What Is the Meaning of Yin and Yang?

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What is the meaning of yin and yang?. Yin and Yang as your natural Balance.

Everything that occurs to you in your life and everything that lives is constantly moving .

Sometimes a challenge comes up on your path, intentionally or unintentionally, or you are exposed to something in which you have to make choices. Often this is the dynamic that offers you everything to pick up the big moments of growth.

What you will discover in this article:

  • What is your Yin and what is your Yang
  • When do you bow or break
  • Yin and Yang as your tool

The laws of opposites

The laws of opposites

You will recognize that sometimes you will not be able to work it out for yourself if you are expected to make a choice. Doubts such as; will I take the plunge and choose the big new adventure or will I leave everything to the familiar old, you will certainly recognize. Your common sense, then, stands in contrast to the choice that you would love to make from your heart.

Nature and cosmic laws are full of contradictions . For example, the power of the rising and crescent Moon, to then decrease again. Or the Sun that rises in the morning in the East and sets again in the West through the equator. These are contradictions and at the same time additions to nature. At the same time one cannot do without the other and if you think about it, it is a mysterious whole.

The transition from one movement to the other is caused by the germinating force of the opposite being present in the core of each movement.

What is Yin Yang?

What is Yin Yang?

If you want to better understand what Yin Yang really is, you can make a distinction between contradiction, opposition and opposite .

The word contradiction contains the word struggle, which gives a heavy impression and completely excludes an agreement.

  • dislike – turn
  • sadness – relieved
  • love – hate

In contrast , a boundary naturally arises and it becomes visible that no agreement is possible. One cannot be simultaneously with the other. This immediately provides clarity and order and prevents chaos.

  • water – fire
  • Yes No
  • Absent Present

If you look at the opposite term , it becomes relative. A softer movement and energy flow is created, in which it becomes possible to make a gradual transition from one part to the other. The counterparts can work together as a whole .

  • sweetheart not – but I do it
  • not exactly a success – it could be better
  • it won’t come out right now

What does the Yin Yang sign mean?

From the Great Principle – Yin and Yang; is the T’ai Tji symbol . The infinite shape of a circle results in a shape of which fifty percent is white and fifty percent is black. In the white part you will find the black dot as the germination force and in the black part you will find the germ of the opposite, the white dot.

According to the traditions of Chinese philosophy, the life energy comes from these two counterparts Yin and Yang. The whole forms the manifestation of nature, the Earth and the cosmos, as a magical opposite;

Yin – the female principle and the Moon, Yang – the male principle the Sun.

Both Yin and Yang celestial bodies Moon and Sun revolve around each other in their astronomical orbit and simultaneously form one inseparable whole.

They form the Heart and the Soul of creation , of which you are a unique part.

If the circle were to rotate very quickly, the boundaries of the Yin white and the Yang black would merge into each other, so that the color becomes gray. The meanings of balance and harmony here.

Over the centuries there have been more and more concepts associated with Yin and Yang, of which the oldest finds of this Chinese wisdom and philosophy so far date back to the 3rd century BC. The Yin Yang grew into an important part of cosmological and psychological study in this antiquity. These principles, on which the five elements fire – earth – water – wood – metal – were subsequently implemented in the 4th century BC by the Chinese philosopher and cosmologist Tsou Yen. His knowledge grew into insights that are still maintained today:

In life you go through five important phases in order to achieve inner harmony, balance and balance.

What do Yin and Yang mean?

What does Yin mean?

  • female
  • Moon
  • introvert
  • passive
  • water
  • north
  • soft
  • black
  • dark
  • even numbers
  • soil
  • cold
  • heavy
  • moist
  • contracting

What does Yang mean?

  • male
  • such a
  • extrovert
  • active
  • fire
  • south
  • sky
  • white
  • light
  • world
  • odd numbers
  • hard
  • warm
  • dry
  • expanding

What does Yin Yang stand for?

What does Yin Yang stand for

Yin Yang is therefore a concept of polarity, but it should not be understood as a conflict. There are two opposite cosmic principles . It is the subtle movement of counterparts that together form one whole. Entangled in each other as the symbol shows, it is also seen as the primal unity of life . Just like with the sexual experiences. Nothing can exist without its counterpart. The tantra is also based on this. It is precisely the balance that can be achieved if everything has its opposite. Harmony is created in this way.

Over the centuries, more and more concepts have been ascribed to Yin and Yang. Although these concepts are immensely westernized, they are still accepted today as a kind of natural cadence. Think of life and death, light and dark, ebb and flow, good and evil. If you omitted one half, the other half would also be destroyed.

In nature, the Yin and Yang forces also alternate smoothly . Perhaps you haven’t thought about it this way because of the obviousness of this. And of course you don’t know any better if you are used to the natural cadence of the counterparts from early childhood. The regular alternations of day and night and the four seasons, summer – winter and spring – fall within a day, also show the Yin Yang forces. One season cannot be independent of the other . If you then go one step further to enter the esoteric level with regard to the reincarnation thoughts, these much discussed periods are also alternated. Life on Earth stands as a natural opposite to the soul’s stay in the finest material worlds.

In your human life there are hills and valleys, sadness and joy. One moment you live on roses and the other you end up in trouble. In your relational or work spheres you are either very satisfied, everything runs smoothly and you enjoy intimate moments, while on the other hand you no longer see the trees through the forest and distance and dissatisfaction arise.

None of this is possible without the other , in which there is also the neutrality that there is neither good nor bad .

You will need both again to find the balance in Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang as relaxation or energy

Yin and Yang as relaxation or energy

Becoming aware of this valuable philosophy and picking up the thread from the choice of your free will will do you no harm. Feel yourself down, take action to bring color into your day and get rid of your uncomfortable situation. Are you tense and stress and sleepless nights tease you, or do you miss nature in the busy city life, pick up relaxation exercises and breathing techniques. Work with organic, essential oils and bring the lavender fields into your home.

By the way, everyone naturally needs a different Yin or Yang and this can also vary from day to day for yourself. We live in a society where the pressure is increased, which ensures that you do a lot of energy on your Yang energy. If you have a busy life, you should definitely bring more Yin into your life. Making too much claim to your Yang, namely, provides emotional instability, getting over-stimulated and even leads to physical complaints, long-term stress and the long trajectory of a burnout. Your Yang runs out and your Yin is left .

Yin and Yang lifestyle tips

Due to shortages in Yang, your Yin is more present. Palpitations, physical dehydration and poor sleep are just a few examples of complaints. In our society, continuing to feed your Yin is a serious focus .

In traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, the Yin and Yang principles form an important basis and starting point for reviving the self-healing capacity of your body and restoring the natural Yin and Yang balance.

Yin and Yang lifestyle tips

  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep and take a nap in between.
  • Sleep in a dark room and with an empty stomach, your body does not work then.
  • Do not use screens after 5 p.m.
  • Depart on time and don’t rush.
  • Ensure adequate hydration of your body; water and herbal teas.
  • Eat as much organic and sustainable as possible.
  • Go outside for at least an hour every day; walking, cycling.
  • Put your mobile away, turn off sound and definitely do not take your mobile to your bedroom.
  • Read a book.
  • Movement learning such as Yoga, Chi Neng Chi Qigong and Tai Chi.
  • Meditate and live Mindfull.
  • Avoid harsh conditions such as conflicts, horror movies, loud music.
  • Be kind to yourself and grateful.

There are also various esoteric currents where the Yin Yang can be found again. Some of these are the Tarot , Western and Chinese Astrology , I-Ching, Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Neng Chi Qigong.

In short, you are looking for your natural balance and you long for a way forward, get started and reconnect with your unity!

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