Bible Verses About Cursing and Swearing

20 Bible Verses About Cursing and Swearing

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Bible Verses About Cursing and Swearing

Bad words should not be used in any way. It is true that many times they can leave when the person is irritated and has no self-control. When this happens, you have to let time go by to calm down and ask for forgiveness. These types of words are regularly pronounced by involved or to get attention. 

In either case, a Christian should never mention them. A person recently wrote to me telling me that a member of the Church had said that he was open-minded and not conscientious, so he asked that others be of broad criteria not to judge him lightly, since the case merited saying those swear words. 

Cursing and the Bible

Cursing, the misuse of God’s name often happens thoughtlessly. In the third of the Ten Commandments (see Bible book Exodus, chapter 20), it is about that meaningless, empty use of His name. Cursing and swearing is entirely contrary to the purpose of creation; life for the glory of God and the benefit of fellow human beings

Jesus is a Name. Jesus is not an exclamation of annoyance. No careless interjection. No expression of intense emotion. Jesus Christ is the name of the Son of God. He came to earth 2,000 years ago to die on the cross and conquer death. As a result, our existence can get meaning again. He who says Jesus does not call a term of power but calls on Him.

God is a name. God is not a stop word. No exclamation of surprise. No cry to vent the heart in case of a setback. God is the name of the Creator of heaven and earth. The God who made us serve Him. Also, with our voice. Therefore, speak boldly about God, but never use His Name unnecessarily.

Bible verses about bad language

Exodus 20, verse 7:

“Do not abuse the name of the LORD your God, for he who misuses his name will not let him go free.”

Psalm 19, verse 15:

Let the words of my mouth delight you, the reflections of my heart delight you, LORD, my rock, my savior.”

Psalm 34, verse 14:

“Save your tongue from evil, your lips from words of deception.”

Ephesians 4, verse 29:

“Don’t let dirty language come over your lips, but only good and where necessary constructive words that do well to whoever hears them.”

Colossians 3 verse 8:

But now you must give up everything bad: anger and rage, curses and swearing.”

1 Peter 3, verse 10:

After all, “He who loves life and wants to be happy must not let slander or lies fall over his lips.”

No case deserves to say, nor to think bad words because we are children of God, and we must behave as such. The Bible says:

«The good man says good things because good is in his heart, and the bad man says bad things because evil is in his heart. For what abounds in his heart speaks his mouth. » (Lk 6, 45)

Rudeness is always learned in one place and with a type of person. The important thing is to be wise and find a way to change the environment so that it does not change you.

“Bad companions spoil good manners.” (1 Cor. 15, 33).

Next, I want to say a speech taken literally from the Word of God. Someone may say, is that the father does not want us to say bad words, but it is not that I do not want to, God is the one who points it out in his Word. The following biblical quotes are clear and straightforward.

«You must behave accordingly to the holy people: do not even talk about sexual immorality or any other kind of impurity or greed. Do not say indecencies or nonsense or vulgarities because these things do not suit; rather, praise God.” (Eph. 5, 3-4) 

“Their conversation should always be pleasant and in good taste, and they should also know how to answer each one.” (Col. 4, 6) 

“Do not say bad words, but only good words that edify the community and bring benefits to those who hear them.” (Eph. 4, 29)

“But now leave all that: anger, passion, evil, insults, and indecent words.” (Col. 3, 8)

“They must be spiritually renewed in their way of judging, and put on the new nature, created in the image of God and distinguished by a straight and pure life, based on truth.” (Eph. 4, 23-24)

“And I tell you that on the day of judgment, everyone will have to give an account of any useless words they have spoken. For by your own words you will be judged, and declared innocent or guilty. (Mt. 12, 36-37)

As we have already seen in the Word of God, we find correction to our deviant way of acting. Let’s be consistent and always seek to act as children of God.

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