7 Best Foundations For Textured Skin


Best foundation for textured skin. Skincare is not a one-way road. It comes with many obstacles and pains, and despite having a strict skincare routine; you can still end up with unseemly patches on your skin that do not seem to go away. While that can be disheartening, there are many ways to battle these issues, one of them being a foundation. It is liquid makeup applied to the skin to give that even and one tone look. 

Textured skin is a battle many makeup lovers face daily. It can be an extremely hindering aspect when you are trying to get ready for your day or want to improve your makeup skills. Those bumps and uneven skin patches can be misery on their own. However, with problems come solutions. There are foundations developed solely for aiding with dealing a textured skin. They give you all the relief from your daily troubles, and we have broken them all down.

What Is Textured Skin?

For many, textured skin can be a tough thing to tackle, even more so if you yearn for a smooth and polished skin that glows as you see in all the magazines and billboards. Textured skin refers to skin that is irritated, dull, and coarse to touch. 

This can be due to many factors such as skin conditions, weather, and constant exposure to the scorching sun, aging, acne, or unsuitable skin maintenance. All these elements damage your skin in the worst ways, and if you do not contain them, then it can cause long-term deterioration. If you find yourself hunting for the perfect foundation that gives great coverage and additional benefits, then look no further.

Seven Best Foundations for Textured Skin

Here are some of the top-rated foundations that are suitable for textured skin.

1) Maybelline Fit Me, New York


Best foundation for uneven skin texture. Maybelline is a top name in the makeup industry; millions trust it to deliver quality. Its Fit Me foundation is among the best around that is not only light on the wallet but the skin as well. It comes in a vast number of shades; this product will rid you of that excess oily shine on your skin with its absorbing formula, lending you the light feeling. You can also say goodbye to your pores thanks to the matte formula that reduces shine and blemishes while giving a dewy look.


  • Inexpensive
  • Forty shades availability
  • Good consistency
  • Easy application¬†
  • Blends smoothly¬†


  • Doesn‚Äôt last long
  • Smudges


For everyday use, Fit Me is the ultimate choice. You can use it on its own, but if you prefer, you can always add on more makeup because this product will only boost your overall appearance. It does not deliver a cakey look so you can use it excessively without worrying, but the trick is always to blend it perfectly.

2) Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow


Best foundation for rough textured skin. Benefit Cosmetics offers a tremendous foundation in a natural and delightful beige shade that can suit a variety of skin colors. Infused with sunscreen, this foundation comes prepared to help you shield from the damaging UV rays and sunlight that is the primary cause of skin destruction. It also ensures to keep your skin hydrated so your make up look does not dry out and stay smooth. Foundations tend to come with a plethora of chemicals, but this one is exclusively for delicate skin types and hence poses no risk.


  • Lovely shade
  • Suitable for pale skin colors
  • Hydrating
  • Blends into fine lines


  • Limited shade range
  • Creates dryness patches¬†


This is a wonderful foundation as it works nicely for sensitive, fair skin types and contains sunscreen, so your skin remains well protected. Any texture on the skin will practically disappear upon application. It blends well, but you must always use a primer to ensure it serves you even better.

3) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation


When it comes to topmost brands, Estee Lauder takes the cake. Its Double Wear foundation is made to fit textured skins. It lasts very long, up to fifteen hours enough to get you through the day while looking flawless and fresh. It comes with a very light formula that enhances your skin in every way. It sits very well on oily skin surfaces and does not smudge or oxidize. It contains zero fragrant or pore-clogging ingredients; you can wear it long without requiring touch-ups. Its formula gives the skin a healthy glow and zero damage. It also comes in a massive range of colors to cater to all skin shades 


  • Sixty-one shades¬†
  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight


  • Needs excessive blending
  • Not for everyday usage


Albeit expensive, Estee Lauder prides itself on delivering superior quality, and this product is no less. You can wear it and forget about looking anything but flawless and beautiful the entire day. Its oil-free formula feels very soft on the skin and does not come off.

4) Born This Way by Too Faced


This foundation is oil-free, and hence it does not clog up your pores and cause pimples. It delivers a very smooth and light matte finish at both medium and full coverage. It was inspired by the ‚ÄėI woke up like this‚Äô trend, and it is very undetectable on the skin. It has coconut water infused in its formula to reform your skin‚Äôs moisture levels. The Alpine rose extracts build the skin‚Äôs strength and resilience. However, that is not all; it incorporates Hyaluronic acid to give you the skin that youthful look.¬†


  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Unique ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Camera friendly


  • Lack of shade variation.
  • Tends to oxidize


Overall, an ingenious product that comes imbued with some extraordinary elements setting it aside from the rest. It blends very well into the skin without oxidation and gives you the ultimate confidence to go on with your day.  

5) Clinique Anti-Blemish Blemish Solution


Textured skin makeup. It veils all the blemishes with its formula that aims to rid you of all the skin imperfections. Clinique creates the most exquisite makeup and has amassed quite a reputation among makeup users. For those who have fallen prey to acne, this product is the answer. When you apply it, it does not irritate the skin and stays very well without getting dry. It has extreme coverage, so even a tiny blob would be enough to deliver the complete results. It offers a broad range of shades designed to ensure you get the quality glow.


  • Does not get cakey
  • Blends perfectly¬†
  • Natural finish
  • Lasts long


  • Stains on clothes
  • Gets darker after settling


For people suffering from acne or eczema, this is the perfect fit. It masks all the blemishes without reddening or further causing any harm to the skin. One of the best aspects of this foundation is that very little goes a very long way with it. You only need to apply a small amount and blend it enough to get fantastic coverage, so make sure not to waste it, as it is a tad expensive.

6) L’Oreal Paris Make-Up Infallible Foundation


This creamy concoction is the best way to achieve that perfect skin look. It offers an extensive range of shades from warm, neutral to dark taking care of all skin types in adequate ways. Its long-lasting formula allows for a stress-free day where you do not have to worry about looking good and presentable. Its velvety texture helps to cover up all the blemishes that cause you strife. 

This foundation ensures a neat complexion and smooth finish while concealing all the flaws. It bestows an even texture and promises to keep the skin hydrated. It is excellent for dry skin, lasts all day, and does not give your skin a grey hue.


  • Anti shine
  • Inexpensive
  • Keeps the T Zone clear
  • Lightweight¬†


  • Thick consistency¬†
  • Dries out during application¬†

7) MAC Studio Fix Fluid


This amazing foundation from MAC is another top pick that delivers an incredible range of shades. Some foundations tend to change color to tan once they settle, but you never have to worry about that with this one as it has a natural matte finish. It settles naturally on the skin without oxidation and provides SPF-15 to withstand the sun. It does not come with an oil-based formula, so it leaves no unsightly residues. It is very skin-friendly and smooth.


  • Lasts all day.
  • Oil-free
  • Sunscreen included¬†
  • Forty shades available


  • Requires constant touch up on oily skin
  • Gets patchy.


MAC is a big name, and they always consider that before putting out a product. This product is a favorite of many due to its full coverage factor and long-lasting characteristics as well as providing protection against the sun. If you are looking for an all-day foundation, then this is your best choice.


Out of all these foundations, the one who takes triumph is the Maybelline Fit Me New York Foundation. It is perfect for everyday use; you can apply it daily without worrying about any damages. It has a light matte finish, so it does not create any kind of patches on the skin. It is super affordable and delivers a high-quality appearance no occasion you plan to head for. Just put some of it on your skin and blend it well. 

Make sure to get the shade that matches closest to your skin as foundations take a little time to settle. It does not get darker after application and does not feel heavy on the skin, too. Maybelline is a very trusted and beloved brand, and its Fit Me collection with such a broad spectrum of shades is recommended by many. 

Things to Look For In a Good Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation can be a bit of a daunting task, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. The ultimate goal is to grab a foundation that matches your skin the most. We have listed down some important things to look for in a good foundation.

Find Your Shade

While there is ample space for swatching shades on the forearms, the skin on this area is a touch darker than your face. We advise swatching the shades on your jaw, neck, or chest to get the closest results. Foundations oxidize with usage and get darker with the combination of particles and the oils on your face. 

Find a spot in the middle of your face and blend out towards your hairline to match your cheeks and neck. Whichever method you employ, it is crucial to test out foundations in natural lighting before making a decision.

Remember the Undertones

Do not forget about your skin’s natural undertones. For a warm complexion, pick a shade that contains yellow undertones, and for cool complexion, a foundation with rosy undertones is the best way to go. However, you can also always go the safer route by choosing a neutral or warm shade.

Coverage Level

Aside from shades, knowing what coverage level you require is another critical element. Many users can feel full coverage to feel heavy on the skin. Foundations provide light, medium, and full coverage. If you prefer your makeup on the natural side then go with light coverage, if you like an airbrushed look then choose medium but if you want coverage that lasts the entire day without having you do touch-ups then full is the way to go.

Skin Type

Never ignore your skin type, foundations are formulated to accurately see to the needs of the skin types whether they are oily or textured. Dewy foundations are for dry or normal skin types while matte works best for oily and textured ones. Knowing your skin type is a very vital factor.


While there are many to choose from, always ensure you are caring for your skin beyond just makeup. Have a consistent skincare routine and learn everything about your skin before making any purchases. Makeup does work wonders for your confidence, but you must apply it in a way that enriches and compliments your whole look. You must know what you are looking for before choosing a foundation.

7 Best Foundations For Textured Skin

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