Prophetic meaning of geese

Prophetic Meaning Of Geese

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)

Learn all about the Prophetic meaning of geese, specifically the black-necked migratory goose, which is a very interesting bird. Friendly, tolerant, team player, keep reading for more!!!

– Geese are very friendly, because they not only share with their communities, but are very open and tolerant, to share with other bird communities.

– The geese can be seen on earth and they are also very good in the air, as they travel many kilometers, looking for warm lands.

– When they fly, they do it in community, imitating the figure of a «delta», since as a team, they can travel 70 percent faster distances than alone.

– When one of them falls injured, immediately two of his companions accompany him and do not leave him, until he recovers or dies.

– By the laws of physics, the goose that flies at the angle, gets tired more then than the rest, since the wind is stronger in that position, so that when exhausted, those who go to the extreme they only plan, they help their exhausted classmates, exchanging the position and bearing the burdens of others.

Geese symbol

The geese is a symbol of emotional satisfaction. It augurs prosperity, fulfillment and well-being at the family level. Financial concerns, even if presented, will not be of great importance.

The proper interpretation of the dreams in which we see these animals should be made from whether they are domestic or wild.

  • In the first case, he predicts tranquility, prosperity, emotional stability and economic relief, while if the geese we see are wild, and even more so if we see them flying, it will be an omen of economic losses and family problems.
  • If in the dream we see the geese swimming it will signal a considerable but gradual increase in our fortune.
  • In some cultures, the squawking of the goose is a sign of death or mourning, for this reason it is possible that hearing it in dreams may be a sign of significant inconvenience or loss.

What is the Prophetic Meaning Of Geese

When I speak of the goose, I remember the Apostle Paul, who was so intelligent and knowledgeable. He could chat with philosophers citing Greek writings and authors (Acts 17: 16-34). He could also speak with such authority on how to be wise to use spiritual gifts in the best way (11 Corinthians 12-14).

The Apostle Paul knew about extraordinary visions and experiences, but did not use them as marketing to monopolize followers (2 Corinthians 12: 1-13). He could heal the sick by God’s supernatural work, but when the Lord did not allow him that blessing with others, he advised him to take medication (1 Timothy 5:23).

For him, the preaching of the Word was not exempt from helping the poor, because social work is also a gospel (Galatians 2: 7-10). No doubt Paul was a spiritual man, with his feet firmly on the ground.

This teaches us that we must also seek balance in our lives, knowing how to share with those who do not think the same to us. I have seen that the most intolerant people are usually the most insecure in what they believe. That is, knowing how to share with the “Samaritan” and with the “publican.” 

We must also know how to work as a team, bearing each other’s burdens and thus be willing to wash the feet of the brother who has fallen in his walk, for the feet always get dirty again (Galatians 6: 1-2).

Although it could be much more time detailing some other species, such as the “brother Chameleon,” who is very skilled at camouflaging himself in different habitats. Or the “platypus” brother, who, knowing him, never knows how to define him, since he has a beaver’s body, a duck’s beak, goose legs and a groundhog’s tail. I only wanted to illustrate these birds, the geese, so that when a brother in the church asks us who we are, we will say it with certainty!

We hope this post have help you answer your question what is the prophetic meaning of geese! Share it with your family and friends!!!



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