Dreaming of Kittens? Discover 22 Meanings and Symbolism of Cats and Kittens!

dreaming of kittens
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Has it ever happened to you? Dreaming of kittens? or just seeing them suddenly on your way? In today’s post, we will tell you 22 amazing meanings and symbolism of Cats and Kittens!

If you have dreamed about kittens or seen a cat while you are walking in the street, you must read this post so you can discover the message that these curious animals, the kittens, bring us.

Did you know that kittens and cats bring an important message for you? You may have heard that cats and kittens announce bad news, today we will clarify this.

The first thing we want you to know is that dreaming of kittens is very common, and magic.

Do you want to know why? Keep reading and find out more…

What is a Kitten? – Kittens’ Characteristics and Curiosities

  • A kitten is a young cat and is one of the most curious and superstitious animals.
  • After birth, kittens are dependent on their mothers for survival. They usually do not open their eyes until seven to ten days after birth.
  • Within two weeks, you will see kittens begin to explore everything around them.
  • After another three to four weeks, the kittens begin to eat solid food and their baby teeth come in.
  • If you have raised the kitten at home, it will be very social and enjoy human company.
  • If the kittens at birth have been raised alone without their mother, they may grow up to be nervous cats and this could make them somewhat aggressive.
  • That is why it is important to know how they have been raised from the moment of their birth until the first 2 or 3 months of life.

Kittens SymbolismThe spiritual meaning of cats and their mission in life

  • Kittens are very cute animals that have a spiritual meaning that few know about.
  • Kittens and Cats can become mystical and magical, which makes them be wrapped in a wave of mystery, there are different breeds all over the world and they are one of the most loving animals, although some can be quite shy.
  • When the kittens grow up, they are cats that have a great character of independence, so, as pets, they need very little care.
  • People who have cats in their homes can feel fortunate about this because cats oversee protecting us
  • They have the mission to energetically clean our home of bad energies.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats and Kittens

Cats have a very amazing spiritual meaning, in many cultures, it is said that cats symbolize the power of the positive, and it is even a reflection of the good power that has been worshipped by gods.

Other cultures see the cat as a negative animal, a symbol of bad luck, especially the black cat.

A kitten symbolizes purity and holiness in life, gentleness, and innocence, also curiosity and fear.

The Hidden Message of Dreaming of Kittens

Kittens bring us a message of change and transformation!

Dreaming of kittens can mean that you are curious and eager to know something that is happening around you.

In some cultures, cat dreams are often considered a bad omen.

However, dreaming of kittens means something good and pure, because such a small animal makes you smile and inspires tenderness.

Before jumping to conclusions, remember to analyze and interpret what is happening in your day-to-day life, because the reason why we dream sometimes is not clear.

Dreams are interpretations made by our brain of the reality we live in our day-to-day life, including our unconscious world.

The symbolism of Black Kittens or Black Cats

dreaming of kittens
Black Cat
dreaming of kittens meaning
Black Kitten

Historically, black cats were symbolically associated with witchcraft and evil.

It was feared that black cats were the relatives of witches.

Today there is still a superstition that the black cat is related to bad luck.

In fact, in countries such as Continental Europe and the United States, crossing paths with a black cat is seen as a bad sign.

However, in Great Britain, it is a synonym of good luck.

22 Meanings and Symbolism of Cats and Kittens – Dreaming of Kittens

What Does It Mean if you Dream About Kittens?

Finding out the meaning of dreaming about kittens will also depend on the type of dream you had, here you can discover the top 20 possible scenarios and meanings of dreaming about kittens or cats.

1.- Dreaming of many newborn kittens

Dreaming of kittens can mean a warning, that is, you should be careful with some people who show themselves as loving people, but deep down they are calculating and hide behind that tender appearance.

2.- Dreaming of many newborn kittens and some of them died

If you dream that one of the kittens dies at birth, it means that there is a person with whom you are not getting on well and you are afraid that the relationship may end.

The best thing to do is to solve the problem by talking to that person so you can find out what his or her real intentions are.

3.- Dreaming of a kitten looking for its mother

Reflects the need to find love, either from a family member or a partner, to feel loved.

4.- If you dream that you save a kitten’s life

It means that you are in search of your independence and power.

5.- Dreaming of a house full of kittens or cats

This means that you are always dreaming and imagining scenarios that might not come true, the solution: establish a plan of action to materialize those dreams.

6.- If you dream that a kitten suddenly enters your house

It means that love will soon knock on your door, it means unions or new partners.

7.- Dreaming of an aggressive cat and feel scared

This means that you could argue with a family member or a friend.

8.- If you dream that you cuddle with a kitten or cat in your dreams

This means that you know how to control your emotions very well and if someone wants to hurt you, it does not affect you, because you are in control of the situation.

9.- Dreaming of a cat that bites you

If you are bitten by a kitten in a dream, it symbolizes the arrival of new love in your life.

If you are bitten by an aggressive adult cat, it means that a relationship that is important to you could end if you are unable to reach an agreement with that person.

10.- When dreaming of kittens drinking milk

It may be a clear sign of new people coming into your life, i.e. new social relationships.

11.- If you dream that all the kittens are dead

It means that you are afraid to make a very important decision, it can be at work or in your love life.

12.- If in the dream you see white kittens

It means that you are going to receive blessings and joys that you did not expect. Peace and abundance unexpectedly come into your life. Pay attention to your surroundings!

13.- If you see gray kittens in your dream

It means that you have many responsibilities in your life and that generates stress, the solution: find a little more time for yourself.

14.- If you see black kittens in your dream

As we said earlier in the symbolism of black cats, dreaming of black kittens means that you are afraid and you are not sure what step you should take to move forward in your life.

The solution: trust yourself more and be open to change. Stop worrying so much about everything and take care of yourself.

15.- If you see blond kittens in your dream

This is a very good sign of success and abundance. You will soon receive good news.

16.- To dream of abandoned kittens in a box

Abandoned kittens in dreams represent your fear and anxiety. You probably feel lonely. The solution: attend events or social gatherings that allow you to meet new people. Dreaming of abandoned kittens can also be positive. It is a sign that it is the perfect time to become independent.

17.- Dreaming of meowing kittens

If you dream of kittens that meow and scream, it means that you know what you want and you do not hesitate for a second to assert your rights. This is fine, you just need to communicate assertively so that this does not create problems in your life.

18.- If you dream of a kitten hiding in a corner

It means you should take a break from work and go out and have fun, get off social media and spend more time with your friends and loved ones.

19.- Dreaming of injured kittens

It means that your inner child is afraid. Talk to him/her and tell him/her that everything is okay, trust yourself more and spend quality time with yourself. Enjoy yourself like a child!

20.- Dreaming of kittens fighting

A dream with kittens fighting is a warning message to be careful with the people around you, not everyone is your friend. Choose wisely.

21.- Dreaming of kittens running and playing

It is a symbol of joy, get ready to receive new joys.

22.- Dreaming that someone gives you or you adopt a kitten

It could mean the desire to take care of someone, it could be that you want to be a mother or father. It also means the arrival of new joys in your life.

Superstitions around kittens and cats

It will depend a lot on each person, I don’t know what you think, but to me, dreaming of kittens or cats or meeting a cat or kitten on my way, is a sign of joy and a sign that all is well in my life.

Some cultures claim that if you see a black cat you will have 7 years of bad luck.

That has never happened to me, and I have seen many black cats.

The Cat as Animal Totem

A totem is an object considered sacred, usually carved in wood, or a symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe.

Some people consider the cat as their totem animal.

If the cat is your totem animal it means that you are intelligent, curious, and independent.

Remember that you can use the meaning of all the messages and symbolism of this and other animals to continue creating the life you want.

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