What is the left breast scratching for? Sign and reason

What does it mean when your breast itch superstition?. What does it mean when your tittes itch?. In ancient times there were many superstitions and signs associated with the human body. People today believe less in something elusive. Many regard these interpretations, yet it is not uncommon for young people to call on representatives of the older[…]


Do you feel stressed? Are you under pressure? Or have you always wanted to do something, but don’t you dare? What are you afraid of? Under stress there is always a certain form of ‘fear’. And fear is an annoying thing. It can sometimes turn up, regularly hinder you, or completely ruin your life. Making sure that you are[…]


Is your schedule regularly different than you would like? And do you also notice that, often when an important deadline is imminent, things suddenly come your way that do not fit in with that? Yet it is possible to continue to live from God’s rest! In this blog I share the ‘secret’ with you, no matter how you[…]


Do you suffer from uncertainty? Or do you sometimes also have the feeling that you can ‘fall through the basket’ at any moment? That your successes are not your own merit, but ‘coincidence’, or the result of help from others? Here, psychology speaks of ‘deceiver syndrome’: you find it difficult to ‘internalize’ successes. I can tell you that you[…]

What Does It Mean When Cats Rub Against You

This universal cat behavior is a compliment, experts say, because your cat communicates with you and marks you as its relatives.”Cats define their worlds with scent,” says Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant in California, also known as The Cat Coach. “It’s a way to identify their families, their friends and also their enemies. When[…]

How To Clean Your Kendra Scott Necklace

I just can’t resist the beautiful, colorful, elegant look of Kendra Scott Necklace jewelry. If you’ve added any of her pieces to your jewelry collection, then you may notice they need a little polishing up from time to time. The official care instructions direct you to keep your Kendra in the lovely little blue bag it[…]

8 Signs a Female or Male coworker likes you

As an adult with a permanent job, you spend more time at work than seeing your family and friends. With all this time that you are at work, it is not strange that you are attracted to a colleague or vice versa. You have probably also experienced that a colleague fell in love with another colleague,[…]

What is the purpose of a decanter for whiskey?

Personally I love whisky decanters and over the years have amassed quite a few. My collection includes one or two special ones that were wedding gifts, but for the most part my collection comprises simple, inexpensive, everyday decanters. I keep one permanently on the kitchen counter, so that it is always readily on hand. What[…]


Least Painful Ear Piercings In Order (From LEAST painful to MOST painful based on customer feedback) Ear Lobe Navel Lip Nostril Eyebrow Tongue Daith Helix Dermal Anchor Stretching Rook Conch Industrial Septum Nipple Genitals Don’t forget guys, it’s all down to personal experience, so don’t be put off, if you really want to mod your bod,[…]

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