What Wheels From Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car? 2020

What Wheels From Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car?

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

What rims will fit my car?

What other wheels fit my car?. We notice that people often think that any rim can be placed on any car. However, this is not the case, on the contrary! There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right rim. In this article we would like to explain to you why not every rim fits every car.

The following factors are important when choosing the right rim:

Rim size / rim diameter

Rim size

What is the diameter of the rim? Always keep this in mind. Of course you can go for a larger diameter for a sportier look, but never go for more than two rim sizes larger. The size is always indicated in inches. The larger the inch size, the flatter the tire becomes. This is always at the expense of driving comfort, so keep this in mind.


How many bolt holes are there in the rim itself? These must match in order to mount the rim on the car. Most cars today have four or five holes in the rim.

Pitch size

The pitch at the rim is the distance between the center of the bolt holes in the rim, if these holes are directly opposite each other, as with a 4-hole rim. With a rim with 3 or 5 bolt holes, this does not work and you have to make an imaginary center line between two holes. Not very easy. Tire service Acht has special tools to measure the pitch of a rim.

Hub diameter

The hub diameter is the diameter of the hub hole in the center of the rim. This should fit perfectly so that the rim is properly centered on the hub. If the dimensions differ, the rim will not fit the car. If the hub hole is too large, this can usually be remedied with alloy wheels by placing centering rings, with steel rims this is not possible. 

ET value

The ET value is the extent to which the rim protrudes inward or outward relative to the wheel arch. We also call this the depth position. With a higher ET value, the rim attachment comes out more, causing the wheel to fall deeper into the wheel arch. With a lower ET value, the rim will come out more.

J size

The J size indicates the width of the rim and is in inches. The J value indicates the width between the rim flanges.

Choosing the right rim

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the right rim. Always get good advice, so that you can be sure that the rim fits perfectly. We are the specialist in the field of wheels and tires and have years of experience and the right knowledge to help you properly. 

f you are looking for new rims, you should place great importance on the size of the rims. You can find out here which size is suitable for your vehicle and where you can find the information on the right rim size.

The size of the rim can be found either on the inside of the spoke or in the bolt circle. If you want to determine the rim size yourself, you should pay attention to two different factors. On the one hand, attention should be paid to the rim width and, on the other hand, the diameter of the rims also plays an important role here.

The rim width describes the distance inside between the rim flanges. This means that you can determine the rim diameter from the inner diameter. In addition, the rims differ in terms of:

  • Offset
  • Rim base
  • Rim flange
  • Wheel hub bore
  • Bolt circle
  • Number of holes

Which rims fit my car?

Which rims fit my car? Many drivers ask themselves this question. But the answer is very simple and here are a few pointers. Just visit your online wheel shop and find out. Select your car and only the wheels will be displayed that also fit your car and for which. So it is (almost) completely irrelevant what is entered in the vehicle registration document.

Find the right rims in the rim shop!

  • exact selection via an exact database in the online shop
  • quick search via vehicle selection, exact display
  • exact selection with direct selection of a rim
  • with a direct link to the reports
  • with rim configurator or preview
  • with rim and car gallery
  • Ask?¬†Unsure?¬†The advice with us is provided by master mechanics.

Which tires fit my car?

The question: ‚ÄúWhich tire?‚ÄĚ Is also answered because the¬†tires¬†that match¬†the rims are also displayed.¬†You can choose between summer and winter rims and you can put together and order or buy complete wheels.¬†

Which rim size is best for my vehicle?

You can find out which rim size is permitted for your vehicle using the operating instructions for your vehicle. You can also request the document from the manufacturer. You will also find the necessary information here. If you would like to use a certain size of the rims, you should find out beforehand either from the manufacturer or from a specialist dealer whether this size is also permissible for your car.

So the rim size affects the driving characteristics

The larger the rim, the greater the width and diameter of the rims. This also reduces the tire wall height. Driving comfort is reduced by not being able to fill the tires with as much air.

Larger brake discs are also available for larger rims. In this way, the braking distances can be improved, which increases the level of safety.

Five tips if you want to change the wheels of your car

Deciding on the wheels you want for your vehicle is almost like choosing the shoes to wear. If they are tight they hurt the feet, if they are big they come off. The same can happen with the wheel that fits the car.

These elements take care of the rim and protect vehicles from impacts (a hole, a jump). From beauty to practice. Consider some tips for making changes that don’t give you headaches. 

The size must go with the rim.¬†The first thing is to check the width and height of the rim.¬†If the car comes with a 17 rim from the factory and you want to change it, keep those inches for both the new and the tire, as this can cause you to lose your warranty.¬†Swapping it out for a smaller one, for example, can change the balance point of the car, which could make it unstable ‚Äď shaking.¬†Doing it after the warranty passes would be the recommendation.¬†Do it with experts.

Customize, but know how far.  If you still want to increase the inches and make the car look sportier, auto restorer León Echeverry recommends that the change not exceed the original rim by more than three inches.

‚ÄúIf it is 17, do it in a maximum of 20, more from there you lose damping and it will start to feel abrupt, to fall hard and the suspension will suffer a lot‚ÄĚ, explains Le√≥n.

The material is very important when choosing.  They are made of iron, antimony and aluminum. The latter is the most popular material because it is lighter and does not get as hot as the others. Buying a recognized brand is recommended as they guarantee its quality and reduce the chances of breaking and causing an accident.

Modular, american racing and BBS.  Talking about the design of the rim, the decision is at ease. The modular ones are the most common and are differentiated by the circles located on the front. American racing cars have five blades, often used for hot rod cars. Finally there are the BBS recommended for tuning type cars.

Air is needed to cool.  Echeverry recommends not having very sealed wheels to avoid high temperatures in the brakes and that the spaces between the blades are wide for better cooling.


The first thing to do after putting your vehicle on new wheels is to take the vehicle to the workshop for alignment as well as balancing. This will ensure that the car does not lose performance or waste unnecessary fuel.

Make the change and buy in authorized and supported companies, doing it in another place can bring you technical problems for a poor quality wheel or legal problems for buying stolen parts.


The tire size as well as the dimension must be precisely coordinated when buying. The approval of the rim for your vehicle is also very important. If you are unsure about what to buy, it is advisable to ask your specialist dealer or the manufacturer.

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