Best Natural Ways of Eliminating Termites

Natural remedies for termites

Best natural ways of eliminating termites. natural ways to get rid of termites.

The main source of food for termites is wood and its derivatives, due to the fact that they have protozoa in their digestive system, which allows the wood pulp to be processed effectively. Termites are considered a plague in the economic field since they can destroy important wooden buildings, as well as works of art, furniture and more, it is therefore necessary to know how to  scare away termites with home remedies  before they become a problem difficult to solve.

How to get rid of termites naturally

Home treatment for termites. Termite control home remedy. These home remedies show you how to eradicate termites naturally. Do not hesitate, with these methods, you will see how the termites that are found in the wood of your home are removed.

Home poisons for the termite are many, some more effective than others, but if you’re interested in how to kill the termite, we invite you to read these 16 home remedies to eliminate the termite.

How to get rid of termites in furniture and all woods. There are many chemicals designed exclusively to combat termites, however, these products can be dangerous to health, as well as harmful to the environment, so chasing away termites with home remedies is a much safer and more natural way.



Sodium borate is a very effective product to  scare away termites with home remedies , this product directly attacks the protozoa of the termite digestive system causing them to die by feeding on wood pulp. The way to apply it is mixing it with water and with the help of a brush cover the entire surface of the wooden objects. (R)



Eucalyptus essential oil is ideal to prevent termites from approaching the wood of your precious furniture, just add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a clean towel and pass it on all wooden objects, that will allow you to clean them creating a Termite protector. (R)



To use aloe, you just have to crush the crystals of it very well and place them in a container with water, then with the help of an atomizer spray each space of the wooden utensils, repeat this process twice a week and the termites do not will approach.


If you want to know how to eliminate termites or how to eliminate termites in the most ecological way possible, then the answer is orange oil.

In a laboratory experiment, the Orange Oil Extract was found to be highly effective in killing termites, showing between 68-96% mortality in the experiment.

Also, it was discovered that insects that did not die from oil were significantly less productive in wood consumption. It is a fantastic option for the natural treatment of termite.

The active ingredient in the oil is d-Limonene, which has long been known to be toxic to insects, but particularly against the termite, which makes it poison for termites.

Termites exposed to steam also showed high mortality rates. Orange Oil Extract can be used efficiently to get rid of underground termites or underground termites ( 1 ).

Simply make small holes in the places infested by the comedones and inject the orange oil into the hole. This will help you get rid of termites in 3 days up to a maximum of 3 weeks, depending on the severity.

Other experiments were carried out that successfully demonstrated that orange oil extract is an exceptional remedy to get rid of the termite ( 2 ).

Note: Do not consume this orange oil, as it is harmful to health.


It is a non-chemical and straightforward method to get rid of white ants or termites.

An electric shock is applied to wood infested by termites. The device used has a high voltage (90,000 volts) and low current (less than 0.5 amps).

These electrocution devices are available in the market.

The electrocution process can be interfered with by common building materials such as metal, glass and concrete so that the mortality rate can be affected.

6- Sodium Borate (Borax)

This is a less refined form of boric acid, and is an ideal treatment since it attacks the bacterial protozoa (responsible for energy) in the termite’s stomach. When these insects ingest the sodium borate they are unable to digest the food, causing them to starve to death.

In order to make use of this home remedy, one must mix 500 grams of sodium borate in 5 liters of water and spray it on the termite’s habitat. Try to pay more attention to the beams and wall mounts.

7- Boric acid and grape jelly

This is one of the best known home tricks due to its effectiveness. To use it, mix four tablespoons of grape jelly with three tablespoons of cat or dog food and one tablespoon of boric acid. Place some of the preparation in the affected areas.

8- Clove bud vetiver oil

These two essential oils are the most effective in eliminating and preventing termites. Just put some of this liquid in a small bowl and place it where the insects live, you can also spray it on the wall.

9- Aloe

Take the plant and crush a stalk of aloe, then soak it in a bowl with enough water. After several hours one part of aloe vera should be poured into a spray for five parts of water. Spray on the affected areas.

10- Boric Acid

This antiseptic is sold in any pharmacy and is very effective against termites. This product should be applied on natural wood shavings and placed as bait in the areas where these insects frequent.

11- Lemon juice

These insects are nothing friends with this fruit, as it disturbs their sense of direction. Spray it in areas where you see ants.

12- Vinegar (mixed with water in equal parts)

Does vinegar kill termites. Another liquid that ants hate. Its strong smell will help you repel them. In addition, vinegar removes the traces of smell that these insects use to move, so it is very effective. Spread it around the corners and areas where you see ants, paying special attention to countertops, sink and windows.

13- Talc or chalk powders

An ingredient in chalk and baby powders is talc, which is a natural ant repellent.

14- Baking soda and sugar

It is a harmful mixture for the body of the ants, so they will flee from it.

15- Coffee grains

The smell they give off acts as a repellent for ants. Place them at strategic points, such as the garden and around the outside of your house. Coffee beans work as an excellent repellent for ants. 

16- Cornmeal

This product, in addition to interrupting the traces of smell of ants, causes the death of the insects that ingest it, since they are unable to digest it.

17- Cucumber and citrus peels

Ants avoid them, as they decompose become toxic to them.

18- Mint

Mint leaf or tea bags serve to scare away ants. Put them around the windows and doors and through the cracks where these insects access.

19- Herbs and spices

They give off a strong smell that repels ants. Place them in cabinets and drawers. In addition, cinnamon, black pepper or garlic fulfill the same function, so try to sprinkle those spices in areas where you have seen ants.

20- Borax

Mix it with water and sugar and spread the pasta that is created in the corners where you see ants.


In front of an infestation, you usually ask how to eliminate the termite. Now, you know how to end the termite, if you have read this guide to home remedies to eliminate the termite. In fact, the last tips on what not to do to remove termite from your home.


  • Try to protect your home before a termite infestation occurs. Therefore, continuously look for termites in and around the house.
  • Cut the branches that are touching the boundaries of your house.
  • Maintain the correct humidity level inside your home. Keep out of moisture and mould
  • Clean all dead plant products in your home, as it increases the chances of termites.
  • Ensure adequate drainage with a levelling system.
  • Firewood should be kept in dry places.


  • Do not have any openings in your home unless required. Fill the cracks or holes in the base.
  • Avoid using unauthorized products to control the termite, as they can damage the wood.
  • Do not store wood logs or wood debris near the house.
  • Do not confuse termites with carpenter ants. The treatment for carpenter ants is different.

Tips to remove the termite from the house

1. Remove the termite from the house with oranges and camphor

We can place a jar with orange peel and camphor in the cabinets and dark corners of the home.

Camphor is a whitish, salt-like substance that is used as an insecticide. Of course, we must be careful not to touch the clothes or stain. 

2. Make an insecticide with boric acid

Another product that is used as an insecticide is boric acid, which we can use as follows:

  • Mix a teaspoon of boric acid with a tablespoon of sugar and another of milk.
  • We place this preparation in bottle caps and distribute them through infected places.
  • We should not leave it within reach of children and dogs, to avoid¬†poisoning.
  • We repeat this process for 3 or 4 weeks. As we noted, these insects reproduce fast, and there may be significant amounts of them.

The secret of this technique lies in the constancy of its use. Otherwise, it will hardly help to remove the termite from the house.

3. Other recommendations

On the web circulate all kinds of tips to end termites. However, it is necessary to warn about the inefficiency of any of them.

For example, to spray diesel or gasoline on the surface of the wood. This will not penetrate inside, which is where the insect lodges and attacks. Also, it will cause a bad smell and is highly flammable.

Similar tips point to the use of Buffin, burned oil and substances of this type. They are not recommended, we repeat, because of their high level of flammability.

However, strong medicinal plants sucvigorouslackwood, large man and plantain can be used. To do this, it is necessary to boil water with the leaves of these to create an infusion. However, it is not a highly effective method.

4. Chemical baits

Some professionals and companies are dedicated to removing the termite from the house. Given that a termite colony can have millions of insects, which are also very harmful to the home, it is not a bad idea.

The advantage of this service is that the methods they use are controlled and attack the colony at once. In this way, the problem ends definitively, leaving no room for the comet to reproduce.

Is it possible to prevent its invasion?

If we live in an area where we know of cases of occurrence of termites, it is best to cut for the healthy and avoid acquiring wooden furniture. If you still decide to do it, it should be perfect quality wood to prevent deterioration due to these bugs.

Also, proper maintenance of cleaning and disinfection in the home can help, but it is also no guarantee. Therefore, you must be very attentive and check that your furniture, beams and openings are not being victims of these characters.

Finally, it¬†prevents¬†moisture from¬†accumulating and, above all, that there are no pipes that lose.¬†It is in this environment where these insects reside and reproduce ‚Äď they do it very quickly, by the way.

Removing the termite from your home is not easy; Also, the insurance process will blow your impatience hairs. Don’t worry; you will eventually banish them if you attack the problem as it should. But don’t let yourself be: damage can be irreversible.

In conclusion

At home, there are remedies for the termite that can help you with these bugs. It should be noted that the termite has preferences regarding the types of wood it prefers to address. The main ones are ceiba, cypress, pine and raft. However, if you have furniture of bitter cedar, ashen, you can be a little quieter. They do not attack this type of wood with the same frequency

Best Natural Ways of Eliminating Termites

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