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ox chinese zodiac personality elements
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Learn all about “the OX” Chinese Zodiac Personality and each of its five Chinese horoscope elements. At birth, all people will receive a gift or element: Metal, Water, Wood, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is known in ancient culture that these elements are the essence that makes up the universe and people according to their year of birth.

Gifts for oxen vary depending on the year of birth. Discover the oxen’s gifts, virtues, and strengths according to the element that accompanies it.

Oxen were born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021.

What is the Ox chinese zodiac personality? Keep reading!

Below you will have information about each ox and its elements. The five types of oxen have differences that you should know to empower and live in harmony as a couple, with your children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The “Ox” Chinese Zodiac Personality and the 5 Chinese Elements


(February 15, 1961 – February 4, 1962)

  • Metal Oxes are born with strength and determination. They are courageous, hard-working, honest, and persistent in achieving what they set out to do. They are good friends, friendly and helpful to everyone who needs them.
  • They appreciate art, music, and the diversity of artistic manifestations they usually enjoy with family and friends. At work, he is indispensable because he is an expert in achieving harmony in work teams. With a lot of dedication, he will fulfill the goals and commitments acquired.
  • In difficulty, he is as strong as metal, and with nerves of steel, he can overcome the problems that affect him. All the people around him value him because he always keeps his promises and keeps his word. He is very responsible with his work, family, and environment.
  • When it comes to love, the ox is an excellent companion and seeks to make his partner feel happy. They enjoy people who appreciate being able to go to museums and the theater in their free time.
  • Material things are not among the Ox’s priorities, and he only expects just enough to lead a quiet life. And for that reason, it is not common to find wealthy oxen or live to achieve great riches.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

Take care not to fall into stubbornness in their behavior which is often persistent. Take advantage of the metal element’s strength to get through difficulties.

Don’t think you will reach your destination without leaving the shore


(February 6, 1913 – January 25, 1914) (February 3, 1973 – January 22, 1974)

  • The water ox is born with the virtue of patience. Of all the oxen, the Water Ox has the gifts of tranquility and, with great patience, will know how to wait for the most opportune moment to carry out his plans.
  • Oxen are hard workers, and the water ox is very diligent. With determination, he will carry out the tasks entrusted to him. The water element connects him with the principles of pursuing peace, the common good, and social justice.
  • The Water Ox’s sense of justice will allow him to perform in leadership roles for which he will always be favored.
  • The Water Ox is born with the ability to organize and, therefore, will always succeed in functions that require rational intelligence and a sense of order. Their ability to do activities simultaneously is another of their virtues that make them stand out among people.
  • Love is of great significance for the Water Ox and leads him to seek stability in his relationship with his partner and family from a very early age.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

Take care not to feel sad when you do not achieve your goals. Take advantage of the strength that the element of water gives you to be a leader of important projects that benefit communities and public or private organizations.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


(25 January 1925 – 12 February 1926) (20 February 1985 – 22 January 1986)

  • The Wood Ox is the most friendly of the buffaloes and will have many friends who will enjoy his loyalty and generosity. They are noble and generous and can relate to people for projects and form high-performance teams.
  • The wood element gives you the ability to negotiate, relate, and commit to projects for which you will work so hard that you can become stubborn. On the positive side, the Wood Ox will always know how to reward the efforts of the people who work with him. Also, it will distribute with justice the economic and material benefits.
  • In love, it is a good company, although the Wood Ox is not born favored to express its feelings and emotions. He does not fall in love easily but whoever reaches his heart is forever.
  • He was born so that he does not lack work and money. From birth, he is favored to achieve economic prosperity with his work and never with a chance.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

Take care not to fall into stubbornness as a way of life. Take advantage of the strength that the wood element gives you to negotiate effectively and have good social relationships.

No matter how high the mountain is, it cannot block the sun.


(11 February 1937 – 30 January 1938) (7 February 1997- 8 February 1998)

  • The Fire Ox is the most passionate of the buffaloes. The fire element makes him impatient in the various areas of his private and public life. They enjoy spaces of power and social recognition.
  • Fire Ox people have a strong temperament; they do not like to be contradicted and do not follow orders. Their generosity is excellent, and they know how to reward those who have supported them in their goals.
  • They are the most passionate of all the buffaloes, are stubbornly attracted to power, and are motivated to devote their time to careers that bring them promotion and public visibility.
  • Love and friends are central to their lives, and they need to have these sources of inspiration and will do anything to nurture them. This is not always successful because careers for public advancement are time-consuming, and you may inadvertently alienate yourself from the people you love.
  • Money is essential for gaining power and becoming connected with influential people. The ox of fire will be able to reach to have the fortune that will have to take care of if it wishes that it does not lack in the twilight of its life.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

Be careful not to become obsessed with power. Draw on the strength that the fire element gives you to care for your family and friends generously.

Solve one problem, and you will keep away a hundred others.


(January 29, 1949 – February 16, 1950) (January 26, 2009 – February 14, 2010)

  • The earth ox is the most dutiful of the buffaloes. He will always arrive at the appointed time, will carry out assigned tasks, and will never go back on his word when it comes to working. He needs all of his coworkers to observe these qualities in him so they will consider him for promotion and advancement in the workplace.
  • He is patient and may appear to be slow. If success is the goal at some point, he achieves it with great determination, always seeking stability and security for himself and his family group. The ox considers that running is not necessary to obtain success but to walk with his feet firmly on the ground.
  • The earth ox, like all oxen, is honest, upright, reliable, and responsible, and they stand out at work because they always know how to contribute to the organization’s purposes. The Earth Ox stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness at work, and these capabilities make them necessary in organizations, groups, enterprises, and work teams.
  • Love and economic prosperity will be favorable to them in a balanced way they conduct their life at home and work.

Tips from Susi Lee 李

Always take care of family and friends. Take advantage of the strength given by the earth to calculate well the price of decisions.

Patience is a bitter plant, but its fruit is sweet.

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Conclusion: What is the Chinese Horoscope the “OX” personality characteristics?

People represented with this animal sign of the Chinese zodiac are prudent, generous, faithful, practical, and cautious.
They are introverted and develop self-confidence.
In meetings, you can tell who an “Ox” is because it is silent and carefully observes all the people around him.
Appreciate the Oxen around you, and you will have a friend forever.
Oxen are hard workers who achieve their goals with honesty and sacrifice.
The Ox is calm and patient but does not attack him because his strength is immense. And, when he feels attacked, he is rigid, inflexible, stubborn, and intolerant.

The Chinese Horoscope is of great importance and serves as a guide to specific situations in life. Knowing the essence of each of the 12 mythological creatures of the Chinese zodiac will allow you to understand your strengths and also how to avoid conflicts in the relationships you establish.

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