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Chinese Horoscope Monkey Love Compatibility

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In today’s post, you will get to know the Chinese Horoscope Monkey Love Compatibility. Discover the characteristics and everything about the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac.

The Monkey occupies the ninth position in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 animals of the zodiac are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. There is a legend, the Jade Emperor said that the order would be decided by the order in which they would arrive at his party in the celestial palace. The Monkey came in ninth after the goat.

Have you ever wondered what my Chinese Zodiac Animal is?

Read on to meet the intelligent and funny Monkey!


  • Those born in the year of the Monkey are cheerful and very friendly.
  • The Monkey is practical in finding solutions to problems.
  • He relates easily and has a strategic mind that will allow him to reach any social and political circle he sets his mind to.


  • Those born in the year of the Monkey are fast, skillful, and with a great capacity to carry out work or any activity in a short time.
  • They are gifted at analyzing problems, making effective decisions and capable of imitation and improvisation.



  • Monkey and Rat usually have harmonious relationships based on tolerance.
  • They support each other and know how to achieve goals as a team.
  • When they have disagreements, they know how to find a harmonious solution.
  • It is a perfect long-term relationship because they communicate effectively and with respect.


  • Ox and Monkey are distinct and independent, and it isn’t easy to find trust between them.
  • Their stubbornness makes it difficult for them to be friends and partners with joy and harmony.
  • In their essence, both are good and noble. However, it is insufficient to achieve trust between them and to realize long-term life projects.


  • The tiger and the Monkey are antagonistic and profoundly different. Both are very independent and see life very differently.
  • While the tiger is working hard, the Monkey will have fun. At the end of the day, the tiger will be tired of the feeling that there is no companionship from the Monkey.
  • A lot of understanding helps to be happy, but as long as this does not happen, the tiger and the Monkey will go their separate ways.


  • The rabbit and the Monkey are a rare pairing combination.
  • While the rabbit enjoys being quiet at home, the Monkey prefers to be out on the street looking for fun.
  • However, at first glance, they are attracted to each other.
  • However, maintaining stable relationships for a long time will depend on the ability to accept their differences. This isn’t easy to achieve.


  • The dragon and Monkey make a pair that complement each other perfectly.
  • The union of the dragon and the Monkey allows for a harmonious bond.
  • After starting a relationship, it is difficult for them to separate. They will always know how to share their energies, joys, and emotions.
  • The deception is not characteristic of this couple because they enjoy the qualities of each other very much, and they know how to channel their needs and dreams successfully.
  • Whether in friendship or as a couple, they are favored to be together. And in business, dragon and Monkey are superb partners.


  • Snake and Monkey have nothing in common in romantic relationships, and for friendship, they do much better and even sexually.
  • They can have problems because the Snake has a possessive nature toward the Monkey, and the Monkey does not like control.
  • To maintain a relationship, they will need a lot of patience, communication, and compromise. Be willing to take advantage of each other’s potential.


  • The horse and the Monkey form an energetic pair. It is the union of intelligence, ideas, fun, good projects, and dreams.
  • The horse and the Monkey will be satisfied by everything they do together.
  • However, when they are too similar, they must be careful to avoid conflicts.
  • They must know how to live with pride and stubbornness. It is not always possible to reach an agreement.
  • When there are intense conflicts, the rupture appears on the scene, and reconciliation becomes difficult.
  • The important thing is communication when the atmosphere is right. It is worth reconciling to enjoy an experience rich in vitality and emotion.


  • The goat and Monkey are a fun couple. They enjoy activities, going for walks, going to the theater, movies, and parties.
  • Also, they look for time to go out with friends, which brings them a lot of joy.
  • They are very dynamic, although the goat always goes at a slower pace than the Monkey.
  • They avoid monotony and hardly have time for boredom.
  • This couple is not perfect and must improve the energetic connection, like all creatures of the zodiac.
  • The goat must increase its level of activities to keep up with the tireless Monkey. And on the other hand, the Monkey must be less noisy and careless.


  • Monkeys make a prosperous pair. If they unite their efforts, they become very successful.
  • They know how to get up in the face of difficulty and quickly recover from any failure that comes their way in life.
  • They will be surrounded by good times because they are always looking for fun and joy in their lives.
  • They will be fortunate to have a network of friends that will multiply together.
  • The key to maintaining this relationship is not to compete but to join forces in the plans, purposes, and projects they propose.
  • As friends, you will make an incredible team to laugh, enjoy and work with.


  • The Monkey and the rooster make a complicated pair.
  • The Monkey and the rooster have from their essences little compatibility.
  • They met to compete, argue, and rival. They tend to live strained, cold, distant, and stormy relationships.
  • They have difficulty making the team at work, and the same happens to consolidate friendships.
  • Both have the gift of intelligence, which will help them have a plan of action to improve their relationships.
  • It is crucial to set commitments and review their fulfillment.


  • The Monkey and the dog make a strong couple.
  • They have in common ancestral energy that will help them to have a harmonious, pleasant, beautiful, stimulating, and unforgettable relationship.
  • The energy of both will allow them to see life with optimism, an aspect that is very necessary in the dog.
  • In relationships of friendship and to do business they are favored.
  • They will enjoy social gatherings and overcome difficulties with remarkable ease.


  • Monkey and Pig make a vital pair. They are favored for long, pleasant relationships, growth, and fulfilled dreams.
  • They form a team that knows how to complement each other to get ahead in the face of difficulties.
  • The Monkey is fun and extroverted, and when united with the Pig, they achieve a bond full of positive emotions.
  • The Pig will provide comfort and will generously share his wealth. They must be careful not to hurt each other and avoid teasing.
  • The friendship between the two will enjoy a strong bond and be challenging to break.


  • Rat, dragon and dog are the best companions.
  • However, the ox or tiger are not good companions.


  • Engineering and accounting.
  • Excels in banking and sales.


  • People born in the year of the Monkey are naturally sociable and hardworking.
  • The best way to socialize is through gatherings and parties.


  • Unlucky numbers: 2 and 7.
  • Unlucky Colors: red, pink
  • Unlucky directions: South, Southeast
  • Unlucky months: Chinese lunar months 7 and 11


  • Lucky numbers: 4 and 9
  • Lucky days: the 14th and the 28th of any month of the Chinese lunar calendar
  • Lucky Colors: white, blue, gold
  • Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum
  • Lucky directions: North, Northwest, West
  • Lucky months: Chinese lunar months 8 and 12.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

It is my wish that this post has been helpful to you.

It is important to know the essence of the 12 zodiacal animals.

They are all extraordinary; it doesn’t matter if they are big or small because they have all been gifted with beautiful qualities.

By enjoying each zodiac animal’s positive gifts and essences, you will find greater harmony in life.

All animals can live together, and the important thing is that we value the strengths that each one offers.

Positive energy is achieved when each animal brings its qualities to a home.

Have you ever met families that look happy? That is possible when we all bring out the best of our essence every day.

You should not worry if you realize that you live with an antagonistic person after reading this work. It would help if you learned to share your positive essences.

“The secret of life is to let the positive emerge to live with the light that illuminates everything”.

“The secret of life is to coexist with wisdom the dark, shadow side that dwells in the essence of each of the 12 zodiac animals.”

Keep in mind these two secrets: to emerge the positive and to live with wisdom the dark side.

The wise are those who know how to live, and teach others to live, with the shadows of the zodiac animals.

Knowing the essence of people should be to improve the planet and never to harm. It is desired to enhance the positive.

You should also take into consideration which ELEMENT rules your personality.
To know what your element in the Chinese Horoscope is, we recommend you read: The 5 elements of the Chinese Horoscope and how they influence your personality.


We hope you have found this post about the Monkey Chinese Zodiac Compatibility helpful!

Chinese astrology and the Chinese Horoscope is of great importance and serves as a guide to specific situations in life. Knowing the essence of each of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals will allow you to understand your strengths and also how to avoid conflicts in the relationships you establish.

Did you know that the Chinese Horoscope also has two faces? Do you want to know what they are? Read Chinese Horoscope and its Two Faces: Discover which one is yours.

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I leave you until a future meeting. I have a meeting where indeed the first to arrive will be the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

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