What is my guardian angel trying to tell me

What Is My Guardian Angel Trying To Tell Me?

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2021)

What is my guardian angel trying to tell me?. How do I know who my guardian angel is?.

What do my angels want me to know

Our angels regularly give us messages. For us, angels’ signs and signals are sometimes not always easy to see and recognize. For us people, it can be difficult to notice them due to the busyness of everyday life. For that reason, the angels often send us the same messages they have for us several times, hoping that they can help us with that. In this article, I would like to tell you more about which characters occur so that you can better recognize the angel characters.

How do the angels give us signs and signals?

Angels often give us their messages in a subtle way, through small things that we encounter on our path. Of which we often think: “Hey, that’s a coincidence” or “no, I’ll probably make it up myself.” You probably thought that when you came across something that ‘almost’ looked like a sign. And with that, almost I do not mean literally that it almost looked like, but especially that it was probably a sign! A sign that your head subsequently used. So be aware that the angels give us signs through multiple channels. Their signals can be anything, I have described a few below.

What angel characters are there:

I just said little angels give us their signs in all sorts of different ways. It may just be that you get a sign that is not listed below; there is simply no rule for how the angels do that. But below are the ways the angels often use.

Feathers on your path

Angels are known for their feathers. Spring on your way can mean different things. It may say that the angels want to tell you something or that they want to let you know that they are with you. Your guardian angel can let you know that he or she is there, directing your love and watching over you. A feather from your angel may also want to tell you something else. Often you know intuitively what this is, but our mind full of thoughts often wipes out this feeling before it gets the chance to come up.

Through angels numbers

Do you regularly wake up in the middle of the night and see the same time on your alarm clock? Or every time you look at your phone, you see the same time again, for example, 18:18 or 22:22. When these numbers keep coming back to you, your guardian angel wants to give you something. You can find more about the meaning of angel numbers on this page: Angel numbers and their purposes.

Via human messengers

Angels can also let us know something through human messengers. These are often people we hardly know or know at all, but sometimes even through acquaintances of us. Usually they give you something that you will be silent about afterward, because you totally do not expect that person can say something entirely fitting for that moment in your life.

Personal example

I myself have an excellent example of this: I live on a dike, where people regularly come running past my kitchen window and garden. When I got out of my garden gate and walked up the dike to my car, a lady came over to me, I had seen her pass by many times, and we always said goodbye to each other. I still have no idea what her name was, and I never told her my name either. (there is also no name on our door, only a house number) She came to me while I wanted to get in my car and literally gave me a pat on the back. She said that I did such an excellent job and that I had to keep it up. I only said ‘thank you’ in surprise, and she walked on.

My own head also tries to think of all kinds of logical reasons for this, but my intuition said something completely different at that moment! There are many ways in which angels send human messengers to us, through acquaintances or through strangers who are nowhere to be found after telling their message. Be open to it and receive these loving messages!


Angels can also let us know through the clouds that they are there. Through clouds in the form of something that is important to you at that moment, or in the way of an angel. And don’t forget the sun’s rays with all their light and warmth. When a beautiful beam of light shines just at the place that is significant or meaningful to you, it can also be a sign of your guardian angel.

Texts and words

You probably recognize it, you drive or cycle somewhere for a long time, and suddenly you notice a word or passage written somewhere. It immediately gives you courage and strength at that moment of reading, and you feel the energy flowing through your body. Angels are unique and surprising creatures; they let you know things in all sorts of ways. So when you come across a text that seems to you at that moment, thank your angels for sending their love!

To dream

My guardian angels regularly give me things through my thoughts. When we are asleep, the angels can reach us more quickly because we are not in our heads. We are connected to the angels around us during our sleep. 

How can you recognize a message through a dream of your angels?

How can you recognize a message through a dream of your angels

When your guardian angel gives you something through your dream, then it is often a clear message and a clear message. When you immediately know when you wake up that it was a particular dream, that it was a message, take it from your feelings. It is difficult to articulate how intuition works, but you just know intuitively when it is.

Keep in mind that during the day, your head is given time to get involved and time to come up with all kinds of explanations. When you are just awake, and you wake up feeling it was a message, believe it. When you are just awake, you are more connected to your angels and your heart than in the middle of the day. (Not that we are not connected to the angels in the middle of the day, but because of the issues of the day, we often do not notice this.) Therefore, trust yourself and your intuition.

It is also true that when you have had an angelic dream, you can still remember those days later well, while you often forget ‘normal’ dreams. I myself can remember my angelic dreams from years ago to the present day.

Inspiration and courage

When you suddenly receive inspiration or courage for something you are doing or are doing, thank your guardian angel! Often this happens when we let go of it for a moment and do not consciously think about it. Your guardian angel wants to help and guide you on your path of life. They do this by sending you courage or inspiration. You know it; suddenly you feel the energy flowing again. Or suddenly you know what to do or have an excellent idea that makes your heart sing. When you think that your energy is going up, the idea makes you happy and gives you courage again, then assume that it is good. It is an idea of ​​the angels around you, dare to go for it.

Your guardian angel knows your life path, knows what your lessons are on this earth. When you receive divine inspiration, take it with both hands!

The Rainbow

Angels also let them know that they are with you through rainbows. When a rainbow unexpectedly appears to you, and it feels like it is for you at that moment, trust that! 

Situations that come together

Sometimes it all seems to go without saying, you have the wind down figuratively! It is a great feeling if everything is right. This often happens when you are on the right track and do something that is part of your life’s purpose. And no, that does not mean that everything goes smoothly and you can sit back and relax, but above all that doors keep opening for you, it runs smoothly, and you feel good. Your guardian angel would love to help you find your path. When you are on the right track, they may let you know by opening doors for you. It then seems as if they open for you automatically. Know then that your angels in the background have been working hard for you!

How do you know what the angels want to tell you about their signs and messages?

Everyone can recognize the signs of his or her angels. And everyone gets signs from the angels. How do you know what they want to tell you? And how do you know if it is a sign? Characters from the angels are always full of loving energy. When you receive a sign or signal from your angel, you know that. Your intuition often tells you this immediately after receiving it. After a few seconds, your head will take over again. Be aware of this. By knowing that your intuition can be felt immediately, but before you can often feel it being screamed through your head again, you can take this into account. Be aware of this!

Your head is good at debilitating signs

When your head takes over, try to go back to the feeling that first popped up in you! That is your intuition! If you feel intuitive ‘yes, that is a message’ or ‘yes, this is a sign!’, Trust that no matter what, your head comes after. Your head is good at invalidating your belief in the sign with thoughts such as: “yes, I make it up myself” or “I just want to think that myself.” 

As I just said, signs of angels are always focused on helping you. Angels also never speak from the ‘I’ form, but always from ‘we.’ Angel characters are always loving. You feel strengthened by a sign after their message. You feel confidence grow. When you experience this feeling through, for example, a word on your path or a feather on your path, you know that they are your angels. Trust yourself and your intuition. What the angels want to tell you, intuitively, often comes through very quickly! You then know without thinking what the sign is for. You feel and know what it is for.  

Five tips to better recognize angel signs and signals:

I know and understand very well that it is not always easy to pick up the signals from your angels. With these tips, I hope to help you on your way.

Tip 1: Ask for specific signals or signs

The question: “Dear angels, please help me” is not very specific. The help you receive can be anything. If you want to receive a sign via a feather, ask for a feather. For example, ask the question: Dear guardian angel, let me know via a spring on my path that I am on the right track. If you want to receive inspiration before I mention something: writing a blog post. Then ask for inspiration for a blog post. Be clear, and you will receive clarity.

Tip 2: Meditate

Meditating helps you to connect more with yourself and your heart. When you are more connected to your inner world, it becomes easier to trust your intuition. When you trust your intuition, you are more open to the signs of your angels. Meditation also helps you to calm your stream of thoughts; this also helps you to receive angelic characters.

Tip 3: Earthing

When you are properly grounded, you stay with yourself more. You are firmer in your shoes. You are more connected to yourself and everything around you. Similarly, with your angels. When you are properly grounded, you float a little less in the issues of the day, in your stream of thoughts, or in the materialistic world. You come back to yourself and your feelings. You can also feel better what feels good and what is not. What comes from your angels and what doesn’t. 

Tip 4: Look around with attention

Life is busy these days, and there are all kinds of distractions around us. Sometimes we walk around like a chicken without a head or run around earlier. This makes it harder for your angels to reach you. If you are so busy or distracted, you often do not see the signs that the angels give you. Then take a pass in place. Turn off your phone one afternoon, go into nature, and be amazed. Then look with attention around you, you will see that there are so many more miracles around you than you think! 

Tip 5: Ask your angels for help

Ask your angels for help to make you more receptive to their signals. You can also ask if they want to boost intuition. Ask in a way that feels right to you. Aloud or in mind. Remember, angels are eager to help you, but taking and taking steps to improve your intuition is up to you.

Get started and ask your angels for signs!

Angels are happy to help you; it is up to you to recognize their help and to do something with it! Get started and don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away. Give it some time and give yourself some time. Trust yourself and the angels around you. And remember when you miss a sign, your angels give their signs multiple times until you notice them. I hope this article has helped you and that it may help you. how do i know my guardian angel is with me.

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