Dark Spots On Teeth That Aren't Cavities

Dark Spots On Teeth That Aren‚Äôt Cavities? ‚Äď Causes, & treatment

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Dark black spots on teeth that aren’t cavities?. ✅ Did you know that not all dark spots are cavities?. People go very worried to the dentist because they have seen a dark stain on the teeth that they associate with cavities. That is why today, we want to clarify that it is a cavity and that other spots can appear. 

What are cavities?

So let’s start with the definition; Caries is the destruction of the tissues of the tooth caused by the acids of the bacterial plaque. It is a disease of multifactorial origin being involved in it, diet (excessive consumption of sugars), dental hygiene, enamel abnormalities, genetics and morphology, and dental malposition. 

In other words, if someone who cannot avoid eating a lot of sugar takes excellent care of their dental hygiene and orthodontically corrects dental malposition’s, it is probable that they do not develop cavities.

What are black spots on teeth?

Good dental hygiene is essential when it comes to having healthy and strong teeth. When black spots appear on the teeth or other different shades that can range from white to dark brown, it means that we have a problem and that we should consult our dentist.

Also, staining on the teeth can be annoying and uncomfortable. Actually, this is a more common problem than we think. It is not just an aesthetic problem but can hide behind a question related to bacterial plaque or a diet deficient in specific nutrients or not adequate.

Why do black spots appear on my teeth?

Why do black spots appear on my teeth?

Many different factors act on the enamel and stain the tooth. Depending on the tone of the stain, the causes can be found in one or another reason:

White spots:

The decalcification of the dental pieces can cause them. It also occurs when orthodontic appliances are removed, and proper dental hygiene has not been followed.

Yellow spots:

It can be due to various causes ranging from consuming acidic foods, bruxism, or too aggressive brushing. Not only is it annoying because of the color change, but it can also affect the sensitivity of the teeth. They can cause deterioration of the enamel, which is the protective layer. Therefore, these stains can also especially affect sensitivity when consuming very cold or scorching foods.

Brown or black spots:

Although they are more visible than yellow, black stains on teeth are usually easier to remove because they are more superficial stains. They can be caused by the consumption of coffee or tobacco, as well as by wine or tea. These substances favor the possibility of caries, so it is essential to go to the dentist to carry out deep cleaning and remove them.

How to prevent the appearance of stains on the teeth

The best way to avoid the appearance of black spots on the teeth, or of other colors, is to know the causes and take the appropriate measures to prevent them. First of all, it is essential to have good dental hygiene, which includes brushing your teeth after each meal, using dental floss in addition to the brush. Also, it is also essential to visit the dentist at least once a year to carry out the annual review and cleaning.

How to remove black spots on teeth

To remove stains, you first need to know the cause. In this sense, it is essential to watch what toothpaste we use, since some can be too aggressive with the enamel, which in the end would be counterproductive in terms of stains.

The dentist can help us with a dental cleaning, which will allow removing stains from the teeth as long as they are superficial stains. Another option is the placement of dental veneers, which allows eliminating the most visible stains that affect the aesthetics of the mouth, especially if they appear as gray teeth and pose a problem when it comes to smiling or causing embarrassment in the patient.

The importance of removing stains

That being said, not every dark stain on your teeth is tooth decay. For it to be cavities, it has to involve the destruction of the tooth. For example, molars always have small grooves on their chewing surface to better grind food. And many times, these grooves are so narrow that they can be stained over the years but are merely superficial stains that do not destroy dental tissue. Another cause of dark stains that can be seen on teeth is tartar, and this can only be removed with a cleaning or prophylaxis in the dental office. 

It is also essential to know that not all cavities are dark; there are white and brown. The whitish ones are, in fact, the most aggressive, so it is convenient to detect them as soon as possible. 

What can cause the appearance of black spots on the teeth?

Apart from enamel problems, or the accumulation of dental tartar, they can appear for other reasons.

Drinking a lot of coffee, black tea, or wine, as well as smoking, makes your teeth stained. You should also avoid those foods that stain your teeth a lot.

In many cases, black spots can be tooth decay that is progressing, and the tooth enamel destroyed.

Another frequent cause that causes black spots on teeth is the prolonged use of mouthwashes that have chlorhexidine.

Once these causes have been removed and the stains have been cleaned, you can do a teeth whitening to achieve a beautiful smile.

How to remove black spots and tartar?

There are various treatments to remove stains on the teeth. Although the first thing is to know its cause. The early treatment of these stains or tartar is done through a dental cleaning and avoids more severe problems for your dental health.

Well, this is only the beginning of the possible destruction of the bone where our teeth settle. Since, as we said, these stains are nothing more than tartar on the teeth, and that can advance into the gum causing periodontitis.

They are a cluster of bacteria that adhere to the tooth, and although we do not see or perceive them. These bacteria, once attached to the tooth, form dental tartar, which begins its journey towards the interior and gradually detaches the gum until it reaches the bone and destroys it. To remove it, a technique called teeth curettage, and root planing is used.

It may seem complicated by name, but it is a simple and very detailed technique in which the dentist, provided with a series of small instruments, gradually detaches the tartar without damaging the gums.

It should be remembered that a simple routine oral cleaning will not remove the problem and that no matter how many cleanings we do, if we do not treat the accumulation of bacteria, we can even lose a tooth.

What are all these stains due to?

It is also essential to know the causes. What are all these stains due to?

Genetics influences their development, and so make your habits. Smoking, for example, is one of the leading causes of tooth stains. Foods like coffee or red wine also cause it to appear.

It is also essential to know what type of stain it is, since the treatment may vary. The most common stains are superficial ones. They have a dark tone and are due to poor oral hygiene or some foods such as coffee.

In most cases, these stains are easily removed with a professional dental cleaning. In other cases, the spots can be soft or intrinsic deposits, which develop between the gums and are more difficult to remove.

Keys to remove stains on teeth

Good hygiene at home and professional treatment will be the keys to remove stains:

Effective oral hygiene

The most critical factor in preventing stains is good oral hygiene. It is recommended to brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day. Also, use the mouth irrigator, mouthwashes, and dental floss.

Professional treatments to remove stains

A professional dental cleaning can avoid the appearance of stains. Another option is to undergo teeth whitening, which lightens the smile in various shades.

At Propdental clinics, we carry out teeth whitening with led light, so that it is minimally invasive for your smile.

Whitening Products

Although they are not a miracle treatment, they can serve as a maintenance technique.

There are a wide variety of toothpastes on the market for teeth whitening. Before using them, consult your dentist, as some can be very abrasive for your teeth.

Adequate food

Coffee is very appealing in the morning, but it can cause stains to appear.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of foods that favor its formation. Red wine, black tea, beets can easily stain your teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly

Many pathologies are not visible to the naked eye by patients. It is also convenient to transfer all doubts to your dentist.

Destist will carry out a personalized study to adapt the treatment to your needs, and you can smile again without complexes.

Do you have black spots on your teeth and don’t know why? It would help if you went to your dentist to make a diagnosis and treatment to remove them.


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