Skin youth enhanced skin rejuvenation

Skin youth enhanced skin rejuvenation

Skin youth enhanced skin rejuvenation. Not only age, but also environmental influences such as air pollution, bacteria or UV radiation are significantly involved in skin aging. Find out here how your skin stays smooth and youthful for a long time and how early anti-aging care can help you with this.

Anti-aging: prevention is better than aftercare

Anti-aging doesn’t just start when the first signs of aging appear. Rather, it is important at any age to properly care for the skin and live healthy. Because although the signs of aging may not yet be visible, changes under the skin can already take place. Cell structures can change and moisture deposits are slowly used up – all of this is only perceived as aging much later.

What does the skin need to stay youthful for a long time?

The complexion is also a mirror for the lifestyle that you cultivate. While it is true that external factors, such as UV rays, have an influence on the skin, you too can influence the appearance of your skin. To prevent blemishes, lines and wrinkles, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Exercise in the fresh air
Regular exercise in the fresh air stimulates the metabolism and supplies the entire body with oxygen. This is also noticeable in the complexion of your skin.

2. Sufficient sleep
sleep routine of seven to eight hours is very important for well-being. Important regeneration processes take place in the body during the night. Cells are renewed, which of course also affects the skin cells.

3. Avoiding stress
Those who are less stressed not only feel more balanced, but also have less to do with wrinkles and impurities. Since stress is often noticeable in the complexion, you should try to avoid all factors. Regular rest breaks, yoga and wellness days can have a relaxing effect.

4. Healthy diet
The way you eat is often reflected in the complexion of your skin. The body needs nutrients and healthy fats in order to be able to carry out all important metabolic processes. Therefore, provide him with fresh fruit and vegetables every day and rely on whole grain products and unsweetened drinks.

5. Deep pore cleaning
To prevent skin aging, you should clean your skin thoroughly every day. This enables active ingredients to work better against skin aging and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. In the evening you should remove make-up and dirt from your skin. Otherwise, the pores can clog overnight and blemishes and signs of aging are favored.

6. Facial care appropriate for your skin type
In addition to daily facial cleansing, good facial care is also important for long-lasting, beautiful and smooth skin. 

The difference between anti aging care and anti wrinkle care

Nowadays there is a clear distinction between anti-aging and anti-wrinkle care. Anti-aging is all about taking precautionary measures. Anti-wrinkle care works against existing wrinkles and alleviates them with the help of ingredients such as retinol or hyaluronic acid. Since the breakdown of collagen in the skin begins from the age of 25, skin aging is a process that develops slowly but steadily. With targeted anti-aging products you can counteract this development at any time – either before the first signs of aging become noticeable or even when your skin is already prone to wrinkles and lines.

Anti-aging care for every skin type

Over time, the skin’s own moisture content decreases and the skin can become tight and prone to dryness. For this reason, anti-aging care is usually very rich in order to replenish the skin’s moisture stores. This strengthens the skin from the inside and gains more elasticity. Moisture is the basis that has a long-term effect against skin aging. When it comes to anti-aging care, it is important to choose the right skin type. The different ingredients and the high moisture content not only achieve an anti-aging effect, but also cover other skin needs. So you don’t have to worry about clogging the pores of blemished skin or not caring for dry skin – there is something for every skin type.

Anti-aging care routine for every day

Would you like to know how you can prevent skin aging with the right anti-aging care? Then you should pay attention to the following active ingredients when choosing your skin care:

  • Hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin
    A valuable ingredient to prevent the skin from losing moisture is hyaluronic acid. With increasing age, the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production in the deeper layers of the skin decreases. LIFTACTIV Supreme Serum 10 Comprehensive anti-wrinkle & firmness care from Vichy is an anti-aging day care that smooths the skin and increases its elasticity. Pronounced wrinkles are plumped up and the skin shines youthfully and fresh.
  • Bifidus against skin aging
    Bifidus is a combination of different probiotic bacteria. These can be found in yoghurt, among other things, and have a positive effect on the intestinal flora. But bifidus also has a great effect against skin aging in facial care. This ingredient strengthens sensitive skin in particular, as the skin’s own protective layer, the so-called hydrolipid film, is strengthened and is therefore less sensitive to external influences from the outside world. These include above all cold, extreme wind and heat. However, impurities and other skin problems are also gradually alleviated.
  • Antioxidants against free radicals
    Antioxidants are elements that work against oxidants and thus the formation of free radicals. These free radicals are molecules that are created, for example, by UV radiation or stress and have a negative effect on the structure of the skin. As a result, it loses its strength and tends to wrinkle more quickly. Antioxidants make the skin more resistant to external or internal influences. As a result, the skin is spared strong signs of aging. The formula of the LIFTATIV Antioxidative Freshness Cure contains special anti-aging ingredients that reduce the signs of aging and ensure a fresh complexion. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid have a firming effect on the skin and give it more radiance.
  • Baicalin root for tired eyes
    The Asian baicalin root has developed enormous resistance to sun and cold over thousands of years and plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicine. It is therefore used in slow-age day care to protect against skin aging. SLOW ÂGE daily strengthening eye care protects the skin from external influences. At the same time, the baicalin root also contains plenty of antioxidants that strengthen the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of shadows under the eyes.
  • Thermal water against skin aging
    Characteristic of Vichy, thermal water is also used for care against skin aging. The 15 minerals contained in it strengthen your skin barrier and support its natural regeneration. In the long term, the skin becomes more resistant to a wide variety of environmental influences. Thermal water also provides moisture, which is particularly important in order to counteract signs of aging and wrinkles caused by dryness.
  • UV protection against wrinkles and pigment spots
    UV radiation has a major influence on skin aging. That is why the Vichy Slow age Care contains both protection against UVA rays and protection against UVB rays. SLOW AGE Rich day care supplies the skin with moisture and protects against UV radiation with a sun protection factor of 30. In addition, strong bifidus cultures and mineral thermal water strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and make it soft to the touch.
Skin youth enhanced skin rejuvenation

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