7 Steps How to Attract An Aries Man

How to Attract An Aries Man
(Last Updated On: February 15, 2022)

Born between March 21st and April 19th, Aries are some of the most passionate lovers of the zodiac- should you be able to tie them down, of course. Fiercely independent, hard-headed, and contradictory in nature, the Aries can either be the worst headache you’ve ever had, or the prince charming of your dreams. There are a few steps you can take to ensure it’s the latter.

7 Steps How to Attract An Aries Man

  1. Aries is the cardinal fire sign, indicating that while he is fantastic at getting the ball rolling with new ideas, motivation, and energy, he is not so great at following through. Catching his attention is easy; it’s getting him to stay that’s the hard part. If you’re looking for a love more predictable and stable, might I point you over to an Earth sign?
    Aries men are looking to be the knight in shining armor to a princess (or prince) in distress. Don’t make the first move, but don’t appear entirely disinterested. Let him chase you; the game is half of the fun. He is attracted to women who are independent, but reliant on him enough to make him feel like he’s in charge. Aries do not mix well with people who are overly timid, pessimistic, or who hold him back.

Should you notice the Ram pulling away from you, it could be for one of a few reasons:

  • He has put you on a pedestal that you have stepped down from.
  • You are a little bit too into him for the chase to be any exciting.
  • You are not giving him your all, or he feels emasculated.
  • 2. The Aries wants the same passion and excitement of the honeymoon phase his entire life, and when the romance starts settling into domesticity, his eye will begin to wander. It’s important to keep him guessing, even after you’ve snagged him. Try to avoid playing mind games, because the Ram is very straight forward and to the point. He prefers games like cat and mouse; when he’s caught up to you, he will want you to chase after him now.
  • 3. Aries is also the most energetic of the zodiac, which is why he pours himself into the people that he truly cares about. He may not have a traditional way of showing it, but his love is pure and uncorrupted. Aries are not known for being particularly good liars, so when he tells you he loves you, he means it. At least, it’s what he thinks he means. The Aries man is all or nothing, and if you’re not reciprocating what he’s putting out, he will find someone who will. He will not understand you refusing to uproot your entire work schedule to show up to an impulsive date he planned out an hour ago, because he would do the same for you in a heartbeat. The Ram can become possessive and jealous quite easily; he will not give you the same benefit of the doubt he will expect you to give him.
  • 4. The ram is loyal to a fault. People and things are very black and white in his eyes, so he will defend his loved ones blindly and pick fights with those he’s not too fond of, even if deep down, they agree. He would rather die on a hill than admit to being wrong. Your friends are his friends, and your enemies are his enemies. He is incapable of looking at things objectively when someone he trusts has already picked a side, and he will expect you to do the same. Agreeing with one of his enemies over him can feel like betrayal.
  • 5. The immature ram is also quite prideful, and he will expect you to maintain his fragile ego through praise and a subtle inferiority. Treat him as you would a puppy dog, with treats and such. But also, don’t be better at anything he’s good at it, don’t make more money than him, don’t control him, don’t one-up him. The Aries uses their faux arrogance to mask the fact that they are deeply insecure and feel inferior to all others without status and recognition. He believes he was born better than everybody else, despite having half the work ethic or experience, which causes himself to embarrass himself many times. He is always looking for something to prove to everybody, and he is always looking for glory. He is stubborn and he believes he can handle anything and his own and does not need any help. When he realizes he is only human, his confidence will crumble. He believes he is worthless if he is not the best, because he views life as a competition. If you can be gentle with him during this time and nurse his shattered dreams back to health with a tender reassurance, you have earned the key to his heart.
  • 6. The Aries will never stay down for too long. It’s not in mars’ nature to give up easily, or frankly, learn from his mistakes of the past. You’d better get used to his occasional blows to the ego, because he can become prone to relying on his lover emotionally. He does not like to show emotion or appear weak, which is how you know he puts faith in you when he reveals himself to you like this. Aries does represent the newborn baby in the zodiac, so he can also be prone to fits when he does not get his way. These will blow over easily, but not before a few unkind words he didn’t mean in the moment. He will be the first to apologize -if and when- he realizes he’s wrong, and he will expect you to understand that he said those things out of anger. The ram does not bode well with people who take his words personally.

The Aries can be fast and rush into relationships without thinking.

  • 7. He says only what he feels in the moment, and while he is in no way dishonest, there’s no telling whether he’ll feel the same way in the morning. Be cautious when the fire under him ignites a little too early into the relationship because it will go out as quickly as it started. The immature Aries man will take his manhood to heart, and he will react poorly if he feels you’re taking the pants from him in the relationship. He is a natural born leader, and he does not react well to being someone’s second in command. He will do what you ask of him politely, but he does not take orders. He thinks he knows best, and he might take your helpful suggestions as insubordination. He does not appreciate being told how to spend his own money, albeit he is prone to impulsive shopping purchases. He will care quite a bit about the opinions of his friends, so he will not take kindly to them thinking he is being bossed around by his partner. He is happy to let you handle your domain, but don’t encroach on his own. Remind him that you are a team, not his competition.

In Conclusion: The ram’s fragile ego will easily deflate under criticism, so be sure to focus on the positives. If you praise him for what he does well, he will do less of the things you do not praise, similar to the way that giving a dog a treat for good behavior is more effective than hitting a dog for poor behavior. He aims to please you, so be sure to take note of his efforts, however futile they may be. The Aries can be extremely determined, focused, intelligent, and passionate when he truly puts his mind to it. If you want to Attract An Aries Man, don’t underestimate him, because when he gets into a groove, he will surprise you. Reigning in the ram is a bit of a tussle, but the rewards of pure, unadulterated love, loyalty, and affection are well worth the fight.

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