Wolf symbolism in the bible

What Is The Meaning Of Wolf Symbolism In The Bible?

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Wolf symbolism in the bible

Carnivorous animal, wild and fierce (Is. 11: 6; Hab. 1: 8), which seeks the sheep to kill them (Echo. 13:17; Jn. 10:12). Sleep during the day and wander at night (Sof. 3: 3).

Benjamin is compared to a sweeping wolf. Heb .: ¬ęzeeb¬Ľ. Figuratively, the comparison with the wolf denotes ability and violence. For example, criminal princes (Ex. 22:27); false prophets (Mt. 7:15; Acts 20:29); enemies of God‚Äôs people (Mt. 10:16).

The Palestine wolf (quite abundant) is a variety of the European species, the ‚ÄúCanis lupus.‚ÄĚ The Palestinian butcher does not hunt in packs, but alone, because he finds easy prey since winter is milder than in the northern countries. The wolf belongs to the family of the canids but does not bark: howls.

Wolf spiritual and psychological meaning

Wolf symbol meaning. Mainly he is attributed to great instinctive powers, intelligence, thirst for freedom, energy, and social connections, although it can also represent a threat and lack of trust.

Depending on your current emotional state or personality, we will see below some interpretations that have been given for centuries to this beautiful animal of power.

Next, we will explain the spiritual meaning of the wolf.

#1. Symbol of freedom and independence

The wolf is an enigmatic animal that lives between loneliness and company because it is an animal that usually walks in a pack, living in a social environment, but at the same time is lonely, distrustful, and thirsty for freedom.

For example, if you want to tattoo a wolf or wear it as an amulet, indirectly, from a psychological plane of connection with the animal, it symbolizes your self-confidence and the intuition that you must have at the moment of making an essential decision for your life.

#two. Great instinct and a lot of intelligence

The wolf possesses excellent hunting and shelter building skills, which is why he is considered a very intelligent animal with powerful instincts.

So, the wolf in dreams, tattoos, or amulets, symbolically, is related to the intelligence and instincts necessary to solve a critical situation.

#3. The wolf is a powerful symbol of protection and power

The presence of this animal totem in your life, in a tattoo or talisman, will offer you protection when you start your path to something new, giving you wisdom and great insight.

This way, you can face your deepest fears. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner being and discover our inner power and our strength.

However, to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears.

#4. Loyalty and good connection

The wolf is a family-oriented animal and has the ability to associate easily, being loyal to its own. This animal has monogamous relationships, and this confirms its great loyalty because they also have deep emotional ties.

The presence of the wolf in your life symbolizes great loyalty and trust, at the same time, invites you to leave fear aside and have better relationships with the people around you, but yes, while still relying on your instincts.

#5. The wolf is a great symbol of change

As we all know, wolves are wild and live in full freedom, which is why this powerful animal greatly symbolizes the important changes in your life.

The wolf is a self-confident animal and from a spiritual level, invites you to travel freely, accepting the changes.

There are moments in life when the wolf invites you to become a lone wolf because you need to move away from society to discover your true being.

Wolf as a spiritual symbol ‚Äď Values

  • Orientation
  • Loyalty
  • Intuition
  • Discipline
  • Community
  • Freedom
  • Caution
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

Have you recently faced a difficult choice, or do you feel you lack the information or experience to make an important decision?

The wolf is considered one of the most powerful spiritual guides of all, and his presence is a guiding message. If one day you see a wolf or it appears to you in a dream, look for the wisdom of those you respect and make a stop in your life to analyze and do introspection.

Wolf symbolic and mystical meaning

Wolves occupy a prominent place in the mythology of almost all tribes and cultures around the world. In most native cultures, it was considered an animal that represents courage, strength, loyalty, and success in hunting.

Like bears, many tribes considered that wolves are closely related to humans, and the stories of the origin of some tribes tell that their first ancestors were transformed from wolves into men.

Next, we will explain the symbolic and mystical meaning of the wolf according to each culture.

  1. In Egyptian culture: in Egyptian mythology, the wolf was a symbol of Upuaut, which means the one who opens the roads, a war deity. The wolf for the Egyptian culture was seen as an explorer, going on clear routes for the army to advance and then as an opener on the road to victory. That is why today, it is considered a guiding animal.
  2. Greek and Roman culture: in Greek and Roman mythology, the symbol and meaning of the wolf are associated with the gods of war. The totem of the wolf spirit was also seen as the Great Goddess, and many Greek, and Roman heroes claimed wolves as their ancestors.
  3. Chinese culture: The Chinese saw the wolf totem animal as a guardian of the celestial palace.
  4. Celtic world: The wolf was a very important symbol for the Celts. Lug, the supreme god of Celtic mythology, is represented accompanied by two wolves.

Wolf meaning as a tattoo

Getting a wolf tattoo is an excellent way to show your family devotion and loyalty, as they are used to walking in packs, and are able to do anything to protect theirs.

The wolf can represent love because as we mentioned earlier, it only has one partner, so it is that a person in love usually makes this tattoo representing the union and true love towards their partner.

Courage and power are another of the meanings given to wolf tattoos and represents the way you see life without fear.

People with wolf tattoos want to evoke strength, fearless power, and family. That is what characterizes this wonderful animal.

How to know if the wolf is my spirit animal totem?

These are some questions that will help you discover if the wolf is your power animal. Do you need time to reconnect with your true passion? Do you need to isolate yourself to find your true self? Don’t you easily distinguish the truth from the lie when you are having a dialogue with someone? Do you need to release some tension and continually see your point of view within your circle of friends?

Other important features to know if it is your animal of spiritual power are the following:

  1. You are wise or loyal: People with wolf spirits are often respected for their advice, wisdom and are seen as loyal people. Usually, those people who identify with the wolf have beautiful thoughts to share and are consulted by friends or family to help them solve their problems.
  2. You are very social: While the idea that the wolf is a solitary animal is very popular, it is not really so, as wolves in most cases run in packs with a complex and varied social structure. People with wolf spirits feel the ability to overcome the survival of their closest social circle above their own.

We hope this article has served you on the meaning of the wolf, both psychological and spiritual, and mystical or symbolic. We also hope to have helped you if you are looking for information about what it means to identify with a wolf or what the wolf represents.

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