The 6 Most Awkward Moments in Oscars History

The 6 Most Awkward Moments in Oscars History

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Do you want to watch the most awkward moments in Oscars history?
The latest one we can say was the slap given by Will Smith to the presenter, Chris Rock.
Today’s post will count down those most unexpected and most awkward moments in Oscars to entertain you for a while.
Also, to surprise you by seeing everything that can happen in the most important events where celebrities are the protagonists.

A legendary film actor rejects an Oscar award

In 1973, Marlon Brando, an American film actor, considered one of the greatest myths in the history of cinema, sent Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American activist to refuse his award in an act of protest against the treatment of Native Americans in the film industry. The most awkward moments in Oscars? What do you think?

You can watch the video of what happened in the link below:

The actor refused to attend the Oscar ceremony and refused the award given to him for the role played in the movie The Godfather, with the character of Vito Corleone.
The activist Sacheen Littlefeather announced to the audience that Brando refused the award and that the reasons we’re in a statement he gave to the press.

She expressed concern and sadness: “Tonight I come on behalf of Marlon Brando. He has asked me to tell you, in a very long speech which I cannot share now for lack of time, but which I will later share with the press, that he regrettably rejects this generous award, because of the mistreatment of American Indians by the film industry.”
The following day, major newspapers such as The New York Times, spoke of this important issue in defense of Indian rights.

A man appears naked at the Oscars awards ceremony

In 1974, the presenter David Niven invited Taylor on stage and unexpectedly, a man appears on stage running, but this is not the strange thing, the strange thing is that he was naked.
Why did this happen? We don’t know, maybe something typical and common in the ‘70s.
Definitely, the most awkward moments in Oscars!

You can watch the video of what happened in the link below:

A famous actress falls on the stairs while going up to receive her Oscar award

In 2013, renowned actress, Jennifer Lawrence falls while going upstairs to collect her award for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook at the 2013 Academy Awards.
Perhaps the rush and the pompous dress have been the cause of this event.
The actress didn’t seem to mind much because she got up immediately and without needing anyone’s help.

This is not the most awkward moments in Oscars , there are worse moments…!

An actor unexpectedly kisses an actress at the Oscar awards ceremony

The unexpected kiss that Travolta has given Scarlett Johansson, for some has been seen as something strange, however, it has been well received by the actress.

I think this is the most awkward moments in Oscars that happened at the 2015 Oscar awards ceremony!

Awkward jokes by Oscars host

At the 2018 Oscar Awards, the host Jimmy Kimmel showed off a jet ski (with Helen Mirren on board) and mentioned to the attendees that whoever gave the shortest speech would be the winner of the said high-powered motorcycle.
He said, “The Oscars jet ski can be yours and Helen Mirren is not included.” One of the most awkward moments in Oscars!

The winner was the designer, Mark Bridges, who delivered a speech of just 36 seconds.
An unexpected comment at the Oscar gala made the audience smile.
This is not the most awkward moments in Oscars, continue reading and discover…

Slapping or smacking the presenter at the Oscar awards ceremony

The most recent awkward event at the Oscar awards ceremony has been in this year 2022.
Actor Will Smith slapped the presenter of the event because he didn’t like a comment he made about his wife.
Yes, a slap in response to a comment about his wife’s baldness.

Presenter Chris Rock turned to Will Smith’s wife Pinkett Smith and said, “Jada, I can’t wait to see you in “Lieutenant O’Neil 2,” alluding to the character in the movie “Lieutenant O’Neil” who was a bald woman.

Will Smith seeing the look of disgust and surprise on his wife’s face decided to get on stage and slap the presenter, Chris Rock, in front of everyone.
After this incident, Will Smith has been banned from attending the Academy Awards for the next ten years.
Oh my god! , this is the most awkward moments in Oscars !

Weird, awkward, and unexpected moments

As you have read and seen in the videos, many weird, awkward, and unexpected moments happen in important events like the Oscar Awards ceremony.
Every actor and actress has a story to tell and these have been just a few curious moments, but surely there are many, many more.

Do you remember any other most awkward moments in Oscars gala?
And in any other Hollywood celebrity event?
What do you think about these awkward situations in the life of celebrities?

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