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The GOAT Chinese Zodiac Personality – 5 Chinese Elements

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Learn all about the GOAT Chinese Zodiac Personality and each of its five Chinese horoscope elements. At birth, all people will receive a gift or element: Metal, Water, Wood, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is known in ancient culture that these elements are the essence that makes up the universe and people according to their year of birth.

Goats were born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015.

Discover the GOAT’ personality, gifts, virtues, and strengths according to the element that accompanies it.

Below you will have information about each GOAT personality and its elements. The five types of GOATS have differences that you should know to empower and live in harmony as a couple, with your children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The GOAT Chinese Zodiac Personality – 5 Chinese Elements


(Feb. 17, 1931 – Feb. 5, 1932) (Feb. 15, 1991 – Feb. 3, 1992)

  • The Metal Goat is the most self-confident of all the goats. The goat is very friendly, good-natured, and willing to honor commitments.
  • Family and money are essential parts of her life, and she tends to be ambitious for comfort and travel to enjoy a happy family vacation.
  • The metal element gives her strength, and she always projects an image of control. However, she has many emotions that she does not always know how to control.
  • Musical gifts are born with the goat; when he makes an artistic career, he excels and gets a lot of recognition.
  • She believes in love and cultivates it in a possessive way. Sometimes she tends to be very jealous, originating small frictions with her loved ones. Fortunately, she recovers quickly and moves forward with the security that has characterized her since birth.
  • Metal always gives her the strength to recover from obstacles. By listening to music, she manages to relax her nerves, rest, and cheer herself up.

You have a good heart and a great sense of responsibility. It is handy not to be stubborn so that life smiles on you more often.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

A friend to everyone is a friend to no one”.

Chinese proverb


(Feb. 5, 1943 – Jan. 24, 1944) (Feb. 1, 2003 – Jan. 21, 2004)

  • The Water Goat is very friendly and sensitive to the people around him who appreciate him and from whom he will always have solidarity.
  • It is easy to get along with, adapts quickly, knows how to live in communities with different age groups, and is culturally diverse.
  • She has no problems relating to others and accepts people according to their interests and inclinations.
  • Of all the goats, the water goat is willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of its family and great friends, in whom it awakens deep admiration and loyalty forever.
  • In old age, the water goat will never be alone because, throughout his life, he cultivates love for his family, teachers, professors, co-workers, bosses, and friends.
  • Education and training spaces come in handy for the goat. You will have the opportunity to teach and create groups with social sensitivity to address major dilemmas for social coexistence.

Friendship and value for family always go with you. It is good to remember that it is essential to help your fellow man whenever you attend to your beautiful life.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

The one who has moved the mountain is the one who started by removing the small stones”.

Chinese proverb


(Jan. 24, 1955 – Feb. 11, 1956) (Feb. 19, 2015 – Feb. 7, 2016)

  • The wood goat is the most generous of all goats, and the wood element makes it flexible in understanding others.
  • She is very sentimental and quickly knows how to be in other people’s shoes.
  • She always helps, thanks to her noble nature and high moral principles. Her family is important, and she protects it so that nothing is lacking, and she will do everything in her power to achieve harmony in the home.
  • He must measure his generosity so as not to be used; he must be careful to avoid abuse of his sincere detachment.
  • Their nature is kind and is linked to many causes to protect people, animals, flora, and fauna. They are attracted to nature and appreciate going to the mountains to regain their strength.
  • Her sensitivity leads her to connect with various artistic expressions and the stage of spirituality where she feels fulfilled.
  • She can go to another extreme in her emotions from tranquility if she discovers that someone has failed her. She is a symbol of kindness, but when her interests are threatened she responds harshly.

A mountain is a special place that revitalizes your essence. The most extraordinary kindness is the kindness we profess for our parents, children, and those who serve your table.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

The events to come, cast their shadows before them.

Chinese proverb


(Feb. 9, 1967 – Jan. 29, 1968)

  • The Fire Goat is friendly, honest, and well-mannered. He has a taste for order and likes everything to be in its place, clean, and harmonious.
  • In his house, he hardly has a painting in a crooked way, a work of art crossed breaking the traffic, or cups of coffee served the day before.
  • Carelessness is not precisely one of his characteristics, so, for example, do not be surprised to find that the sheets in his room are spotless white and without stains.
  • He takes care of all the details, if there is wealth, he will buy the most expensive, and if he has no money, he manages to decorate with good taste, spending little.
  • Good taste in decoration stands out in her life because she seeks harmony in her home to enjoy with her family and friends with whom she establishes honest relationships that grow stronger over the years.
  • Her ancestors say that “what you sow is what you will reap, destiny will reward the goat for her sacrifices, and sooner or later she will receive a great inheritance or money will be sprinkled like manna from heaven”.

Harmony comes to your home over the years, and your heart will be more and more accompanied. The past makes you strong, and the fire element every day will give you warmth to cherish your life with joy.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

You cannot prevent the bird of sadness from flying over your head, but you can prevent it from nesting on your scalp”.

Chinese proverb


(Feb. 1, 1919 – Feb. 19, 1920) (Jan. 28, 1979 – Feb. 15, 1980)

  • The Earth Goat has strength and honesty, is generous, and has a sense of justice. It excels where it is necessary to carry out just causes and help the needy.
  • She never forgets a favor and never forgets the pain caused to a loved one. It will know how to reward the good it has received from people and will also know how to remove from its heart those people who have been dishonest.
  • When someone has problems, the goat seeks to solve them. People feel good next to the generous goat who does not leave people alone with their problems.
  • You can always count on the earth goat to celebrate triumphs and honor friendship and love. They are popular with their friends because of their loyalty, honesty, kindness, and righteousness.
  • The goat is the most feminine sign in the Chinese horoscope and possesses a remarkable ability to organize goals and activities. They tend to be favored for business because of their ability to manage technical and material resources and the potential of people.
  • Money will never be lacking because they are born with the ability to make alliances and profitable businesses.

The earth element connects you to be rational and decide what is convenient. Life is a road that we should fill with flowers to be able to contemplate when the grandchildren arrive.

Susi Lee’s advice 李

A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe”.

Chinese proverb

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Conclusion: What is the Chinese Horoscope the “GOAT” personality characteristics according to their elements?

People represented with this animal sign of the Chinese zodiac are sensitive and emotional. They are humble and intelligent and will always be attentive to the home and their family. Those born in the year of the Goat are creative, with an artistic streak and good taste. Familiar and with few friends but for life.

The Chinese Horoscope is of great importance and serves as a guide to specific situations in life. Knowing the essence of each of the 12 mythological creatures of the Chinese zodiac will allow you to understand your strengths and also how to avoid conflicts in the relationships you establish.

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