What Is An Aura? – What kind of influence have on myself?

What Is An Aura
(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

With the start of this century, where it is already getting along pretty well to reach the first quarter, people are increasingly discovering that there is much more between heaven and earth , which for many is still unknown territory. An area of ​​yourself that is indispensable and, in fact, extremely important to maintain well. Your vitality and physical, emotional and mental health are directly connected to this.

This is about the Aura. A much-discussed part that includes your physical body as well. A pleasure for you as a person with an open mind. If you are willing to look further than the concept of ‘reality’ brings you so far, it is certainly worthwhile to be guided by curiosity.

What this article will bring you:

  • What is an aura?
  • What kind of influence does the aura have on myself?
  • How does an aura reading work?

What is an Aura?

If you give yourself the opportunity to redevelop your receptivity , you start to see the world and yourself very differently. This is because your attention is shifting. For experiences that previously seemed unimportant, you open your eyes again. There is more attention for rest and relaxation and you manage to move better in the sense of time and space . The chance is certainly not excluded that you like it so much and you make the decision to keep moving in these vibrations and energy.

Activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation offer you the opening to stay true to the ‘slow motion’. The pleasant side effect of this is that you get more and more contact with your body and that your head becomes calmer.

And then, as you concentrate on your largest organ, your skin, and close your eyes as you gradually relax, you suddenly experience a velvety warmth along your arms and face and you feel your aura, a natural energy field that surrounds every living being.

Maybe your head translates this into body heat and of course there is nothing wrong with that. But if you continue to practice, your soul will certainly help you to experience the vibrations of an incredible and at the same time breathtaking and dynamic force field full of information. You consciously get in touch with your aura. Your personal and natural energy system and protective layer around your physical body. You understand that this requires time, patience and investment. However, the merits that you will get from this are worth it.

If you were born with the assignment not to completely close your natural aura and energetic system while growing up to adulthood and everything that happened around your upbringing, you fall under the category aurareader – medium – paragnost and another chic term is ‘ supernatural perceive ‘ . Your qualities and commitment as a social worker are then in open connection with your clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clear knowing. If you are a coach, psychotherapist and trainer or perhaps you work passionately in healthcare, then you definitely have a highly developed and natural system, which is also called ’empathy-empathy ability’. On an unconscious level, your aura works extremely sharp and perceptive with you. The only question is whether you sufficiently notice all the information.

Everyone and every living being in this cosmos and the universe is surrounded by an aura and everyone can feel and experience it. There is nothing hokuspokus about here and you don’t have to be enlightened for this either. The aura is a unique biological and natural system and if you choose to learn to see and feel it again, you take the valuable route to reconnect with your own nature and your natural state of ‘being’ . This way you will once again become acquainted with the essence and the deeper meaning of life and yourself. This will definitely pay off.

That the force fields in nature do an excellent job can be found, for example, in mother nature. The animal world makes grateful use of the always-moving force fields of the aura day and night . Logical of course, because it is precisely this means of communication, which is so ultra-sensitive and refined, that all information present in the force fields is picked up. The animal world uses these electrical fields to be able to scan. An animal that has to survive is always alert and, for example, is always in the ‘now’. Because of this the body consciousness and not only all physical senses, but also the ultra-sensitive channels that are used. 

History of the Aura

There are many old traditions and religions that tell about a layer of light around people, animals and the plant kingdom . Mother Earth is surrounded by a beautiful and dazzling halo and this was preached thousands of years ago by Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and, for example, Sikhism. A holy light that is present around the physical or gross body. This energy body was not visible to the non-spiritual eye, as was already announced then.

It is fascinating to know that the Buddhist flag of colors is created  through the aura of the meditating Buddha . If you go towards the Christian traditions and examine the images, for example, Jesus and Mary are also depicted with golden light and a halo of light around their heads .

Before the first half of the 19th century, new physical phenomena were discovered at the time, according to scientific developments. According to the physics of Isaac Newton – theologian, astronomer, scientist – these could not be explained. The discoveries during these investigations of electromagnetic phenomena were called “the field,” the first scientific discovery of the aura.

More than a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein published his special “theory of relativity”, which intercepted Newton’s experiences and changed the concept of “time” forever . According to Einstein’s theory, “the field or the mass” is not three-dimensional and our concept of “time” is relative. Both are connected to each other and together form a four-dimensional unity. So you cannot talk about space without involving our concept of ‘time’.

Everyone experiences the two observations ‘field’ and ‘time’ differently because the ‘field’ knows no time and there are different speeds. This means, for example, that during an aura reading, an event can still take place, or has already taken place.

Dr. Robert Becker – Medical School in Syracuse, New York – finally mapped out in 1979 that there is an energy field that is connected to your body and the central nervous system . This field, called bioplasmic or ectoplasm – other than plasma – changes shape and intensity when physical and psychological changes occur.

The Aura as a personal experience under the Loupe

That there is something in your nature that you communicate with outside of your ‘normal senses’ is evident from the vibrations you experience during a pleasant or unpleasant conversation, goosebumps on your arms or a very unpleasant feeling in your stomach – solar plexus, solar plexus chakra. That the dynamic energy fields of your aura do their work and that you notice this, starts with special experiences when, for example, you meet someone in which you immediately know whether or not you like someone . You can also have the feeling that something is going to happen. As you focus more on this, you have started to use your natural intuition, your sixth sense connected to your aura.

Contemporary science is an excellent way to better understand the development of your clairvoyance, your intuition and the use of your aura. This has already taught us a lot about the dynamic energy fields. The scientific studies to date – insofar as they have been developed – are moving at lightning speed in this Aquarius age and tell us that as a human organism you are not only a physical structure made up of molecules, but that you are also composed of energy fields .

You therefore enter a world of static forms – fixed forms – as well as a world of energy fields . The metaphor of the sea under the gravity of the Moon and the tides of Ebb and Flood. In this way you yourself also flow in constant changes. You can see your aura as a flubber-like substance, built up through a subtle substance.

Scientists are now learning to measure the frequencies of these extremely refined substances. The current developments in science have taught us so far that you live in a world of living energy fields that are in constant contact with each other and communicate with each other and this is a fantastic development. There is a lot to get out of your flubber-like aura. This is packed with important information. Fortunately, more and more use is made of this through, among other things;

  • Aura reading – reading your aura
  • Aura healing – putting the self-healing capacity of your body to work
  • Aura cleansing – cleansing and cleansing your sacred space
  • Aura therapy – transforming and healing mental, emotional and physical pain

Incidentally, these courses are now even offered through accredited, regular training institutions and there are more and more care institutions that are open to holistic medicine – body, soul and mind.

As you move deeper into the world of modern psychology in combination with spiritual awakening, you will also notice that what you want to solve on a personal level in the old form dissolves – in the field of consciousness . There is no right or wrong, just like hate and love. You find more and more space within yourself, which has no form and can grow endlessly. So there is form, but also not .

It is very good to be aware that you live in a world of thought fields and bioplasmic – ethereal, subtle and immortal – forms. These move over and through your body. So you are actually one vibrating and radiant bioplasm

Literature that you read on this subject has been reporting the same similarities for years . It is nothing new. From all the information that can be found about the aura in ancient times, it has already been written about energy and particles from bioplasm, from which your aura is built. Throughout our times of consciousness, it is this knowledge that is being reopened and only helps you to become spiritually aware again and grow spiritually. In other words, to come home again in your natural state.

Your aura and health

You are now aware of the fact that your aura is directly connected to the center of your nervous system. This energy field is therefore directly connected to your health and this is often forgotten. You know that it is important to pursue a healthy lifestyle. In this healthy lifestyle, among other things, diet and exercise are the pillars for leading a healthy and vital life. If you re-energize yourself every day with the right ‘fuels’, this will feel good and you will see this on a physical level, for example by your weight.

Taking extremely good care of the right and healthy energetic balance and a healthy, clean and vital aura is extremely important . You neglect your natural energy system, your body’s vitality becomes less, your resistance becomes less, your emotional-psychological balance comes under pressure, with all its consequences. As anthroposophy says: body – soul – mind as a trinity , so it is really.

Fortunately, there are fascinating and wonderful possibilities to maintain your aura in an excellent way, such as:

  • Drink plenty of water – rinsing the aura and physical body and grounding
  • Swimming – flushing and grounding
  • Pure foods and supplements
  • Aura healing
  • Cleaning of the house
  • Gemstone therapy
  • Aura Soma – the supporting powers of color therapy
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Meditation
  • Chakra therapy and cleaning
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation and visualization
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Chineng Qigong
  • To sleep
  • Nature and seaside walks – salt water
  • Schussler Cell salts
  • Essential oils
  • Thought force
  • Mindfulness
  • Specify limits

Your aura as your sacred space

You can see your aura as your sacred space and you decide who allows you into this space. You may not be aware of it yet, but everything depends on your decision-making module regarding the optimum state of your aura. Every time you cross your border and actually wanted to say no, someone or a situation takes place in your aura and therefore also your space . It is important to be aware of this with every choice you make. Every moment that you decide to take ‘space’ for yourself because you feel that this is good, or that your inner knowing indicates this to you, your aura remains calm and balanced and you also notice that you as a person are comfortable in yourself. skin .

One of the special manifestations of Creation and universal energy is your human energy field and this has everything to do with your human life. Your aura is a luminous body, which protects and penetrates your physical body. Your aura is part of the universe and the universal energy again.

It appears that your aura is again made up of different levelsThese are also called light bodies and all communicate at their own level from finer substances and higher vibrations. If you really start thinking about this, you are very special.

Your aura contains so much information. It is this information that a trained aurea reader uses to read your aura . An aurea reader makes contact through his or her aura and ‘reads’ as it were the information that lies in your subtle energy layers. Your present, past and future. Also from the “Akashic Chronicles.” This is also commonly referred to as psychic reading .

Aurareading is therefore really possible , can be scientifically named and it is very special to experience. It is important that the aurea vein works in a pure and honest manner, while also making a respectful connection from heart to heart. An aurea vein enters your extremely sensitive and subtle, sacred space the moment you agree. Therefore follow your intuition as to whether the person is feeling well .

Anatomy of your aura

Many models have already been designed to be able to figure out the aura. This is of course a very nice job. In all of these models, those who are very close to nature, such as clairvoyant, clairvoyant or clairvoyant, have experienced that your aura is built from layers. In these layers there are differences of the aura color, the aura brightness, the aura shape, the aura density, the aura fluidity and the function of the aura . What people now know for sure and what can also be seen scientifically is that your aura varies from day to day .

Via aura photography, for example, you can see exactly which colors your aura contains at that moment and how your physical, mental and emotional constitution are. For example, if you are busy communicating that day, it will be busy around your physical means of communication such as, throat, nose, ears and eyes with the colors blue . Are you not comfortable in your own skin and it is difficult to find out what is really wrong , a visit to the aura photographer is a great idea.

From the knowledge that has been gathered so far, it appears that your aura field is made up of seven layers, or seven levels . These layers are made up of an extremely delicate structure of constant waves of light patterns, like a kind of moving, colored liquids :

  • First layer; The etheric body
  • Second layer; The emotional body
  • Third layer; The mental body
  • Fourth layer; The astral body
  • Fifth layer; The etheric causal body
  • Sixth layer; The universal love body
  • Seventh layer; The ketheric causal body
  • The first body, your etheric body – of ether – connects matter and energy .
  • The emotional body or the subtle body is your second body and follows your etheric body . This is called that because it is connected to your feelings.
  • The mental body, your third body low, envelops the emotional body and consists of even finer substances . Each of them has direct contact with your thoughts and mental processes. This is often overcrowded. The ‘main work’ often prevails in our western society.
  • Through your astral body – the fourth layer – you go beyond the physical world and you end up in the worlds full of mystery, but not again. We talk about the forces of nature or your nature. There, exchanges take place between people. This, of course, at a pleasant level, but also not. As soon as you feel uncomfortable with someone in a room, for example, it is your astral body that you want to make alert.
  • The etheric causal body, the fifth layer, is made up of all forms that also exist on a physical level and is therefore a kind of matrix of your physical body.
  • The sixth layer is the universal love body and connects directly with the spiritual love energy . Continuous and unconditional universal love energy flows through this layer. Can you think of this? You are love!
  • Finally, the ketheric causal body, the seventh layer, comprises the entire consciousness . You can’t get any closer to the Divine energy . You are then one with the Creator.

Each layer is connected and fully penetrates with the next layer , the properties and liquid-like hues and complement each other again into a whole. Every layer and every lightbody makes you a complete whole, where everything is also connected. Certainly from the perspective of science, every layer can be seen as a vibration, movement that keeps all seven layers moving. Just like the thread of a spider web. If a thread is missing or does not function properly, the special and wonderful structure of the spider will weaken .

All ingeniously built up aura layers show the physical forms of body parts that you as a person also consist of. However, these are constructed and consist of the wonderful ethereal light. Through this flows an uninterrupted and vertical flow of energy, which goes up and down through and along your spinal cord and vertebrae . You massage your spine through your breath. This pulsating energy is also called Chi and flows at the pace of your inhalation and exhalation.

That is why it is so important that you breathe well into the bottom of your stomach. With every inhalation you breathe through your crown, the life energy or Chi and it is important that this energy also arrives in your lower chakra, your basic chakra – the area at the bottom of your abdomen. You control your life energy through your breathing and thus also nourish your aura .

Do you have the idea that you are not breathing well and that your breath is too superficial or does not come down well at the bottom of your stomach, then a respiratory therapist is an excellent tipYou learn to experience again that your whole body breathes and that you can send your breath to every part of your body through your thoughts, so that complete relaxation of body, soul and spirit can occur. It is also said that good breathing means enlightenment of your soul . The healing power of breathing is nourishment for your soul, healing your aura and really brings you into balance.

If you can even imagine yourself, what you are made up of and who you really are, you will see life , your environment, the universe and your challenges with very different eyes . Make the choice of a mindset and you will not regret it.

Miracles are not in contradiction with nature, but only in contradiction with what we know about nature. St. Augustine

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