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5 Magpie Symbolism – Did you See or Dream with a Magpie?

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Discover the Magic and Hidden Message of a Magpie!

Today’s post is very special because we will tell you everything about the magpie symbolism and all the different and magic spiritual meaning of the magpie you have been wishing to know about it.

Have you ever seen or dreamt about a magpie? Have you ever met a baby magpie on your way?

If you answered yes, you will be interested in the magpie symbolism and spiritual meaning of this amazing bird!

Did you know that a magpie bird brings an important message for you?

I found a baby magpie once that had fallen out of a nest! Do you want to know what happened next? I’ll tell you about it in this post!

You may have heard that the magpie is a bird that announces bad news, today we will clarify this.

The first thing we want you to know is that the meaning of the magpie or magpie symbolism will depend on the country where you are because according to different cultures you find one meaning or another.

Before we tell you about the symbolism of the magpie, we will tell you about the characteristics of this beautiful and elegant bird.

Do you like magpies? Keep reading and find out more…

What is a Magpie? – Magpie Characteristics

Magpie Bird

The Magpie is one of the most curious and superstitious birds.

They live in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa and can adapt without major difficulties to any ecosystem.

A characteristic feature of the Magpie is their black and white plumage, with blue, purple, or green brushstrokes on the wings.

Its size varies between 40 and 51 centimeters, approximately half of which belong to the tail. It has a wingspan of between 50 and 62 centimeters, with a weight of around 200 grams.

The magpie has tiny eyes and a long, straight, and a quite strong beak. It has a nervous behavior and emits rapid warning signals in case of any eventuality. The magpie’s song is not one of the most graceful in the animal kingdom and is often described as a kind of alarm beep. Its average lifetime is 15 years.

These curious birds are extremely widespread throughout Europe, being the most common bird within the Spanish territory. Observing them in the wild is relatively easy, as they do not usually fly above 1500 meters.

5 Magpie Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Magpie Bird in Real Life or Dreams

1. Seeing a magpie means good news in most cultures

Contrary to what many people think and depending on the culture you belong to, seeing a magpie means that very good news will come into your life.

2. Seeing a magpie unexpectedly is a symbol of joy

In most cultures, seeing a magpie symbolizes that you will overcome whatever difficult time you are going through.

In addition, these birds are a sign of joy and warn you that you should prepare to receive good news and changes in life.

3. If you see a magpie new people and opportunities to socialize will come into your life

The magpie is a very intelligent bird, it is said that they can get along very well with humans and communicate well with them.

Seeing a magpie also means that new people and opportunities to socialize will come into your life because the magpie is a very sociable bird.

4. If a Magpie comes into your life, you must open the door to the new

What is the message magpies bring to your life?

When a magpie comes into your life, it brings a clear message: you must let go of the old and open the door to the new.

A magpie also announces that changes in your life will come faster than you expect.

You should dare to create because with the good luck that magpies bring, you will be able to see that change in your life that you have been wishing for and looking for.

5. Seeing a magpie may mean that you should pay attention to your spiritual world

Maybe you have been drifting away from your purpose and the magpie bird has come to remind you of it.

Magpie Symbolism in Different Cultures

  • In Far Eastern nations, such as China, Japan, and Korea, the magpie indicates good news, such as happy marriages and long life.
  • In Europe, the magpie is a very special bird that if it comes into your life is because it comes to encourage you to make the right decision, but in some cultures of Spanish cities, the magpie bring a negative message.
  • For the Roman culture, a magpie is a sign of wealth, fertility, and success in life.
  • For the Greeks, magpies are highly respected because they are related to Dionysus, the God of wine and grape harvest.

The Negative Side of Magpie Symbolism

  • In some European cultures, magpies are birds with negative meanings and symbols of deception.
  • If you see a magpie or dream about a magpie, it means that there is someone around you who may want to have what you have or vice versa.
  • In other words, it may mean that you are envious of someone you know.
  • The magpie can also announce that we are very attached to the material world and that we must follow our intuition to achieve all our goals in life.
  • To understand the symbolism of a magpie we must analyze the culture in which we are when we see the magpie.

What Does it Mean if you Find a Magpie’s Feather?

Finding a Magpie’s Feather is something very special.

Finding feathers on the road also has a spiritual meaning, today we will talk about the meaning of magpie feathers.

Some people think that finding feathers on the road are clear messages offered to us by the angels to tell us that they are always with us to guide us.

Magpie feathers are black and white, if you find one of these feathers on your path it means a union between a man and a woman, a marriage that will be happy, or a relationship that will last for a long time.

Also, finding a black and white magpie’s feather is a sign that major changes will soon unfold in your life.

You should trust these changes because they are aligned with your highest good.

Your angels are giving way to greater spiritual growth.

Curiosities of Magpie Feathers

In Scandinavia, finding magpie feathers is a sign of good luck.

But for Native Americans, finding a magpie feather is a symbol of bad luck. It means that there are people around you with bad intentions and you should watch out for them because they may be talking bad about you.

What Does it Mean if you Find a Baby Magpie in your Way?

magpie symbolism
Baby Magpie

Finding a Baby Magpie is a gift and an opportunity to care for and save a defenseless living being.

It is a message that life brings you to pause during so many responsibilities.

It is also a sign for you to spend some time seeing and discovering the wonders of nature.

And above all, it is an opportunity to learn about unconditional love.

What Should You Do If You Find a Baby Magpie?

Taking Care of a Baby Magpie is not as easy as you can imagine. Magpies are not pets. If you find a baby magpie or an injured magpie on the road, take it to a bird recovery center.

If you are in the United States, you can contact: Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab

If you are in Spain, you can contact: Brinzal

Please, alsocontact an association such as SEO Birdlife International and find out more about how to save a Magpie and support SEO Birdlife for their different projects.

SEO/BirdLife has been working on the conservation of birds and their habitats, since it was founded in 1954, conducting scientific studies, disseminating knowledge, performing activities related to international cooperation, and developing environmental programs with volunteers.

What Does It Mean if you Dream About Magpie?

Dreaming about a magpie that is alive and flying means good news.

If you dream with a dead magpie means that you should be careful because someone around you does not have good intentions toward you.

If in the dream you see a sick magpie it means that you should take more care of your spiritual world and detach yourself a little from the material.

If in the dream you see a nest with baby magpies it means that new business opportunities will be coming into your life.

The Magpie as Animal Totem

A totem is an object considered sacred, usually carved in wood, or a symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe.

Some people consider the magpie as their totem animal.

If the magpie is your totem animal it means that you are sociable and like to communicate with people, enjoy speaking and expressing yourself in public.

It also demonstrates to others that you are intelligent, creative, and a good leader.

The magpie totem protects you and invites you to keep persevering to achieve all your dreams.

Remember that magpies are very intelligent and know how to find what they want, whether it is food, or even shiny objects, such as jewels, so they will guide you so you can get riches.

The magpie as a spirit will help you, protect you and guide your steps!

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My Personal Story with a Baby Magpie

magpie symbolism
Baby Magpie and me

A few months ago, I found a baby magpie that had fallen out of a nest.

Baby Magpie

I took care of it at home for almost a month because it didn’t know how to fly yet.

I was teaching it to fly and feeding it as they told me at the pet store, with a powdered insect mix.

After a month, the baby magpie suddenly woke up with no strength and died.  I did not have time to take him to a bird recovery center, which was my initial idea.

I felt a big pain and I could understand that although I did everything with love, magpies are wildlife and should only be cared for by experts in wild birds in specialized bird recovery centers.

I hope this article has helped you to know everything about the symbolism of magpies.

And that it also helps you to create awareness about the importance of knowing how to decipher the message of everything that happens around us.

Remember that you can use the meaning of all the messages and symbolism of this and other animals to continue creating the life you want.

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