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The TIGER Chinese Zodiac Personality – 5 Chinese Elements

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Learn all about the “TIGER” Chinese Zodiac Personality and each of its five Chinese horoscope elements. At birth, all people will receive a gift or element: Metal, Water, Wood, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is known in ancient culture that these elements are the essence that makes up the universe and people according to their year of birth.

Gifts for tigers vary depending on the year of birth. Discover the tigers’ gifts, virtues, and strengths according to the element that accompanies it.

Tigers were born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 and 2022.

What is the TIGER in the chinese zodiac personality? Keep reading!

Below you will have information about each TIGER personality and its elements. The five types of tigers have differences that you should know to empower and live in harmony as a couple, with your children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The “TIGER” Chinese Zodiac Personality and the 5 Chinese Elements


(Feb. 14, 2010 – Feb. 2, 2011) (Feb. 17, 1950 – Feb. 5, 1951)

  • The Metal Tiger was born to rule. They are the most passionate of all the tigers of the zodiac.
  • Among their characteristics, they are bold, tenacious, and courageous. It is easy to enjoy the company of a Metal Tiger because they are very cheerful, outgoing, friendly, and good-natured.
  • Their virtues are disciplined, organized, and systematic when undertaking projects, which usually result in outstanding achievements and success.
    They have the strength of the metal element not to break, not get discouraged, and they will know the most convenient way to manage their emotions with determination.
  • He never transmits pity, despair, and lack of control. The strength of the metal element has been a gift from his ancestors since his birth. On the contrary, it always projects an image of strength, courage, and bravery.
  • People with the tiger sign, and the metal element, give an essential value to the family, to stable and harmonious relationships. When soul mates meet, life as a couple will be full of excitement, joy, and entertainment.
  • They are born with a vision for prosperity and money. The metal tiger knows how to manage their money and, therefore, will be able to have luxuries and good life.

Tips from Susi Lee 李
Be careful not to become impatient and stubborn. Take advantage of the metal element’s strength to succeed in your projects. It will be essential to improve communication processes.

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”


(Feb. 15, 1962 – Jan. 24, 1963) (Feb. 1, 2022 – Jan. 21, 2023)

  • The Water Tiger was born to be a driving force in helping others. He will take on humanitarian aid projects and will be admired for it. People recognize the tiger for his gift of people and the efforts he makes to bring about justice.
  • They are born with the water element, and creativity accompanies them at all times. They will know how to adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances and situations from which they succeed.
  • They control their instincts and exercise leadership in work groups that recognize their ability to analyze problems and make bold decisions.
  • They have many abilities, especially to learn something new, and are exceptionally professional in the fields of the arts in their various expressions. They will be able to take advantage because water gives them an open mind with the ability to manufacture ideas.
  • They are very confident in themselves and in their ability to recognize opportunities. They do not take advice from others because they tend not to trust people very much. Despite this, success is assured for water tigers because it is a gift from their ancestors. In love, they have been gifted with the talent for adaptation. They will be able to get along well with any of the zodiac animals that share their ideals.

Susi Lee’s advice 李
Be careful not to get lost in a factory of projects. Capitalize on the strength given to you by the water element that gives you the gift of flexibility and an open mind full of new ideas.

“A wise man makes his own decisions, but an ignorant one mindlessly follows the crowd.”


(Jan. 23, 1974 – Feb. 10, 1975)

  • The Wood Tiger is the most tolerant of all tigers. They are cooperative and communicative at work and like to work with others to achieve common goals. They are creative, communicate very fluently, negotiate well and never argue. This makes it easy for them to have good relationships with many people and even personalities with power and influence.
  • He is a great collaborator at work and can adapt to all work groups regardless of the age, culture, and religious convictions of the people around him. This flexibility makes them very popular and appreciated by people. Their tenacity allows them to reach strategic and managerial positions at work and achieve the recognition they seek.
  • The wood tiger is the friendliest of all tigers but also the most adventurous. They take on work responsibilities and will always look for time for fun, recreation, and outdoor walks.
  • The wood tiger’s love life will be beautiful, entertaining, and fun. Of course, as long as their partner respects their freedom and supports them with sincere enthusiasm for their creative ideas.

Susi Lee’s advice 李
Be careful when having problems not to analyze them superficially. Draw on the strength that the element of wood gives you to be strong, enterprising, daring, bold, and willful.

“To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny.”


(Feb. 13, 1926 – Feb. 1, 1927) (Feb. 9, 1986 – Jan. 28, 1987)

  • The fire tiger is the most nonconformist of tigers. From his birth, his ancestors gave him the capacity for courage so that he would never be afraid to undertake a project.
  • They endowed him with strength so he could assume independence to achieve his dreams whenever he wanted. However, it is difficult to satiate the fire tiger who always wants and expects more from life.
  • Fire tiger people are optimistic and enthusiastic. They always work hard for rewards, rewards, and recognition. Fire tigers are hyperactive; to calm their energy, they must do many activities simultaneously.
  • Their emotions often change; they go from being very cheerful to total irritability, activated when things do not go according to plan.
  • As the years go by, the fire tiger will seek independence to lead his life without being accountable to any boss. In adulthood, he will seek more time for recreation and life outside the hustle and bustle of the city. It is said that the fire tiger is, in essence, bohemian.
  • In love, he is very demanding and expects a lot from his partner. He will be romantic, sweet, loving, and passionate when finding love.

Susi Lee’s advice 李
Take care of your emotions. Take advantage of the strength that gives you the element of fire to find joy and enthusiasm in the little things.

“If small holes are not fixed, big holes will bring difficulties.”


(Jan. 31, 1938 – Feb. 18, 1939) (Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999)

  • The earth tiger is the most objective of all tigers. He has the innate skill to know what is good and what is not. His ancestors made him realistic and directed his efforts with certainty.
  • The earth tiger is a fighter, practical, cautious, and trustworthy. The people around him appreciate these qualities. He will have many friends with whom he will have good relationships. The earth element gives him excellent concentration to achieve his goals.
  • You are a strategist; you always see the context, the possibilities for success, and the threats. This vision allows you to act cautiously and effectively. They are real people and only believe in what they can see and know.
  • Prosperity favors them; in business, they can see the possibilities of success with intelligence. They are necessary at work because they can build trust and harmonize work teams. Working with an earth tiger is lovely because he always recognizes people’s work and knows how to give thanks, rewards, and new opportunities for further career development.
  • In love, the earth tiger will be very close to his partner. However, his performance will be characterized by being possessive, jealous, and distrustful. As time goes by, he will trust his partner as the relationship matures. He will care for and protect his family like a feline so that nothing will be lacking, and no one will harm them.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

Take care of insecurities. Take advantage of the earth element’s strength to know what suits you best.

“Don’t be afraid to grow slowly, be afraid to stand still.”

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Conclusion: What is the Chinese Horoscope the “TIGER” personality characteristics according to their elements?

People represented with this animal sign of the Chinese zodiac are brave, energetic, charismatic, and dynamic.

The Chinese Horoscope is of great importance and serves as a guide to specific situations in life. Knowing the essence of each of the 12 mythological creatures of the Chinese zodiac will allow you to understand your strengths and also how to avoid conflicts in the relationships you establish.

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TIGER chinese zodiac personality

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