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11 Spiritual Lightning Dream Meaning – Symbolism

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2023)

Since the beginning of time, lightning has been considered a symbol of power and energy, that can also inspire fear and a sense of danger. There are different meanings of dreams about lightning, some positive, others negative, depending on the type of dream.

We have compiled information from different trusted and reliable sources and have prepared a very complete guide with all the different meanings of dreams about lightning that you will really help you to understand the message of this dream.

Discover it below and answer your question about: Lightning Dream Meaning. First, let’s define…

What is Lightning?

Lightning is an electrical discharge produced by imbalances between clouds and the Earth’s surface. The phenomenon of lightning is a huge electrical discharge that occurs in the atmosphere, releasing great energy and light when passing between two bodies with different electrical potentials.

The Lightning Symbolism

Since the beginning of time, lightning has been considered a symbol of power and energy.

What are Dreams and Why do we dream?

To understand where dreams come from and what are dreams, we would have to talk about Oneirology, which is the scientific study of dreams.

The word “Oneirology” is formed with Greek roots and means “study of dreams“. Its lexical components are oneiric (dream) and logos (word, treatise), plus the suffix -is (quality).

Dreams are interpretations made by our brain of the reality we live in our day-to-day life, including our unconscious world.

The unconscious world is our desires, fears, deep desires, that is, those things that we do not usually express clearly about ourselves.

What does it mean when you dream about lightning?

All dreams with lightning have different meanings and the details of each of them are the key to understanding the hidden message behind a dream of this type.

The most important thing is to try to remember what types of lightning are, I mean, you must identify if it is lightning alone in the middle of the sky or if it is lightning accompanied by thunder or rain.

All this will allow you to discover and understand the specific meaning of dreaming about lightning.

We have prepared a Complete Guide Interpretation where you will discover 11 Lightning Dream Meaning, you can see it below in this post! Continue reading!


Positive Lightning Dream Meaning

  • The positive message of dreaming of lightning is the arrival of an important person in your life or an unexpected amount of money.
  • Abundance is near, you just have to keep building your dreams, with patience and dedication!

Negative Lightning Dream Meaning

  • The negative message of dreaming about lightning is the stress overload in your life.
  • It is a strong signal for you to set boundaries in your life and start relaxing a little more.
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are here to shine (just like that lightning bolt you dreamed about).

Common Dreams about Lightning and its Interpretation

The most common dreams about lightning are seeing Lightning Strike an Object or seeing a lightning bolt illuminate and make the landscape more visible.

Also, dreaming that you have been struck by lightning or seeing someone get struck by lightning and die.

We will explain all these dreams below, in the complete guide interpretation.

11 Spiritual Meaning of Lightning in a Dream – Complete Guide Interpretation

1. A lightning is a line that starts at the place where a certain kind of energy is generated and extends in the direction in which it propagates. If you see it in a dream, this can mean a breakthrough in your life towards a new path.

2. Being near lightning in a dream may mean that in your life you feel in danger in some way.

3. Crossing a field while walking and seeing a lightning bolt may mean that a positive and definitive change is coming to your life.

4. Discovering a lightning bolt unexpectedly can be the announcement of an unexpected change that can be positive or negative, you just must be aware of your surroundings.

5. Effects of lightning or lightning effects from a lamp means that you are trying to change something in your life, and you want to create the perfect moment for that to happen in your life.

6. Fire and lightning in a dream could mean that the desire burning inside you is about to come true. If you want to know more about dreaming about fire, you must read: 10 Spiritual Meaning of Fire in a Dream – Complete Guide

7.  If you feel scared with lightning in a dream and wake up anxious, you are probably taking on responsibilities that are not yours and that are causing you a lot of stress, therefore, it is time to put an end to that situation.

8. If you are in a very dark place and you see a lot of lightning in a dream that illuminates the whole space, it means that you are a person who shines with your own light and illuminates others with that light that comes from within you.

Also, dream about lightning that illuminates the whole sky symbolizes power and money. The brighter you see everything in the dream, the more abundance and money will come into your life.

9. If you are trying to save other people from lightning, maybe you are a person who likes to take care of others in real life, to the point of sometimes neglecting yourself.

This dream is a sign that tells you that you need to see a little more for yourself to keep seeing for others.

10. If you are seeing Lightning Strike an Object could be a message from your angels for you to pay attention to what is happening around you and to be cautious of any possible negative event.

11. Dreaming that you have been struck by lightning or seeing someone get struck by lightning and die means that you must take care of your personal relationships.

Probably someone is upset with you, and you want to solve that problem.

It may also mean that a new person will come into your life who will surprise you in a positive way.

Curious Facts About Lightning You Might Not Know

  • Lightning can strike up to 40 kilometers away from the center of the storm.
  • The electricity in the lightning travels from the beginning, not from the cloud to the ground.
  • Lightning can reach an energy of more than 100 million volts which is discharged on the body instantaneously.
  • In Venezuela, the phenomenon known as the “Catatumbo Lightning” occurs, in the corner of Venezuela 1.6 million lightning strikes per year.
  • Lightning strikes occur in 1 to 2 microseconds (that is 0.000002 seconds).
  • Thunder is heard after the lightning strike because light travels much faster than the speed of sound.
  • There is a noise music duo formed in Providence, Rhode Island in the United States called Lightning Bolt. The drummer and vocalist Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson formed the group. They are generally considered great innovators of the noise rock music genre and are somewhat legendary for the volume and energy of their concerts. They are also known for wearing masks at each of their concerts.

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