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The smoky gemstone quartz has been known since ancient times for its protective and medicinal effects. The smoky quartz varies from color in smoke brown to almost black. Very dark specimens of smoky quartz are called morion.

The stone is used, among other things, for digestive pain, connective tissue weakness, to prevent panic attacks and to overcome sadness. The Romans called this stone “the stone of sorrow” for a reason. In the Alpine countries, rose pebbles and crucifixes are still cut from smoky quartz. Besides, it is also a popular gemstone for jewelry. 


Since ancient times, the smoky quartz has been known as a protective stone. Soldiers used smoke quartz during their battle. They did this by looking at the smoky quartz. If the stone became dark in color, it meant danger or a warning.

For the Romans, the dark color of the smoky quartz symbolized sorrow. When the smoky quartz was worn, and the stone became darker, this was a sign that more grief had to be processed by the wearer. In the countries in the Alpine region, rose pebbles and crucifixes are still cut from smoky quartz.

The medicinal effect of smoky quartz

Even if the healing properties of gemstones are known, always seek medical help in the event of serious or mild symptoms. The following healing effects of the smoky quartz stone are best known:


If the smoky quartz is placed on the abdomen or stomach, it will relieve the pain around the digestive system. The stone must be discharged after use. Literally, digestion means digesting food. It is about the process of breaking down food into nutrients that the body can absorb and use. The body converts the nutrients into building materials.

The weakness of connective tissue

When the stone is worn on the body or held in hand, it helps to prevent connective tissue weakness. The connective tissue is a form that is part of all organs present in the human body. This connective tissue protects the organs, among other things.

Strengthens the muscles

The smoky quartz strengthens the muscles and has a stabilizing effect on bones and joints. This stone is very suitable for tendon infections, tendon injuries due to sports and muscular dystrophy.

Children with

When there is a desire for children, a woman can wear smoky quartz together with red jasper, moonstone, jade and rose quartz on a chain. At night the necklace can be placed in a glass of water, and both partners can drink the water on an empty stomach in the morning. Only do this if no physical problems are causing the childlessness.

Panic attacks

Smoky quartz helps against panic attacks when the stone is held in hand. The energy that the stone releases into the side will have a calming effect and can alleviate a panic attack.

Stress situations

If you feel a stress situation coming, you can take smoke quartz in every hand. Unsharpened specimens can also be used for this. The energy of the gem will have a calming effect on your body.


The smoky quartz helps you to overcome sorrow and brings harmony into your soul. You can wear the stone on the skin as jewelry or hold it in your hand. Because of the calming effect, the smoky quartz helps you to think clearly and to give your sorrow a place.

Color, trade forms and locations

The color of the smoky quartz varies from smoke brown to almost black. Very dark specimens are called morion. The rose quarter gets its color through the presence of aluminum, lithium, and radioactive radiation. The smoky quartz is available in geode, cut and tumbled form.

When the stones are dropped, the rough stones are moved back and forth with sand and water in a drum. In this way, the edges and dots are cut off, and you get a smooth surface. The smoky quartz is found and processed all over the world.

Discharge and charge the smoke quartz

If you wear a precious stone for health, it must be cleaned regularly. The stone releases positive energy through the vibration frequency of the wearer. Negative energy from the person wearing the gem will be absorbed. Smoke quartz can be discharged by holding it under running water for a few minutes once a month. To recharge the smoky quartz afterward, you can place the dry stone for a minimum of one night on a group of rock crystals.

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