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The HORSE Chinese Zodiac Personality – 5 Chinese Elements

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Learn all about the HORSE Chinese Zodiac Personality and each of its five Chinese horoscope elements. At birth, all people will receive a gift or element: Metal, Water, Wood, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is known in ancient culture that these elements are the essence that makes up the universe and people according to their year of birth.

Horses were born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014.

Discover the HORSES’ personality, gifts, virtues, and strengths according to the element that accompanies it.

Below you will have information about each HORSE personality and its elements. The five types of HORSE have differences that you should know to empower and live in harmony as a couple, with your children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The HORSE Chinese Zodiac Personality and the 5 Chinese Elements


(Jan. 27, 1990 – Feb, 14, 1991)

  • The Metal Horse loves its freedom. He enjoys change, going from one place to another. He does not like staying in one place and even less in closed areas.
  • He prefers the countryside, the mountains, and the beach. And if it is a job, the horse prefers one that allows him to move from one city to another or from one department to another in the organization where he works. An enemy of routine, he will never stay in one place, in one job, or in one relationship.
  • He is a wonderful friend, and people enjoy his company, joy, enthusiasm, and ability to have a good time. And in love is what he is committed to when he reaches adulthood. Being young, he tends to shy away from commitments to enjoy the freedom of movement fully.
  • He is a hard worker, stands out for being persistent, and does not rest until he achieves his goals. Sometimes he may seem stubborn, but deep down, it is an inner strength that reminds him that he commits to fullfill.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

You will always accomplish your goals if you have confidence in yourself. Listening to the advice of those around you makes your path safer with fewer obstacles.

Water floats the boat, but it can also sink the boat.


(Feb. 15, 1942 – Feb. 4, 1943) (Feb. 12, 2002 – Jan. 31, 2003)

  • The Water Horse is kind, pleasant, good-natured, well-mannered, and adapts easily to any circumstance. He is a good friend and always accompanies us in times of joy to celebrate, but he will also be there in difficult times and mourning.
  • He is loyal to his friends and always knows how to care for them. It will encourage people going through a difficult time and help them find the way out with the strength, courage, and good treatment that characterizes it.
  • When he feels hurt, the horse rides to the top of the mountains to breathe fresh air and look for the tranquility he has lost. He does not like people to see him sad.
  • He has an excellent sense of humor that will help him in his daily life and the workplace, where he enjoys the esteem and respect he has earned through his example. The people around you appreciate your positive energy, state of mind, and entrepreneurial skills.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

Treating the people around you well will bring you many rewards. No matter how difficult the moment you are going through, you will find the way out. Take care of friends as a great treasure, and do not judge who suddenly have not had your good fortune.

Dig the well before you are thirsty.


(Feb. 3, 1954 – Jan. 23, 1955) (Jan. 31, 2014 – Feb. 18, 2015)

  • Wooden Horses are generous, hardworking, vital, courageous, enthusiastic, and leaders. They know how to communicate successfully, allowing them to have excellent relationships with others.
  • In love, they enjoy stability when they meet someone who understands their passion for freedom and is an ally for their creative projects.
  • They love freedom and do not allow themselves to be controlled by others. When he has a goal, he achieves it with the drive and courage that characterizes him. If necessary, he will work twice as long and even in the early hours of the morning when others are resting.
  • In his head, there are many great ideas that he must channel through projects and new goals.
  • Your leadership and communication skills will be two of the great virtues that will accompany you throughout your life to make decisions. They exercise leadership roles, feel attracted to the new, and are full of futuristic ideas, so they are suitable for the development and creative industry.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

Your communication and leadership skills make it easier to achieve your goals. It is essential to cultivate patience because sometimes goals are not achieved as quickly as you wish.

A blind horse always frightens itself.


(Jan. 21, 1966 – Feb. 8, 1967)

  • The fire horse has great energy, courage, and strength, often leading him to live on the edge. His great power makes him assume that he is always right, to the point that he can become stubborn. However, his great sympathy, generosity, sensitivity, and honesty awaken deep loyalty in those around him.
  • He is tireless like the rest of the horses, and his life is full of social and work commitments that he never misses because he finds time for everything. He is a born leader and is involved in political activities.
  • If it brings him visibility and recognition and is a path that makes it possible to undertake what he considers to be projects of justice and benefits for the community.
  • Many horses, especially the one born with the element of fire, is considered tribune speaker. His successful communication will charm people with the remarkable ability he can convince of his ideas and projects for which he will always count on many people.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

Enjoying freedom is wonderful as long as it doesn’t affect the people who love you. It is essential to take care of friends who value your energy positively.

Different locks should be opened with different keys.

EARTH HORSE (February 7, 1978 – January 27, 1979)

  • The earth horse is realistic and knows his desires and what are the best strategies to achieve his plans. Like all horses, they love freedom but distinguish themselves from others because they are tireless workers. They work hard and do not rest until they achieve their goals.
  • It has a cheerful spirit, cautious, creative thinking, and intelligence and acts with great connection to the earth. He will surely be a little slow to decide what is best for him in different situations.
  • He will certainly not make decisions on the run, and no one will be able to influence him to hurry. It is in his nature to analyze each performance to find what suits him best. The successful horse does not go unnoticed because of his courage and ability to jump over obstacles.
  • His head is a toolbox of order, and he will be able to organize the plans of any enterprise successfully. When an organization goes through a crisis, the horse will find an opportunity for improvement, which makes him productive.
  • The earth, in this sign, represents material interests. Therefore, people born under the sign of the earth horse are rational and practical. For people to flow, they must organize their spaces; their houses must be tidy, their work up to date, and their family relationships stable.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

The earth horse is always rational and, with serenity, will make its decisions. It pays to listen to others because they may suddenly have complementary ideas.

The longer the string, the higher the kite will fly.

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Conclusion: What is the Chinese Horoscope the “HORSE” personality characteristics according to their elements?

People represented with this animal sign of the Chinese zodiac are passionate, freedom-loving, highly magnetic, adventurous, fun-loving and very optimistic.

The Chinese Horoscope is of great importance and serves as a guide to specific situations in life. Knowing the essence of each of the 12 mythological creatures of the Chinese zodiac will allow you to understand your strengths and also how to avoid conflicts in the relationships you establish.

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HORSE chinese zodiac personality

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