ​​- You always do well to listen to what others have to say to you. You can take advantage of that now. You will be cheerful and full of life in the coming period. You even get an original idea! You will also have to deal with a smart and considerate person who supports the people in his immediate environment. Beware, however, that listening does not turn into eavesdropping.

Vlaamse Gaai – Powerful, sensitive, patient, caring and vigilant, acting, looking ahead, cheerful, destructive and innovative.


Rebirth, insight, intuition, illusion, health, prosperity, virtue, old age. The bat is the symbol of rebirth. In china, he is a lucky charm. With the Indians, he is the link between god and man, a guide to your rebirth. First, he clarifies the symbolic death that a shaman must die at the time of initiation. The basic idea is that the initiator must face his fear and meet his true self to discard his old ego and be reborn as a new person, free from blockages. Such rituals can be found in all natural people on earth. Usually the shaman in question must undergo ruthless trials that bring him to his limits both physically and mentally. In many cases it is common for the initiator to be buried in the earth for one night. If the bat flutters through your dreams, that is a sign that you have to give up part of yourself, a certain trait or a living condition. That is, it is important for your further development to die a ritual death.

Fly – Exchange between inner and outer world, creator, creator, change and movement, survival and a “multi” vision


Transformation, balance, grace, symbol for the soul, mental crash, the temporality of things. In china they represent marital happiness and joy. The butterfly is the symbol of change in the higher. He teaches us how we can consciously change our lives, create new conditions and realize wishes. Every new idea and every step to self-development is reflected in the development of the butterfly. His egg phase represents the birth of an idea.

At the larval stage it is time to determine whether this idea will be turned into an act. In the cocoon one has to go inside oneself to connect the idea with the own person. The emergence of the butterfly is the birth of a new reality. Now the joy of the new creation can be shared with others. These four steps of change are constantly taking place in life.

They are necessary for our further development. The power of the butterfly helps to organize thought and consciously take the next step. Butterflies encourage us to rise and move, to dance over the flowers like a butterfly. Dancing gives us back the sweetness of life. Butterflies have taste receptors on their front legs, which means that every step must ensure pleasure.

Walking through it they taste the flowers. If a butterfly appears, ask yourself how much or how little joy you experience in your life. Brighten up, look forward to change. Realize that all change is good. The power of the butterfly helps to organize thought and consciously take the next step. Butterflies encourage us to rise and move, to dance over the flowers like a butterfly. Dancing gives us back the sweetness of life.

Butterflies have taste receptors on their front legs, which means that every step must ensure pleasure. Walking through it they taste the flowers. If a butterfly appears, ask yourself how much or how little joy you experience in your life. Brighten up, look forward to change. Realize that all change is good. The power of the butterfly helps to organize thought and consciously take the next step. Butterflies encourage us to rise and move, to dance over the flowers like a butterfly.

Dancing gives us back the sweetness of life. Butterflies have taste receptors on their front legs, which means that every step must ensure pleasure. Walking through it they taste the flowers. If a butterfly appears, ask yourself how much or how little joy you experience in your life. Brighten up, look forward to change. Realize that all change is good.

Walking through it they taste the flowers. If a butterfly appears, ask yourself how much or how little joy you experience in your life. Brighten up, look forward to change. Realize that all change is good. Walking through it they taste the flowers. If a butterfly appears, ask yourself how much or how little joy you experience in your life. Brighten up, look forward to change. Realize that all change is good.

Vogel – Community, freedom, group spirit.


Cunning, evasion, invisibility, discretion and solving problems, the ability to see through situations at lightning speed. The fox clears its tracks very well and stays away from its attacker. Because he has subtle intelligence, he sees many ways where others see only one and he uses this versatility to his advantage. By directly assessing its options, the fox chooses the right course of action in every situation.

The most striking feature of the fox is its ability to merge with its environment. His brown summer rug helps him to become invisible in the forest, while his white winter coat optically connects him to the snow. The fox is a very alert and fast animal, always willing to act. His cunning is his power when he leads his enemies astray. Family care is also an aspect of fox energy.

People who have fox power are silent observers and know how to go unnoticed. That is, they merge with their environment into a unit to be able to move completely unobtrusively in any company. They are masters in camouflage. The fox learns to understand the unity and to apply this knowledge in a sensible way. This applies to all areas. A vossen talisman is especially suitable for people who travel a lot. The fox learns to understand the unity and to apply this knowledge in a sensible way.

This applies to all areas. A vossen talisman is especially suitable for people who travel a lot. The fox learns to understand the unity and to apply this knowledge in a sensible way. This applies to all areas. A vossentalisman is especially suitable for people who travel a lot.

Vuurvlieg – Communication and lighting.


Creativity, inspiration, family, intuition. The whale is the keeper of the history of the earth and its secrets. The memory of the magical motherland of Mu, which once lay in the west of America and which all Indian tribes regard as a country of origin, is kept alive by the whale. He once witnessed the great catastrophe, of which the motherland was a victim. People with whaling power usually have a keen hearing and can use this gift to recall all information stored in the universe.

They are also often telepathically gifted. In many cases, they themselves do not know what the source of their knowledge is, and only in the course of time does it become clear to them how they can use their gifts. The whale teaches people to find their own original tone and to connect with him, for he carries within him the history of all living things.

He shows that the correct frequency has a healing effect. With his help you can learn to connect with the ancient language that was used as a means of communication before the development of the current language. The whale always points the way to your actual spiritual meaning.

Wapiti– Power, nobility, perseverance, inspiration, vigilance, a long and rich life. The wapiti is the largest subspecies of the deer. Apart from humans, only the cougar is a danger to him. To defend himself against the cougar, he only has his strength and endurance to escape. The power of the wapiti lies in its ability to know its own performance well and to use it optimally without becoming exhausted.

People with wapitit power achieve their goals thanks to their perseverance and do not feel the need to be among the first at all costs. In a stress situation it can be advantageous to call on the wapitapower to learn how to use one’s own energy best and to suffer as little damage as possible. In addition, the wapiti still stands for brotherhood among peers.


Humor, survival, cleansing, ambiguity, curiosity, cunning, privacy.

Damselfly – Supernatural, ethereal beauty.

Waterbird – Abundance, wealth and transformation.


cunning, scared, covert, loner, verbally attacks, observing, astute, sneaky. The weasel looks behind masks and hear what is actually being said. Weasel eyes know the many branches of an event, because they look under the surface. People with weasel power are often underestimated because their discretion requires them to hide their knowledge. In business they are usually unbeatable, because they always know what the competitor is up to because of their sharp perception.

The weasel is nevertheless a difficult power totem. People with tissue energy often feel co-responsible for things they perceive in others. Many also simply want to be left alone or they end up in isolation. Because knowing too much can make a person lonely and taxing. What you radiate is: “Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.” Every now and then you might even look a little guilty, because of the knowledge you have gained by observing life.

You could be a loner hiding from others, or perhaps even a recluse. If you work in business, you are a powerful ally for others because you see what the competition is doing. People can make a huge mistake when they value you, since your powers cannot be seen immediately.

One can call on the orphan power to find out the background of a problem. Notice who or what needs attention, or a solution, and then offer help in your own quiet or modest way.

Wielewaal – this bird announces fun moments and a social gathering. There is therefore a good chance that you will be invited to a reception or reception. However, there is more goodness and happiness ahead of you. There will even be a moment when you will experience great happiness. Something that you have not felt in times. You will also have a very pleasant friendship. Keep your head and don’t let yourself be dragged along too much.

Wren – Cheerful, cheerful, vital, resourcefulness and courage.


Earthly wisdom, protection, rituals, loyalty and spirit. The wolf is classified with the star sirius in the constellation Big Dog, of which according to legend the teachers date back to ancient times. The wolf, for example, is a teacher who returns to his pack after his long journeys to tell about his observations and experiences. He lives in a close family relationship without giving up his independence.

The wolf chooses a partner and remains loyal to her throughout his life. Because the wolf howls at the moon, he connects with her power, the spiritual energy and the unconscious, which has access to total knowledge. The wolf can give you the strength to become a teacher for others. In this way you can help them understand life better and find their own way.

Wolverine – Power, resourcefulness, humor, wild and untamed, follow your dreams, efficiently, gain knowledge.

Wouw – This bird tells you that in the coming period you will have to feed your eyes and continue to view everything clearly. In combination with your courage and efforts, that will lead to success. You are cool and self-assured, but be careful not to be too cool and self-assured. You irrevocably hurt others with this and that will sooner or later have an interaction on yourself. If you pay attention, you can get a large part out of something.

Kingfisher – Sunshine, prosperity, love. The kingfisher with its beautiful colors stands for authority and is the symbol for a father figure or someone with the role of householder. You will therefore have to deal with this in the coming period. A fairly stable, well-organized and peaceful period awaits you in your private life. It will also be very harmonious in the area of ​​love. Your eye will also fall on something. If you dive right on top of it you can get hold of it, otherwise it will pass you by.

Polar Bear – Strength, survival technique, self-wisdom.

Salmon – Determination, change. king of fish, wisdom and purpose, blessed with a long life so that they can learn to grow old in dignity. They are pleasant company, creative and passionate,

Seal – Active imagination, creativity, lucid dreaming.

Sea Lion – Satisfaction, cheerful, brash.

Seagull – Carefree, freedom, overview, earth, wind and water, communication

Seahorse – Insight, freedom, magical powers, healing power, masculine gentle power, with strong feminine balance, clairvoyance

Zebra – balance, strength, black and white seeing, staying individual in a group, certainty

Sow – Generosity, food, discovery. stands for abundance and fertility with her large litter boy. Be generous. If you feel connected to the love of the goddess for all her creatures, you are able to freely give in the knowledge that she will also sustain and nourish you. Open yourself to the abundance that is present in all nature. Allow yourself to accept this abundance knowing that life is always renewing and you don’t have to be afraid of ever being separated. Make life a party and enjoy the beauty and sensual delights. The goddess is generous and gives and renews everything and everyone.


Elegance, nurturing, motherliness, feminine grace, inspiration, soul power It is the power of the swan that it accepts the grace of change. Because the swan submits to the higher plan of the Great Spirit, a graceful swan emerges from the “Ugly Duckling”, the form of his childhood. He is willing to accept this grace and is therefore allowed to see in the dream time, the space beyond the world of the delusions.

People who have swan power can see into the future because they allow the plan of divine power. The swan learns to bring consciousness into harmony with all levels of existence and to develop intuition. It is important to apply this ability to know the future.

It is a time when you will be open to beauty and harmony. Partly because of that you will experience a very special and exceptionally intense moment. A great feeling of joy will come over you and you will want to share that feeling with others. If there are competitors or others want to harm you, the swan with its powerful wings and neck helps to knock off enemies.

Sword Whale – Fantasy, primal power, patience.

Zwaluw – Protection and warmth of the home; positive financial changes, the right perspective; Hope; New chances; Fearlessness; dutifulness, daring, Spirit of the air, bringer of spring and happiness, cooperative, peace, precise flight, teamwork, community, agile and industrious, female and occult forces.

Black Panther – Courage, shadow side, power, silence.

Zwijn – Deep connection with the earth, cherishing, eagerness.

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