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10 Spiritual Meaning of Fire in a Dream – Complete Guide

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Throughout human history, people have always tried to find the spiritual meaning of dreams, and sometimes we ask ourselves questions such as: why do we dream? and what is the meaning of a dream?

Today we are going to explore all about fire and its meaning in dreams, also, we will tell you what the symbolism of fire is so you can understand the spiritual meaning of fire in a dream.

On the Internet, you can find different meanings of dreams about fire.

We have compiled information from different trusted and reliable sources and have prepared a very complete guide with all the different meanings of dreams about fire that you will really help you to understand the message of this dream.

Discover it below and answer your question about: Dream Meaning Fire

What is Fire? – Meaning of Fire or Dream Meaning Fire

According to the dictionary, fire is the emission of light and heat produced by the combustion of a material.

We can also define fire as the set of incandescent molecules of combustible matter that are capable of emitting heat and light.

This is the result of a chemical reaction of accelerated oxidation.

Dreaming with fire can be positive or negative, depends on the situation. Continue reading!

What is the Symbolism of Fire?

Fire is the symbol of life in the natural and, above all, supernatural sense.

Fire is seen as an element that drives away and destroys all evil, purifies, and cleanses the soul, and all that the individual possesses in his power, such as the home.

What Does it Mean if you Dream About Fire?

10 Spiritual Meaning of Fire in a Dream – Complete Guide

1.- Dream that you are burning, that your body is on fire

This is a very common dream, dreaming that your body is on fire can be positive or negative and you must find out the meaning.

For example, the negative side of dreaming with fire is related to anger.

Ideally, you should ask yourself if something is making you angry right now so that you can fix it.

The positive side of dreaming about fire relates to a feeling of empowerment and wellness.

So, ask yourself if there is something in your life that makes you feel powerful and invincible, if you feel this way, dreaming about fire has just been one more sign that brings you that message.

Also, fire represents transformation; maybe you are trying to let go of something in your life, i.e., leaving something old behind.

Dreaming with fire reminds you that embracing change is best and moving on.

2.- Dream that a house is on fire

If you dream that your house is on fire, you are living through a stage of accumulated stress that makes you feel as if you are burning to the ground.

If the house that is burning is not yours, it could be that the owner of that house is going through a time of stress and may need your help.

3.- Dreaming that there is a fire in the city

If you see in a dream that a city is burning it could mean that there is something around, you that is making you very angry.

Then, it is time to analyze how all areas of your life are doing, work, friends, family, love, and health.

When you define it, look for possible solutions so that you can put the anger aside. Remember anger is not good and can make you sick.

4.- Dreaming that your workplace is on fire

This type of dream with fire could be related to real layoffs, that is, your job could be firing someone, or you are afraid of being fired.

5. Dreaming with a forest fire

If you dream that a forest is on fire you may know that it has an important meaning because trees symbolize the family.

So, dreaming that trees are on fire could indicate that there is anger in the family environment.

Solve it as soon as possible because family comes first and is the best we have in our lives.

Also, dreams about trees that are on fire could also mean that you are worried about your reproductive life.

For example, if you are thinking about having children and you start dreaming about a tree burning, this could be the hidden message in this dream.

6.- If you dream that you see the fire in a fireplace and you don’t get burned

meaning of fire in a dream
Positive Meaning of Fire in a Dream

This is a nice dream and brings a good message or sign.

To dream of a burning fireplace can mean the beginning of a new friendship or relationship in which you feel very good, in a cozy way.

7.- Dream with a lit candle

Candles are related to spiritual themes, therefore, if you dream of a lit candle, it may represent some event or ceremony in your life.

Such as baptisms, marriages, or any other related to spiritual themes.

If you are lighting the candle yourself in that dream, it may indicate some inner change or positive transformation.

8.- Dream that a kitchen is burning

If in the dream you see a fire in your kitchen, it means that you have pent-up anger in some aspect of your life and it’s time to let it out.

If you don’t let go of the pent-up anger it could lead to illness and you will feel like “something is burning inside you.”

9. Dreaming of a fire-breathing dragon

If you dream of dragons spitting fire, it means that someone in your environment is using very aggressive or violent words.

The dragon’s breath of fire represents someone’s pent-up anger, if you can identify who that person is, you will be able to see the pears of the dragon’s breath.

10. Dream that somebody is burning

If you dream that someone you know is burning you may be feeling in real life the desire to help that person and you don’t know how.

It may also mean that you fear for that person’s health.

Most importantly if you feel this is letting that person know that you are there for him or her in case he or she needs it.

Possible Fire Dream Meanings

  • You feel angry.
  • You are scared about the future and feel out of control.
  • You are about to burn out at work.
  • You have the desire and would like to help others.
  • A big change or transformation is coming in your life.
  • It is a signal that you need to let go of rigid expectations of your life.
  • You have burning desires inside you.

Other Meanings of Fire – Meaning of Fire in the Chinese Horoscope

In the Chinese horoscope, people born in the years ending in 6 or 7 belong to the Chinese zodiac signs related to the fire element.

Fire is the element related to passion, courage, and leadership.

Also, fire symbolizes heat, energy, and passion and people born under the influence of this element are fun and passionate, full of vitality. They are also generous, enthusiastic, and adventurous.

If you want to know more about the Chinese Horoscope you can find in this post an easy and simple guide to discover which mythological creature of the Chinese Horoscope are you!

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Important: we remind you that this article is not intended to give any specialized advice, it is only a guide based on the research that our Red Ayuda Integral team has done about the 10 types of dreams about fire and their interpretations.


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