Spiritual meaning of birds in the bible

You will find the birds in the ancient mythologies of almost all cultures. They are everywhere in the Bible – from beginning to end. 

But it is true – if you look, you will find them. God looms over the face of the waters in Genesis, the Talmud suggests, like a dove. Birds chirp in the flesh of the “beast” defeated in the Apocalypse. They are the currency of mercy – the birds of sacrifice. They bring bread to the prophets.

Abraham has to scare them away from his offering, and a dove goes with Jesus on his first visit to the temple. God is a bird that carries the children of Israel on their wings – a bird under whose feathers we will find refuge.

He asks his listeners to “consider the birds.” I love that about him. He says this can prevent us from being anxious. Maybe we don’t need medication, after all, perhaps we could slow down, pay attention and watch the birds.

In Matthew, Jesus says: “Consider the birds of heaven.”

So, do not fear; You are better than many little birds. Matthew 10:31

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Birds have always caught my attention: their beautiful colours and variety; its fragility and, at the same time, its strength. After every storm in my life, I always remember the peace I find in birdsong. Five years ago, when I lived in Washington, United States, our family was going through deep pain.

On one of those dreary mornings, my husband and I were sitting in the living room, looking through the glass door to the patio. Suddenly, we hear the little birds sing; Then, my husband told me: “God is telling us that everything will be fine.”

We had to put the house for sale. The real estate market was in crisis and, in the neighbourhood, there were several houses for sale for months. Even so, God impressed us to put it on sale and trust him. We pray and leave the house as presentable as possible.

We placed the poster and sold it in a week! The buyer offered us no less, the bank evaluated the house for the same amount, and the money was enough to move to Tennessee. I understood that God is close to his children.

Always, given the difficulty, God provides and keeps his promises. Psalm 18: 6 says: “In my distress, I called upon Jehovah, and cried out to my God. He heard my voice from his temple, and my cry came before him, into his ears.” In our twenty-five years of marriage, we have experienced illnesses, rebelliousness, etc., and we have also seen the providences of God.

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Perhaps, when we go through trials and pain, our faith is clouded. However, the Lord is close and understands us. Sometimes it gives us even more than we ask; other times, no; But show us your love and care.

The birds are an example of the Creator’s love and care for their children, and a lesson in the creature’s total dependence on its Maker. When you hear the song of a bird, think that if God takes care of the birds, he will also take care of you.

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The bird’s flight is fantastic.

A new pen can grow in two weeks – which can also be easily removed. Many birds are on the verge of extinction. Without human influence (habitat destruction, climate change), the expected rate of bird extinction would be around one species per century.

Some reports say we are losing ten species a year.

Given that birds could motivate us to press for more responsible human behaviour. If, as Emily Dickinson wrote, “Hope is the thing with feathers,” you might think we would be passionate about keeping them alive.

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