Dreaming of a Dead Person being alive meaning

Dreaming of a Dead Person Being Alive Meaning

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

Dreaming of a dead person being alive can sometimes be sad, scary, or confusing. The unimaginable pain experienced after losing a loved one can seem devastating, and many times dreams are messages from our unconscious about our deepest thoughts and emotions. It’s important to consider the hidden meaning behind these dreams because they might help us in ways we might not yet understand. Learn more about why you might have experienced this dream and how to interpret its message.

A dream reflects your mental, emotional and physical state. It reflects what is going on in your mind and in your heart. These dreams are usually tied to feelings of guilt or regret, unresolved issues with the deceased, nostalgia, loss or unexpressed love.

As someone who is currently experiencing the heart-wrenching pain of the loss of my husband of 22 years; I have felt agony, anguish, heartache, and despair. I can tell you there are many ways how one can deal with grief and one of them is through DREAMS.

According to psychologytoday.com, “grief” is the acute pain that accompanies loss. A person may feel guilt and confusion, especially if the death was unexpected and if the relationship with that person was problematic or they were going through hard times.

There are 3 Main Reasons of Dreaming of a Dead Person Being Alive

1.- Support and protection

This dream comes when you are going through a difficult time, dealing with sadness, uncertainty, worry, loneliness, and/or fear. The dead come to protect you, to tell you that you are not alone and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

It is essential to be attentive to the signs they give you. You probably hear their voice, and, in addition, thoughts and ideas come to your mind. They are communicating with you to give you good advice and make you feel that you are not alone. It is wonderful to be close to your guardian angel who watches over you from the spirit world.

2.- Desire to communicate something important

Dreams with a dead person are a way of communicating with one another. It is vital to discover the messages they wish to transmit. But how to do it? How to know what they want to communicate to us?

First, we need to believe that it is possible to communicate in the dream world with loved ones who have passed away. It is recommended to be open to this possibility. The bible also tells us about messages God sent through dreams. Asian culture also have ancestral roots in this belief.

An exercise that will make it easier to decipher the messages is to return to the dream, close your eyes, remember the dream, concentrate on it, and imagine the encounter with the dead or deceased. Be attentive to the signals that come to you from the subconscious because they are enlightening messages to communicate feelings and/or any unfinished business with the deceased person.

3.- Connection

If you dream of someone who has died or passed away, and they appear in your dreams while they are in agony or detaching from this plane; this only demonstrates the connection between people who are temporarily in two different worlds.

It is normal to dream – and think – every day about the person who had died or passed away, especially when they were close, like dad, mom, siblings, children, relatives, or spiritual friends. They can have a strong connection to us through dreams, thus maintaining the bond of love and friendship that transcended the earthly plane.

Death means transformation and change

Dreaming about death is often a powerful symbol of self-transformation, inner growth and self-reflection.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Being Alive is primarily associated with our relationship with the deceased and its importance. They usually involve feelings of loss, absence, or seeking advice to resolve a conflict.

If you have dreamed of a person close to you that passed away and in your dream that person is alive, it’s because that person is trying to tell you something.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Being Alive Meaning

Dreaming of a dead person is more common than you think. It can have several meanings, depending on the type of dream and the deceased person who appears in it.

  • Dreams about dead people being alive are usually an attempt of our subconscious to bring us a message about something we refuse to acknowledge and accept or something we choose to ignore.
  • They may also indicate us not being able to accept that some dear person is gone from our lives for good and that dreams are a way for our subconscious to cope with that loss.

Sometimes, these dreams can signify guilt or grief for not resolving some issues when they were alive. If that is the case, such a dream might help us forgive that person or ourselves and finally find peace.

  • Dreams about dead people are often interpreted as a symbol of unexpected life changes. Sometimes they can signify receiving some unforeseen news.
  • They can sometimes indicate the need to let go of something or someone you no longer need so that you can make a place for a fresh start and a new beginning.
  • Usually, the reason spirits contact you through dreams is so they can teach you a lesson or send a message to you. Don’t dismiss your dream as something unknown or something that happens. A dream with your loved one visiting you is one of the most important things you can dream about.

When we lose someone, there can be a lot of uncontrollable and extreme emotions.

Life can be lost so suddenly, and it can shake our world and leave us in a feeling of disbelief. When we lose someone, there can be a lot of uncontrollable and extreme emotions that we feel can never be quenched. Nothing we do will bring them back or fill that void of them being gone.

Dreaming about a loved one who has passed away can be healthy for our minds. Still, it can also be harmful, and it is important to differentiate what it means to us. These dreams can be part of our growth or hinder our growth and keep us “encapsulated” in one stage of our life.

Remember that the dead may appear in your dreams for several reasons, and the most common is for protection.

Different types of dreams with dead people

In today’s post, we will describe the meaning of these dreams according to the different types of dreams and scenarios that may arise.

  • Dreaming about dead relatives

The spirits of deceased loved ones appear in our dreams with a message, advice, or warning that we should understand to avoid unnecessary problems and help us not to make mistakes shortly.

Have you ever dreamed of someone you love who has passed away and wondered if they were trying to give you a message from beyond the grave?

Before commenting on the supernatural viewpoint of dreaming of deceased loved ones, psychologists believe that dreaming of dead relatives or friends is just a manifestation of depression or feelings of guilt.

The interpretation of the appearance of deceased people in the dream world is part of our psyche trying to communicate with us. These dreams can be part of our growth or become an obstacle to our development that can keep us “stuck” in a particular situation.

Dead relatives can visit us to comfort us or do their best to give us a sense of closure.

Often they will visit us in our dream looking happy, much younger, healthier, and more vibrant and fuller of life than we ever remembered them while they were alive.

Sometimes they appear to us this way because they want to let us know everything will be alright and not to worry. They want you to rest assured that they are in good hands and well taken care of, and there’s no more pain where they are now.

Other times they have a deeper meaning from the afterworld that could be more easily interpretable.

If you start dreaming of a lost loved one, start keeping a journal next to you. It’s essential to write down any information you can remember from the dream as soon as you wake up, so you can remember it later on.

  • Suppose you dream that someone deceased is alive and trying to tell you something. In that case, it will mean that it is a person who always advised and protected you, and now that you feel alone and helpless, you need someone to talk to and advise you.
  • If we dream that the deceased appears to give us some help or advice, it means that this person is aware of us beyond the earthly plane and wants to convey a message to improve our life.
  • If we dream that a very close deceased person who is recently dead and speaks in our dreams, it may mean that he still misses us and has not learned to assimilate his passing to another environment.

It is not that the memory of your loved ones can solve any problem, but perhaps, through the dream, you can get that extra strength you need to move forward. People who love you always do, even when they are no longer with you.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking to You Meaning and Interpretation

  • Dreaming about talking to a dead person.

This dream indicates that someone close to you, relative or friend, is preparing to seek advice from you regarding difficulties they are experiencing.

  • Dreaming about meeting and talking to a dead person.

If you dream about meeting and talking to a dead person, it is a good sign. This dream might indicate people around you treating you with kindness and compassion.

  • Dream of dead mother being alive or dreaming about talking to your deceased parents. 

This dream may be a way to cope with the loss of your parents and an opportunity to say goodbye to them. It might also signify your family’s well–being in the near future. This dream might also be a way for your subconscious to keep your parents alive.

Such a dream might help you find inner peace and confidence about issues you are currently confronting. Sometimes this dream may indicate an upcoming business success.

  • Dreaming about talking to your dead relative, sibling or a friend.

Such a dream usually signifies you miss them in reality, and you still don’t accept that they are gone. This dream may be a way for your subconscious to deal with that fact.

This dream might also indicate being ridiculed or disrespected by the people around you, which might seriously undermine your confidence and self–esteem.

  • Dreaming about a dead person calling you to go somewhere.

If you dreamed about talking to a dead person, who was luring you to go somewhere, and you accepted the call, such a dream might be an evil omen.

This dream might signify being in grave danger shortly, and it might be a sign of confronting some severe health issues and illness. This dream can sometimes forewarn death.

  • If someone was trying to stop you from following the dead person in your dream:

Such a dream might represent someone in your life who will help and support you to prevent the circumstances mentioned above from happening or help you deal with them if something terrible happens.

  • Dreaming of dead grandfather.

If you dreamed about talking to your dead grandfather, who wanted you to go somewhere with him, and you agreed, such a dream is a bad sign.
This dream might indicate being in grave danger currently. It might be a sign of serious sickness in the near future. It might also signify some tragic events occurring soon, possibly leading to your death.

  • Dreaming about talking to a dead person and refusing to go with her.

Suppose you dreamed about talking to a dead person who was trying to convince you to go somewhere. In that case, such a dream might forewarn you of getting involved in a dangerous situation in the near future.

Fortunately, you can free yourself from this situation by being extra cautious and making clever and well-thought decisions.

What do these dreams mean?

Losing a loved one can give people a sense of anguish or desperation. When dead people visit us, they often try to calm our emotions as best they can. Having that void inside you that will never be filled can make living life very difficult. Sometimes going about your day can seem quite overwhelming.

They know how overwhelming life can be for you now that they’ve gone, and they don’t want you to feel hopeless. They want you to remember them just how they were before they tragically lost their life.

Dreams can mean many things, but dreaming of a lost relative signifies that they are trying to reach you and speak to you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t visit you in your dream.

  • Not everyone is connected to the spirit world

Some people’s minds can reciprocate these messages, and some cannot. Our mind is powerful, and it goes a long way to reinforce whatever we believe in. Our subconscious mind is even more powerful and will follow any beliefs we’ve ingrained into it over the years. This is why some people can hear and see spirits, yet others cannot.

Dreams can be the most surefire way for spirits to reach us, as this is when we are the most susceptible to receiving clear messages from them. Spirits can feel your emotions, and you cannot express them when you sleep. When you have so much turmoil, your loved ones can sense this and will do everything possible to reach you.

You aren’t paying attention

As I’ve already said earlier, dreaming of a lost relative signifies that they are trying to reach and speak to you. They may be trying to give you advice or a warning. This may not always be the case, but there are cases wherein a dead relative may be trying to reach you to give you the advice that you desperately need.

You might be sure that you are doing things the right way and are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s advice. And this might be the reason why a dead loved one has been visiting you in your dreams so often. To try to convince you to do the right thing.

It would be helpful to do Daily Self Reflections

You dream with them…. because you miss them

One of the most obvious reasons is that you miss them. And because you miss them, they begin to appear in your dreams. This is even more common if you think about this loved one a lot.
Your subconscious tends to pull from your memories and thoughts to create your dreams. So if you think about this loved one all the time, then it is very likely that this is why you are dreaming of this person.

We recommend you read: How to Cope with Grief

In Conclusion: Dreaming of a dead person being alive meaning

Dreaming of a dead person being alive will most likely mean that you miss and love them and are grieving. Take the time to think about what that person meant and how you will suffer their absence. Still, more than anything, heal yourself, love yourself, treasure the memories you share, and try to find peace and acceptance.

We hope this article has solved your doubts! If you found it helpful, please share it!

So many different types of dreams and interpretations are so exciting and revealing. If you want to learn more about the meaning of dreams, we recommend you keep reading! We invite you to discover all the articles we have for you in our section of DREAMS ABOUT .

If you believe….

What can you do if you dream about a dead person being alive?

You can connect with your deceased loved ones and discover the message they are trying to tell you in their dreams.

We have all dreamed at some point of a deceased loved one. If you want to know the message that your deceased loved ones have for you, you can also consult with a medium. Mediums are people dedicated to connecting with the dead and transferring their message to their relatives on earth.

Bhagavan Vásquez is a recognized international medium. You can visit his website to learn more about him.

What is exactly a Medium?

In general, a medium is a person who can contact spirits or energies that no longer live on our earthly plane or in our temporal space.

Types of mediums

Those who contact deceased persons:
This contact is made because a family member or friend requests this connection.
Those who contact beings from beyond:
In these cases, mediums do not contact human spirits but evil or demonic spirits.


Characteristics of mediums

Therefore, when we speak of a medium, we are referring to a type of person who has the gift of communicating with spirits who do not live in our environment and who, for the vast majority of us, are not visible and cannot be perceived by any of our human senses.

When a medium indicates that they are also clairvoyant, they specify that they can also see them in addition to contacting spirits.

The medium can communicate with beings of the beyond thanks to energetic channeling; therefore, his own body acts as if it were an intermediary between the earthly and the spiritual world.

It is important to note that mediums are clairvoyants; they can also use the instruments we have mentioned above (cards, crystal balls, etc.) to know people’s future. But psychics are NOT mediums; there are very few mediums who are.

People with the gift of mediumship can hear the thoughts and voices and feel the presence of other beings that are not part of our reality. In addition, they can feel the higher energetic frequencies where spirits vibrate. Therefore, their contact with that “other” reality is feasible.

Their presence does not activate the presence of spirits, but,, they can connect with souls that are already here but are not perceptible to most of us.

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  1. I’m still really not understanding my mother has passed probably 9 years ago and I saw her in a dream and in the dream she was alive but by the time the dream ended she had died I’m not sure what this is trying to tell me

  2. My best friend passed away almost 2 years ago. This month is the month of his anniversary. I saw him two days before he passed away. We live together and I had just moved out. I never got to say goodbye. And he came to me last night in a dream and said he was still alive. I have thought many times that he is still alive, and might have a Tuesday. Last night my dream just felt so real. I want to know what this means

  3. My partner got sick and died within three days in my hands 11 weeks ago. I still cant believe he is gone. We had so many plans together. Both of us didn’t foresee any death, it happened so suddenly. I miss him so much it hurts. Last night I dreamed that he came back from death and that we were together. I was telling myself in the dream that I have to inform his family that he is back. This morning I’m down again…. but why my God why…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The dream is making her die again so that you can process the trauma. I am no expert, just someone who has lost loved ones. My condolences to you 😉

  5. I had a dream about my best friend who died a month ago . Her controlling husband kept our friendship distant he would let her talk to me . I never got to say goodbye or have closure she died suddenly . I dreamed she was alive we were talking and so glad to see each other .

  6. I’m keep on dreaming my grandpa since I got pregnant. He’s always avoiding and ignoring me in my dreams. I’m worries what’s the message he’s trying to relay. Last night, I dreamt that he’s alive and I was having a 2nd thought recognizing him. It feels so surreal. I kept on chasing him until he’s nowhere to be found.

  7. In my dream l was somewhere trying to go back home but l forgot the address, since lt was my first day working. So l saw a taxicab and l made a sign to stop. He then pick me up and l pay him. Then l saw this guy passing and l say you going back home too? He says yes, ok perfect get in so we can divide the cost of the taxi. He agreed but this person died a year ago. Then l woke up.

  8. I keep having the dream where my mom comes back home by herself from the hospital after months of us grieving over her death. Shes very much alive in the dream and we tell her they told us you died and then we point out her urn and ashes and ask her if you are here..who’s ashes are those. I wonder if she knows she’s passed. I just remember the look on her face of shock.

  9. I lost a friend (male) I’d only known 4 weeks, he was shot murdered, I really liked him and I think he liked me to, but I’ll never know cause he’s gone, in my dream I’m at the hospital and although he was shot he’s alive I also see the shooting play out than we are at a house lyeing on a couch together I wake up I know there’s more but can’t remember

  10. Hi I lost my sister in a car crash she was 21 in April I lost her.. we weren’t talking and got into a big fight in December and we never talked since than..I dreamed that she was in a casket in the living room and everyone came to view her here but suddenly she came alive and she wasn’t talking she was crying almost as if she is sad to be gone and still wants to be alive here on earth.. everyone left and was kinda scared and me and my mom and dad were happy and she hugged me so tight but she felt stiff like a corpse I started singing songs about God to her and I kept singing to her Christ is waiting for you in heaven go to heaven and than I woke up.. I want to tell my mom but I don’t want to stress her out with this dream.

  11. I lost my grandpa 3 months ago. When he passed away he was very sick and didn’t look like himself. Last night I dreamt that he came back to life and showed up at our family Sunday BBQ that he started at his house and he was so young! He looked like how he did when I was 6 years old. When I ran up to hug him he kept walking and said he wasn’t supposed to be there and he needed to leave and i was crying while hugging him trying to keep up since he was walking away and begging him not to go. Next thing he was gone. What does it mean??

    1. Hi, Clarissa, First of all, we remind you that dreams are interpretations that we make of what we experience in our daily lives. With this dream I can feel that your grandfather wants to let you know that he will always take care of you and that he loves you. There are people who can help you connect with your deceased loved ones and these people are called Mediums, like the one we mentioned in the post, Bhagavan Vásquez, a recognized international Medium.

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